Welfare Leeches

  • Third Worlders scam their thousands to people smugglers to welfare leech off hard-working Australians
  • Convict those traitors who collaborate
  • Boycott all companies and institutions that collaborate in the programme and take your kids out of schools on multicultural brainwash day
  • Cease funding any group which pursues the anti-Australian cause
  • Cease donating to churches, schools, community groups and other organisations which fund refugee settlement. If charitably minded, help a neighbour, a fellow worker, a homeless person, a fellow Australian
  • Preserve or establish your own community networks and groups
  • Preserve your family and community groups that underlie your heritage as Australians – your ANZAC commemorations, your local historical societies, clubs and sporting groups. You are no ‘boat person’, but a native of the soil.

Organise a Community Strike to shun and expose traitors:

Expose the scam support network as treacherous, gullible and misguided.

We suggest there are actions NOT to do (negatives) and actions to do (positives).

Rules of Engagement:  NEGATIVES

  1. No Australian should collaborate in any way with any government agency or private organisation which operates refugee services. That means: answer no question, give no information render no assistance of any description.
  2. No Australian should accept any employment arising from the intrusion. Sometimes jobs are offered by different outsourced companies or by agencies: reject the offers! Sometimes contracts are advertised. Refuse to tender. Blacklist to your friends anyone who breaks the rule.
  3. No Australian should let a school-child participate in any refugee-awareness program. Schools now have officially sanctioned propaganda sessions which you can object to. If your school operates any regular so-called education programmes, withdraw your services from all school activities. Subtly persuade your friends to do likewise.
  4. No Australian should attend at any church or community group that supports the refugee invasion. This means refusing to donate to any charity or program operated by your church or community group. You should make your feelings known. In the case of the churches, you should approach members of your congregation to cause difficulties for the misguided faction in whatever way you judge proper.
  5. No Australian should communicate with any so-called refugee save in the most extreme of circumstances.
  6. No Australian should buy from any company or person who supports the refugee intrusion.
  7. No Australian should associate with any Australian or other person who violates these rules.

Rules of Engagement:   POSITIVES

  1. All Australians should show direct charity and support to any Australian truly in need of assistance or care.
  2. All Australians should take and destroy all pro refugee propaganda distributed by your union, community group, church, university etc.
  3. All Australians should work to preserve or establish our own community networks and groups such as your family and community groups that underlie your heritage as Australians – your ANZAC commemorations, your local historical societies, clubs and sporting groups. You are no ‘boat person’, but a native of the soil and you must teach that to each other and to your children.
  4. All Australians should collect information which exposes any aspect of the refugee program and turn it over to your favoured organisation for political use.
  5. All Australians should counsel other Australians as to the real significance of the refugee program – that is part of the cultural and ethnic dispossession of Australians and also, the actual physical deprivation of our People through misspending on refugees.
  6. All Australians should take whatever opportunities there are to create dissent: talk-back radio, voting out incumbent politicians, talking to fellow Australians, organizing your own letter-writing group (for newspapers), making vexatious complaints. You should advise young people to read the Internet book The Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail which explains the psychosis that underlies support for refugee admissions.
  7. All Australians who can should display National Flags or Southern Cross Flags – houses, clothing, cars etc.

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