Category: Third World Harm

‘Mad Turk’ Erdogan declares war on Europe

Having discharged a human wave by relaxing control of Turkey’s military zone the Mad Turk has broken his 2016 pledge to the European Union to shelter refugees until the situation recovers. His hostile act confirms that he is, unlike the much-maligned Bashar al-Assad, a global villain.

The announcement came more than a week ago as Russian-backed Syrian Government Forces staged an air offensive in Syria’s northwest Idlib province where Turkish troops are pinned down. Dozens of Turks were killed and close to a million Syrian refugees made their way towards the Turkish border.

High court ruling on Aborigines may end in civil war

The constitution, imperfect though it is, is under attack. Recently, the High court voted 4-3 to allow to foreign-born criminals to avoid extradition on the basis that each had Aboriginal ancestry.

In doing so, they have conferred special rights upon the blackfella which supersede our migration laws on the basis that their ‘Aboriginality’ connects them to the land in a wholly transcendental fashion not applicable to the rest of us; not even those of us White Australians with ties going back several generations. Suddenly, race matters very much.

Indian man chokes Aussie girl in regrettable act of cultural confusion

An Indian man assaulted a white Australian girl in Sydney on the 13th of February, after following her from Chester Hill station in Sydney’s greater west. A story published this week revealed the scrawny little unidentified Indian male snuck up behind the young woman as she went to cross a road at around 6 pm, before looping his trouser belt around her neck and trying to choke her.

Mandate Scomo so short-sighted and PC-ignorant of Australia’s indebted billions, Chinese renewables and mass immigration

Busy working Australians have voted to reject Greens-Labor coalition’s neo-communist threats of taxing to death working Peters to subsidise lazy Pauls.  Decent Australians have voted to reject: Knuckle-dragging Third World invasion Greens-imposed Stone Age blackouts Venezuelan welfarism, extreme poverty and…

It’s ‘DRSABCD’ so why do locals keep dying to rescue delinquent ethnics in dangerous surf at unpatrolled beaches?

Yet another tourist enters dangerous surf. This time wading into storm conditions off Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast…without a paddle With Australia’s land-based life saving (inland waterways) and with first aid in general, the rescuer’s/first aider’s action plan mantra is ‘DRSABCD’.  This…