Australian Financial Complaints Authority takes case against Westpac

The decision by Westpac to exclude our party president from being a signatory to any of our accounts will be taken up.

This is to the good. Why did Westpac do this?

Officially, they say that their terms and conditions have been violated. The only two that could remotely match the ban are – money laundering and terrorism.  Of course, these are not reasons as they can’t possibly sustain them. The real reason is blatantly political. Westpac just doesn’t like the politics of Australia First and its president.

Indeed, we note that Westpac is an ardent supporter of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.  We cite the letter just received from the Australian Financial Complaints Authority:


‘Dear Dr Saleam,

Your complaint had been allocated to AFCA’s Rules team, as Westpac had disputed our jurisdiction to consider your complaint. I have reviewed the information provided by Westpac, including the two Terms and Conditions which are attached, and I’m of the view we are able to consider the complaint. The attached letter confirms this.

Your complaint will now be allocated to a Case Manager within our Banking and Finance team, who will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in the mean time on the below number.’


“Help?  When it matters to us.”