Veteran nationalists Jim Saleam, Australia First, and Nick Griffin, former BNP, speak with Nathan Sykes of the New Australian Bulletin about the rise of propaganda surrounding Russia and Ukraine, among other topics.


Australia First has affiliated with the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF). Our acceptance into the APF comes after consultation with Australia First leading members and a council vote. Located in Europe, the APF is a fraternal association of nationalist parties and…

Nick Griffin & Jim Saleam on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show — the coming collapse of western civilization

Two of the greatest nationalist minds prove they’re also two of the finest speakers in the world of nationalism in this must-hear broadcast recorded live on ACH radio. British nationalist veteran Nick Griffin, formerly the leader of BNP, an MP with the European Parliament, and now with the APF (Alliance for Peace and Freedom) joins Australian nationalist veteran Jim Saleam, AFP President, to discuss parliamentarism VS nationalism, their mutual past, the Brexit, the implications of the coronavirus and ultimately the collapse of western civilization. The show is hosted by Andy Carrington Hitchcock on the Rense Network. Click the link to listen and follow Andy’s program live at the times listed on his page.

The XYZ of political finagling

For years now we’ve been aware of an Alt-Right website that hosts certain Young Liberals not above styling themselves as nationalists.
XYZ was created in 2015, at the height of the Alt-Right phenomenon, as a local response. It is listed prominently in the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s report into anti-Semitism, but unlike nationalists, they are never harassed by media companies nor the police. In short, they continue on all the platforms where true political threats have become proscribed.

ANZ Bank runs censorship against Nick Griffin

by Dr. Jim Saleam and another. | The invitation to have Nick Griffin, Vice Chairman of the (European) Alliance For Peace And Freedom, speak in Australia hit yet another small snag – de facto censorship by the Australia New Zealand Banking Group…