Medevac Bill fraud repealed: normal Australia prevails against hateful Leftards

Phelpsies fuming. Yesterday, the end of Kerryn Phelps’ Medevac Bill fraud for rapefugees became nigh on Manus and Nauru. Access to penis enlargement procedures on mainland Australia has been severed.  Despite ‘progressive’ Greens-Labor, dejected in opposition, recalcitrant in stonewalling Australia’s elected government legislation, the Morrison Liberals have successfully repealed Kerryn Phelps fradulent medical evacuation law.

Dubbed ‘medevac’ (medical evacuation) sham leftie docs and quacks didn’t even have to consult with the fakesters. Phelps dictat granted the illegals auto-chartered flights to mainland Australia at taxpayer expense, and then of course access to the leftie immigration bandwagon.  It was always another leftie scam to evade Australia’s border protection and sovereignty, contriving a loophole to facilitate permanent residency and breeding status to more bloody illegal migrants flooding Australia.

Phelpsie’s dark purple coven has been playing Australians for mugs

Phelps is a doctor of alternative medicine.  In 2009, she came to public prominence once she was dubbed one of the 25 most influential lesbians in Australia by readers of the website (a notorious homosexual website).  By 2016 she was in Clover Moore’s leftie Greens coven on the Sydney City Council.   In 2018, an electoral dummy spit by fake Liberal Turncoat saw Phelps become a shadow Greens candidate for the Wentworth by-election. She pretended to be independent, yet she preference The Greens and won on Greens preferences with just 29% of the vote to David Sharma’s 43%. 

By 26 November 26 in 2018, the lesbian was sworn in and throwing her weight around, pressuring cross-benchers, threatened no confidence motions against the government and unleashing general chaos to have her way.   She wasted no time bullying cross-benchers in Parliament to fist her Phelps Medevac Bill through.

Even the Greens were scared of her

The number of refugees and asylum seekers in Nauru and Manus Island had peaked at 2,450 in April 2014 under globalist Greens-Labor (1,273 on Manus and 1,177 on Nauru).  The number of medical transfers jumped dramatically from 2017-18, when there were 35 transfers, to 461 from July 2018 as soon as Phelpsies Medevac Bill passed in February 2019.

Since then, a further 288 illegals were transferred under the earlier system of approvals.  According to Senates Estimates, between March 2 in 2019 when Medevac became a dodgy law, and October 21 2019, 135 refugees and asylum seekers from Nauru and PNG have been transferred for so-called ’emergency’ medical treatment under this process.

Why?  Penis enlargements, sex changes, sore thumbs, itchy feet, boob jobs, bionic noses, liposuctions, stomach stapling, gastric sleeves, leech bloodletting, Babylonian skull cures, acupunture and pica syndrome – the craving of eating dirt and ice.

Phelpsie:  “Come to me my little lovelies, not in Wentworth but.

So since the Phelps farce, fake medevacs from offshore detention to mainland Australia (and a perpetual good life on taxpayer welfare) soared an increasing number of people transferred for medical reasons is a result of the escalating medical ’emergency’.  It’s as fake as the lefties climate ’emergency’.

Yet none remain in hospital and indeed few went to hospital.  There are perfectly well equipped hospitals on Manus and Nauru anyway.   In fact they went straight to their leftist lawyers to claim fake asylum, exploiting Australia’s ridiculous legal appeals system, costing taxpayer hundreds of millions.  What Australian have copped through are the terrorists, jihadis, criminals, rapists, pedophiles, fraudsters walking amongst us.

Fortunately, 17 fakesters have done the deed in detention, given the island crematoriums a good workout.  One Behrouz Boochani save the fuel bill by self immolating.

Prior to Phelpsie’s medevac get-out-of-gaol card, offshore transfers back to the mainland were at the discretion of the minister. When the minister refused a medical transfer to Australia, people were forced to challenge the exercise of the minister’s discretion in the courts.   After protracted legal actions, Australian courts routinely ordered the minister to transfer people for urgent medical treatment to fulfill Australia’s apparent duty of care to people in offshore places. Medevac replaced this cumbersome process with a medical assessment by two doctors (online).

Stethoscoped Australia – Phelpies national fraud!

Now that Phelpsies fake medevac Bill has been repealed, illegals will once again be properly required to rely on ministerial discretion for a medical transfer, as it should be.  The entire lot on both Nauru and Manus are all illegals and need to be sent back to where they came from anyway.

Australia is now pre-Phelps, now but a walking shadow, a poor player, who strutted and fretted her 210 days in sheltered workshop we’ve come to dismiss as Canberra.

The government’s repeal of the medevac law will do little more than delay transfers of the last remaining refugees held offshore. We may never know the conversations between the government and Jacqui Lambie, but perhaps she was persuaded that there was value in the government maintaining its uncompromising line on asylum seekers arriving by boat, while medical transfers continue unabated.


“Hang your head in shame Phelps – how many millions have been wasted transporting these low-life’s to the mainland?
How many do you think may actually end up productive citizens?  Bet in a few years we will be able to count them on one hand.
These leftards are a cancer on our society.  Wake-up !!”

Watch Phelpsie go fifty shades of deep purple as she reflects on her 210 treacherous days in Parliament to undo Australian values and globalise Third World filth.  Did we forget the sound?

Beware the stethoscope!