The XYZ of political finagling

For years now we’ve been aware of an Alt-Right website that hosts certain Young Liberals not above styling themselves as nationalists.

XYZ was created in 2015, at the height of the Alt-Right phenomenon, as a local response. It is listed prominently in the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s report into anti-Semitism, but unlike nationalists, they are never harassed by media companies nor the police. In short, they continue on all the platforms where true political threats have become proscribed.

This isn’t an indication that they’re obverse to the state but puts the experienced activist in the mind that they’re complicit if they’re being allowed to operate where others are hounded out of existence.

Moreover, and revealingly, these persons trace not to Australia’s radical third-position nativist/nationalists but to conservative impresarios on the one hand, and known informants and agitators, such as Neil Erikson on the other; but we’ll get to that presently.

Each writer and the most active are its creator David Hiscox: Ryan Fletcher, Mark Moncrieff, Adam Piggott and David Hilton.

With the exception of Fletcher, who is such a caricature of an Alt-Right meme that he portrays himself as one in a self-parodying trademark image he posts on his ‘Ryan Rants’, they are a conservative lot. Posts are often shared from other conservative blogs and websites where they post.

Their main obsession, hands-down, is what they blanketly refer to as ‘cultural Marxism’.

In 2016, the United Nationalists Australian (now defunct after Federal Police intervened to shut down their blog) reported on Dingocon and the attempts by historical conservative fixers to intervene in and subvert the fledgeling Australian Alt-Right movement.

There is nothing isolated about these sorts of operations, either, as English veteran nationalist and former EU MP Nick Griffin will attest, having traced the roots of the overseas entities which have used nationalistic guise to promote a corrupt agenda that favours, in part, Zionism. In fact, XYZ is modelled on so-called alternative media such as Breitbart but is less polished, and looser. It comes from the milieu of the Sydney Traditionalists, of which Mark Moncrieff is a registered contributor, and which contains identities connected to the ill-fated Dingocon scam.

It’s interesting just how many of the contributors to the Sydney Trads aren’t even Australian, but that’s because it’s part of a vast network of ‘paleoconservatives’, which is not, as the name might suggest, interested in traditional troglodytic virtues, but rather a US-style conservatism concerned with Christian ethics, paternalism, and regionalism.

American Paleoconservatives have a close relationship with the Republican Party and are a less mainstreamed expression of their philosophy; inevitably intersecting with Zionism.

This is a major clue as to XYZ’s political purpose, for, without it, one wouldn’t be sure what their mission statement is. Ostensibly, it’s to counter the ‘leftist’ bias of the ABC (XYZ, get it?), but one cannot proselytize for its own sake.

Whoever engages in stirring up political discord must either become political or revolutionary, and they are certainly not the latter. They have no interest, despite their flirting with concepts like ‘White Australia’ and ‘nationalism’ in directing support to the only federally registered nationalist party in Australia, so just where is all that steam supposed to end up blowing their followers with such rhetoric?

Individually, these blokes might be interesting lads you could carry on a conversation with. But this is business, it’s political. What they do politically has an indirect impact on nationalism. Remember, the Alt-Right in America succeeded in nothing more than getting Donald Trump elected, while Australia’s Alt-Right put Scott Morrison into the PM’s chair.

XYZ ultimately view Australia in terms of its place in a ‘traditional’ western order. But that makes little sense when that idea of the west is formed by a mainly American thinktank. In one post, writer David Hilton referred to nativists as “savages”.

They have done nothing to champion genuine nationalist causes, and seem to have a habit of aping our talking points without sincerity.

They have never supported any nationalist who’s run afoul of the system, but they have been more than willing to grant amnesty to the worst villain that the past five years has spewed up: Neil Erikson. It is these kinds of connections that trigger our ever-alert sensors.

For instance, XYZ shares on its page The Uncuckables, a YouTube talk-show program. Behind this live-stream format is Tim Wilms from The Unshackled.

Each year The Unshackled posts its Patriot of the Year, and the only nominees come from a tired old cadre of the usual social media cripples. Last year was no different. They have never had the originality to offer it to, say, a heroic fireman or someone that isn’t a part of that absurd milieu; not that it holds any cache to anyone outside those who still haven’t left social media behind.

And it indicates their ultimate purpose, which is fixed, and crosses over to their partners at XYZ; so ultimately the two work in tandem for the same ends.

During Melbourne’s anti-Australia Day rally, Neil Erikson emerged from the shame of his life of lies and deceit to get arrested, once again.

Funny how this provocateur is constantly having his collar felt yet never serving time. In point of fact, it’s a hint of what is now open knowledge, that he is a police rat, who has even gone as low as to work with Antifa-connected scum to attack opponents of the right. But it’s OK because he had XYZ acting as his apologist and describing him as an “activist” before giving him a vlog.

Erikson actually lied when he recanted claims that he was aiding Liberal MPs Adam Hastie and Ian Goodenough. We could see that he was influencing for the Liberals from a mile away, but when his hubris got its hackles up, Neil characteristically let all be known. That’s his nature; it’s what makes him a resource.

But XYZ attempts to be a glitterball of all denominations: although it is patently evident that the most overt presence is Ryan Fletcher. He is so completely cut-and-pasted from the style sheet of the Daily Stormer circa 2015 that we are incapable of taking him seriously.

Fletcher gives the XYZ their fanatical anti-Semitic notoriety but without him, they would return to their sly winking in regards to the ‘JQ’ (for those uninitiated that means ‘the Jewish question’). In this regard, his posts are almost out of context and seem included merely to keep cred among that rabid fringe.

They started out being all about “free speech” and protecting “religious norms” and even applied a designation to themselves; ‘Christian nationalist’. Yet, our issue is their insistence on misrepresenting themselves, among all these other things, as Australian nationalists. This cannot be.

In essence, XYZ is of the oeuvre usually seated at meetings of the Sydney Trads and the like where political ideas are all ladled into one melting-pot where the “right-wing” broth is decidedly libertarian and conservative.

If a genuine uncertainty exists as to where their political allegiances lie, and in all truth, they wish to support a White Australia, not just deferentially, but in all full spirit, then we welcome them to investigate true nationalism. We would support their transition from a fence-sitting species into fully proud nationalists.

For, nationalism may start with being white, and this might be its foundation, but it is so much more than a perceived chauvinism.

Nationalism is a vision for maintaining an ethnically homogenous people economically, culturally, and spiritually.

It is not a desire to adopt the authoritarian order and symbols of a bygone, foreign state, but an odyssey into our own centre of self-possession; an exploration of our own identity, and an expression of all that embodies.

There is much mud that needs shaking off the boots of the national psyche; much that needs clearing and cleaning. Simply being Australian does not a good Australian necessarily make.

Drunken idiots in Bali, lowlifes on Ice, rapists, deviants, killers, habitual criminals and all the detritus which infect every society is something that needs addressing through this nationalism of ours.

The answers cannot be found in traditionalism, because you can never return to the past, as attractive as it seems.

Things are not what they were, but you must understand, they never were what they were.

And the rat is back, courtesy of XYZ