Fairfax Anarchism (Part 6) – When Fairfax-anarchism met the Nazis: a license to troll

by Dr. Jim Saleam.


This is Part Six in an ongoing investigation and expose of the anarchist / Antifa movement and the strange concessions made to it by state and media forces. (NB. When discussing Fairfax, the author is referring to the coterie of propagandists at its core, not the subsequent owners of Fairfax Media, Nine Entertainment)…

Luke McMahon has worked, according to different reports, either as a Fairfax employee, or a freelancer – with access to the offices of The Age in Melbourne.

As was revealed in this series of articles, Mr. McMahon had served as the secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, an incorporated body, until its’ deregistration in 2014. It seems that his relationship with anarchism continued in the dark and certainly the high-priest of anarchism, ‘Slackbastard’ (Rob Sparrow), has kept the secret. Other media, which are well aware of Mr. McMahon’s political identity, have stayed silent too. Why?

Ostensibly connected to his ‘journalism’, Mr. McMahon mentioned openly last year on his Facebook page, that he had had a meeting with a “Nazi”. Without specifying where and when and how he met this “Nazi”, he relayed to Luke McMahon a startling bit of data – that a certain nationalist activist was “Jewish”. I actually produce Mr. McMahon’s rant. Why not?

Luke McMahon’s rant: Falsehoods and lack of evidence. (odd fellow)

Now this ostensibly “Jewish” fellow was connected to Australia First (and we are an evergreen target for Fairfax falsehood). It may be thought that Mr. McMahon used his journalistic accreditation to meet the Nazi (sic) to do the interview (sic). Of course, he admitted having already heard this “Jewish” story (see the rant) and wanted to meet its source. His primary notifier (sic) was the notorious provocateur Neil Erikson, who brought the tale forward for whatever reason Erikson may have. Erikson obviously received it from the ‘Nazi’.

However, the incident referred to by Erikson and then by McMahon’s “Nazi” – never took place. There was an entirely different incident where the ‘Nazi’ fabricated the story for whatever reason a ‘Nazi’ might have. This would make it very hard for anyone to ever ‘confirm’ it, let alone for that matter, any member of Australia First, given that none could have been present It is very likely that Mr. McMahon will have a lot of trouble with this strange story when he plies it under oath in an upcoming legal proceeding.

Yet, was there ever an interview with a Nazi? Or was it an exchange of information between a so-called journalist and said ‘Nazi”? Between an anarchist and a Nazi? The very fact a meeting could be arranged is curious.

Who brought it about?

First up:

Who did this Nazi represent?  There is only one group it could have been. It was Squadron 88.

This Squadron 88 was a provocateur structure directed by a Mark McDonald (if that was his real name, see photo).

Mark McDonald, head of Squadron 88

McDonald had connections to the residue of the foul Klub Nation and to Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford (who admitted in a nationalist surveillance sting to having given him money). Crawford had often posted on Antifa’s Facebook pages (they allowed it). Did he too meet Luke McMahon there online, or just one of his trolls? Did Crawford facilitate the meeting?

Second up: Why has Mr. McMahon never written properly and explained about these Nazis if they are of such note as an intelligence source?

Could it be that Squadron 88 was itself part of the murky would of disinformation and that Mr. McMahon was essentially aware of what they were?  It beggars belief that he did not know what was said about them as provocateurs (I had long said publicly I had the leader McDonald on a recording agreeing the Squadron was going to attack the homes of Penrith City councillors and that I had deliberately given the audio to Penrith Police).

How could he not believe the allegation was possibly true?   Indeed, I had more than once put detailed info out there about this ‘Squadron’ and Crawford himself was the subject of exposes where he appeared directly on video about his anti nationalist activities.

Let me be very direct – Squadron 88 was a better story than some bloke who Mr. McMahon wanted to assert was a Jewish racist. The Squadron linked to the Liberal Party and it was part of the groundswell ‘patriot’ scene which would go on to be confronted by Antifa in the street in 2014 – 2016, the very Antifa that Mr. McMahon had had a link to.  But as we can see, ‘opposing forces’ all just come together, to spread a strange tale about another set of targets.

Is that the point?  It has never been properly understood by many as to why Mr. McMahon made this “Jewish” claim against his target.

Why would anyone believe a group of so-called Nazis?  Was it a bizarre vexation? Was it an attempt to incite so-called anti-semites against a target? Was it a false media script designed to allow other propaganda against nationalist groups to enter into the mix?

Who knows?  We may never know.  All we do know is that the bloke in question was about as Jewish as Yassir Arafat and never told a group of ‘Nazis’ that he was Jewish, but complained that for some unknown reason – they had invented the story about him.

Going back over decades, Fairfax journalists have always had easy access to pocket neo-nazis.  This trend began when Malcolm Brown of the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Bob Cameron the day after The Age revealed that the National Front of Australia (NFA) had been formed (see Part Five of this series). Cameron falsely claimed leadership of the group in New South Wales.

The following Sunday the Ananda Marga group was accused by a Special Branch informer (shown to be a clever perjurer) of trying to murder him. Brown could only have known that Cameron’s claim of leadership of the NFA was false, must have conferred with the Melbourne Age and so on and knew his true status.

For years thereafter, Brown ‘promoted’ Cameron as a dangerous racist in endless big articles. So much so did he promote him and deliberately ‘confuse’ him with genuine anti immigration campaigners, that I accused Brown of being “Bob Cameron’s press agent”.

Fairfax anarchist Luke McMahon comes late to an already well-established path for the spread of disinformation. Perhaps his meeting with the a Nazi is the real story (?) and he can bet that I will continue to it follow up.