ANZ Bank runs censorship against Nick Griffin

by Dr. Jim Saleam and another.


The invitation to have Nick Griffin, Vice Chairman of the (European) Alliance For Peace And Freedom, speak in Australia hit yet another small snag – de facto censorship by the Australia New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank).

It is now obvious to us, no lawful reason withstanding, a Bank may decide not to carry out a transaction if it (sic) does not approve of the politics behind that transaction.

Essentially, it had been decided that Australia First Party would provide Nick with the cost of his visa application, the small sum of $140. Last Friday, arrangements were made to transfer the funds from an ANZ account to Nick’s British bank account.

The following is part of an email correspondence (December 23) between myself and Nick Griffin:

“Your ‘popularity’ in the right places is noted. The Australia New Zealand Bank rang me many hours ago to ‘confirm’ my details and say what the money transfer was for.  They wanted to know how I know you and what you would be doing in Australia.  I said that if issued a visa you would speak at lawful meetings.”

Several hours after this discussion with ANZ Bank was held, they contacted me to advise that the transfer was “contrary to our policy” and “terms”. They had “cancelled” the transaction.

The Bank declines to say what the “policy” might be. However, we can be reasonably sure what it is. We may reject any idea that the “policy” has anything to do with Australia’s money laundering or anti terrorism laws. We may take it that ANZ Bank was well aware of who Nick Griffin was and simply declined to facilitate his appearance in Australia.

Different logo, same dodgy banking culture


This is said for no light reason. In July, I was banned by Westpac and any of its affiliate financial institutions from being a customer. Again it was said that my status would be contrary to “Terms and Conditions”. I read those and determined it referred to issues of money laundering and terrorism.

Of course, there is no possible way I am either a money launderer or a terrorist and certainly no way the bank could ‘know’ (sic) if I was. As it was, I was not a Westpac customer, but I did appear as a signatory to some accounts held by Australia First Party. I have since brought a complaint to the New South Wales Council For Civil Liberties that Westpac’s actions were contrary to High Court of Australia rulings in respect of freedom of political communication. Perhaps the ANZ matter can be added to it?

It is also known that other nationalist and ‘patriot’ activists have also had difficulties with ANZ Bank, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank. It is a pattern and its threat to political liberty cannot be denied.

Common denominator?  “We are bankers” – topcat of Australia’s corporate banking cartel?

Reasonably, we live in a liberal-globalist system where the institutions that buttress the system also enforce its ideological discipline. ANZ Bank acted according to its ideological policy.

Whatever obstacles are put in the way of the Griffin tour, we will surmount them, until just one remains: whether the Australian government will allow him entry.