Sep 9: Golden Dawn Meetings For October Threatened By Extreme-Left

In October, two members of the Greek Golden Dawn party will conduct a brief Australia speaking tour. There have been calls to deny them visas although it is expected they will be allowed to tour.

The delegates are Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios. Both are former Greek army generals and both are Members of the European Parliament.

Australia First Party welcomes them to Australia.

Australia First Party criticises the clique of liberals associated with the ‘Greek Orthodox Community’ organisation for their statements against the Golden Dawn visit. Their statements are typical of the propaganda directed at any Australian of any European origin who may question the workings of multiracial immigration here or in those countries whence their families have come. Their denunciations of Golden Dawn indicate their acceptance of the current immigration disaster in Greece which is ethnically cleansing the Greeks in their own country.

Of course, they are only the respectable voice of the anti Golden Dawn chorus.

Antifa and other leftists call for violence

It was inevitable that the architects of the ‘anti fascism movement’ (Antifa) and other extreme-leftist forces, would respond to the planned visit of the Golden Dawn delegation – with a call for violence.

Coded references on the Facebook sites of two Antifa-connected groups have called for violence. The establishment-connected Slackbastard bedroom has done the same. As is the usual (sic) routine in this mobilization of the dross against nationalist people, Golden Dawn is called “fascist’ and even “neo-nazi’ as a justification for violence.

See :


Also, there are those other noise-makers who distance themselves from violence, but who may benefit by it.

Alex Kakafikas, an organizer with the Melbourne Anti-Fascist Initiative, said opponents of the visit were considering a blockade of any event involving the MEPs.

Mr Kakafikas told Neos Kosmos his group would make a non-violent but direct response.

“Many Greek Australians, trade unionists and activists have expressed support and wish to assist in planning a broad counter-demonstration.”


Perhaps these “unionists” might involve some of the same crims who masquerade as unionists and who attacked Australia First and Golden Dawn members in Brisbane on May 2?

The possibility of violence demands that Australia First members and other nationalists locate as many suitable persons as possible to provide for door and meeting security for the Golden Dawn delegation.

The freedom of nationalists to organize is the target of the Antifa and the extreme-Left, of the liberals and the so-called ‘anti racists’ of all persuasions. Violence is the tool of some of them and intimidation the method of all.

Our side refuses to be intimidated.