Avoiding Fake News

The ascendancy of civic nationalist Donald Trump to the American national presidency on January 20 2017, exposed the bias and propaganda of concentrated globalist news media as disseminating ‘fake news‘ to sway public opinion for their own ends.

The globalist swamp media just wanted Hillary Clinton to win because she was their globalist for the White House.  But Americans most knew it and voted for Trump for American interests.

The term fake news is simple, accurate and politically astute.  Fake news extends from media bias, to opinionated columns, to selection of sources to tow a particular line and interpretation on a story, bias by story selection, bias by story placement, personal bias, outright spin doctoring, selective reporting, censorship by omission (what the public doesn’t get told, doesn’t know), infomercials from political lobbyists, etc, etc.

What fake news isn’t is honest journalism – independent, objective, factual, balanced reporting.

In Australia, comparable powerful globalist media particularly of the ideological Left, also show bias and propaganda and disseminate ‘fake news‘ to sway public opinion for their own ends.  But also there are the Right Wing Conservative media pushing the interest of neo-liberalism (free trade, mass immigration, multiculturalism, foreign ownership, offshoring, and the interests of big business and foreign interests over local small business and the ordinary native worker.

Both Left and Right are fundamentally ‘globalist’ in ideology – advocating international obligations and focus (economics, culture, rights, planning, wealth allocation, etc) as superior moral imperative over the national interest and the grassroots interest of the nation’s native-born people.

Media ownership in Australia is amongst the most concentrated of any country in the world, and the three dominant owners (ABC, NIne and News Corp Australia) are all globalist in ideology.  Accessing a fake news website is akin to visiting the website of a political party.

On this, Australia First Party’s national website, we don’t profess to be a media news site.   We convey an Australian nationalist message because we are Australian nationalists, proudly and openly.

Leftist Fake News Globalist Media to Avoid:

  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia taxpayer-funded, but unaccountable)
  • Nine (empire) incorporating Fairfax Media
    • The Age
    • The Sydney Morning Herald
    • The Courier Mail
    • The Canberra Times
    • The Courier
    • The Press
    • The Dominion Post
    • Sunday Star-Times
    • The Sun-Herald
    • The Land
    • Bendigo Advertiser
    • Sunday News
    • The Murray Valley Standard
    • Parramatta Sun
    • The Southland Times
    • The Border Chronicle
    • Port Lincoln Times
    • The Whyalla News
    • and dozens of regional newspapers
  • The Guardian (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • The New Daily (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • Crikey (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • New Matilda (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • The Conversation (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • The Young Witness (run by sacked Fairfax journos)
  • Green-Left Weekly (communist rag)
  • Honi  (communist rag)
  • Junkee  (communist rag)
  • AltMedia  (communist rag)
  • Reddit.com  (communist rag)
  • Revolvy.com (communist rag)
  • Redflag.org  (communist rag)

Right Wing/Conservative Globalist Fake News Media to Avoid:

News Corp Australia (Rupert Murdock’s media empire):

  • News.com.au
  • The Australian
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Herald Sun
  • The Courier-Mail
  • Northern Territory News
  • Gold Coast Bulletin
  • The Mercury
  • The Cairns Post
  • mX
  • NewsMail
  • Sunshine Coast Daily
  • Tweed Daily News
  • The Toowoomba Chronicle
  • The Gympie Times
  • Warwick Daily News
  • Daily Mercury
  • Daily Mail

Seven West Media (Kerry Stokes media empire)

  • PerthNow.com.au
  • Seven
  • The West Australian
  • Yahoo!7
  • 7TWO
  • 7mate
  • 7flix
  • Pacific Magazines
  • Marie Claire
  • Who
  • Racing.com
  • 7plus
  • amongst many others.

Fake News Polsters

..function to sway swinging voters during close political horse races during election campaigning:

  • Newspoll  (News Corp owned and published in The Australian, so pro-Liberal/Nationals coalition)
  • Essential Poll  (published by Crikey, so pro-Labor-Unions-Greens coalition)
  • Roy Morgan Research (News Corp aligned to pro-Liberal-Nationals coalition)
  • uComms/Reachtel (pro-Labor-Greens coalition)
  • Fairfax-Ipsos (Fairfax owned and so pro-Labor-Unions-Greens coalition)
  • Galaxy Research (News Corp owned and so pro-Liberal/Nationals coalition)
  • Neilsen (aligned with Fairfax, so pro-Labor-Unions-Greens coalition)
  • Lonergan Research (aligned with Fairfax and published in Crikey, so pro-Labor-Unions-Greens coalition)
  • GetUp! (Union funded and so pro-Labor-Unions-Greens coalition).