In more Fairfax hoopla about neo-nazis (Mar 18), Nick McKenzie, the man with the inside scoop and the access to the murky world of the intelligence apparatus, misleads us yet again.

It’s run as page-one stuff of course, yet McKenzie gives us only spotted detail about neo-nazis from the provocateur National Socialist Network (NSN) joining the Australian Army to gain access to training and weapons.

The report adds that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is monitoring the situation. What are we supposed to believe?

Aussies are invited to assume that “white supremacists” generally and the NSN specifically, are the ASIO target, that they are dangerous, that this security response is necessary and that the army must be rescued from their cunning infiltrationism.

It is suggested too, the neo-nazis are planning and scheming and developing new leaders once the current leader of NSN is imprisoned on assorted charges later this year. It is inferred this group is durable and hence an ongoing security threat. What is the truth about the military?

Sources inform Australia First there is indeed an ASIO investigation into the political interests of service personnel. It has been going on for some time. However, these neo-nazis are down the list of security concerns. Rather, the military is being vetted generally in the light of the increasing international instability and the ‘need’ (sic) on the part of Australia’s traitor globalist class for a reliable military to fight the type of war our ‘allies’ may wish to impose upon our country.

The great challenge for ASIO is to ensure there are no dissenting personnel, soldiers, sailors or airmen who may take the view that some sort of neutralism would serve Australia better than current state policy. That could register as a ‘threat’ since members of the military thinking outside of the square and making other value judgements are potentially and under acute conditions, the makings of a radical political situation.

Of course, ASIO would readily appreciate this type of thinking is well outside the neo-nazi framework of reference. How does the dirty ‘neo-nazi op’ work?

McKenzie predicts ASIO will be active in rooting out the neo-nazis from the army. Of course, this is a cover. I mean that quite literally. Such a program, as stated here, may provide ASIO with a cover for something else, but I verily believe McKenzie suspects this would be so and by publishing as he has, he offers up the ‘cover story’.

Such a neo-nazi op would achieve a few things:

  1. It would stigmatize any political opposition in the military as something it isn’t.
  2. It would allow ASIO to move freely to uncover political dissent.
  3. It would create a climate of mistrust and flip-side conformity in the military to disrupt the articulation of dissenting opinions.

It is proper that no Australian soldiers, sailors or airmen are taken in by the formal parameters of the coming internal witch hunt, that those who have started to reason about the war talk motives of our traitor globalist class—keep their opinions for when they may be better uttered. It is our Australia First view our country shall have its day, with a true people’s army inspired by nationalist politics for an independent and neutral country.