Sydney Morning Herald inserts communist ‘China Daily’ into paper

Outrage has been expressed by both politicians and senior journalists at Nine as the Sydney Morning Herald has openly displayed its agenda by flagrantly promoting Communist China’s interests.

The backlash comes after a China Daily supplement was included in last Friday’s edition of their egregious rag. Given its Woke readership, it’s amazing anyone realised. It’s even more amazing that the masthead’s own senior journalists protested, especially Nick McKenzie, who is otherwise obliging about running lies for the far-left, and in particular, the anarchists. The CPC is only the logical extension of the kind of muck he’s generally peddling.

The China Daily is a Beijing propaganda piece full of soliloquies to President Xi Xinping, damning of anyone who gets up China’s hackles, and crammed with misleading propaganda about Coronavirus.

Chris Uhlmann, Nine’s political editor, who’s covered China’s incursion into Australia’s affairs, told The Australian, “Since the moment the decision was made (in 2016) to have the China Daily insert in The Sydney Morning Herald, I’ve made it clear that I’ve found it an extremely disturbing development that Communist Party propaganda has the apparent endorsement of an Australian media organisation. I said that before I joined Nine and I haven’t changed my opinion.”

The lift-out branded ‘China Watch’, has been carefully edited to sponsor China’s government, through argument and praise. In the matter of the Coronavirus, of which Beijing’s handling has been inept although hushed, they write, “China has taken the most comprehensive and rigorous containment and mitigation measures, and many go well beyond the requirements of the International Health Regulation.”

So, the question is, how are they being paid, and how much? Is the baksheesh coming directly, is it through Nine’s companies, or is it just that Nine has taken such a radical plunge in the direction of Communism that it was happily puffed pro bono?

The Australian approached SMH executive editor James Chessell asking just what the commercial connection is and a spokeswoman responded instead, saying, “China Watch is a commercial insert that has no connection with our newsroom and is clearly labelled as such.”

Clearly. Just like we’ve got an army of flying walruses ready to invade Jakarta.

Nothing beats an independent paper with a wholesale dedication to democracy.