Hello and welcome to this, our Public Website for Australians.

Australia First Party is a political organisation about ordinary Australians and our Party’s championing of the united cultural heritage of Australian nationalist ideals – Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom.


Australia First Party, as the name makes clear, is about placing Australian’s first in Australia – prioritising in all matters the needs of ordinary Australians – culturally, socially, economically, financially, politically, national  affordable healthcare, law and order, national security (not in foreign proxy wars), Aussie workers rights, and in our national education, infrastructure, backing of small business and restoring Australia’s competitive advantage in reliably energy resources we have in abundance – coal, uranium, oil yet untapped for Australians, restoring, backing and protecting Australian home grown manufacturing, agriculture and S.T.E.M. capabilities, etc.

We are NOT about Left Wing, Right Wing, Conservative, Far Right, Globalism, Multinationals.  We are about the individual rights, welfare and hopes ordinary Australians, especially those Aussies in need, before anyone else.    When these lot take turns in government, Liberal/Labor/Greens/Nationals/ and their ‘crossbench’ accomplices, they waste billions every year on anti-Australian pet projects.

Consider of late, PM Albo’s divisive Voice wasting $450 million, Turncoat’s Snowy Hydro 2.0 wasting $13 billion, Scomo’s 8 AUKUS nuclear submarine programme into 2050 la-la-land, wasting an incredible $368 billion, and ongoing LibLab mass immigration demand impost. None of these pollie pet indulgences benefiting ordinary Australians, only their selfish egos, before voters wake up to their repeatedly broken electoral promises and they finally get voted out of office straight to luxuriate on taxpayer-funded lucrative pensions and perks.

Whereas Australia First Party’s cause is quite straight forward and easily distinguishable from major party politics with their fake so-called ‘independents’ – who end up preference deals with their chosen major party backers (Liberal/Labor Greens/Nationals anyway.

Australia First Party’s unique policy is that we do never preference anyone in elections.  We indeed on principle ‘preference’ the incumbent candidate  LAST in any electoral seat we contest, so as to send a message to change the Lib/Lab rolling cyclical status quo, because under the major parties, Australia is not the true democracy it is so heralded to be. The major parties control the electoral game in numbers, donations, marketing and preference deals with so-called independents installed to hoodwink voters at every election round, so they control government in Australia, instead of the Australian voters.

Australia First Party us a true alternative bastion for ordinary Australians, whom we listen to and realise many Aussie-borns (intergenerationally) continue to struggling weekly, even daily, to make ends meet – increasing food prices, household bills, housing (unaffordable rentals/mortgage interest rates), other costs of living, government bureaucracy (increasingly online only), fewer job opportunities due to government’s flood of immigrants every year, to access fair work, reliable work, pay bills, find affordable rental housing, afford basics of what used to be the Australian way of life such as owning your own home.   We are about enshrining the basic needs of ordinary Australians first, before anyone else in the extending queue from overseas – Mass Immigration demand driving inflation and the cost of living, and competing with local Australians for the basics of living – food, housing, jobs, energy use, health services, education, child care, congestion, etc.

Australia First Party is Australia’s only party focused on Australian nationalism – our national interest.  We’ve have historical roots and are learned in Australian history through its colonial beginnings and struggles for independence.  We’ve been registered since the 1990s, and we’re headquartered in Australia’s most populous centre for Australians, Sydney; not Canberra – but we keep a watching brief of the pollies there.  All our members are passionately Australian – we honour The Australian Flag, Australia Day 26th January, and cherish our historical colonial heritage warts and all – no nation has a perfect past.

Feel free to contact us to enquire further about what we are about and do.

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