Blue Paper – Economic Nationalism

A Blue Paper, a draft prescriptive summary, a feeder document to nationalist policy and draft law, out of Australian socio-economic imperatives, inviting input and debate by Australian Born Citizens.

Nationalist Initiatives

  • Economic Nationalism a restorative paradigm for the nation to resuscitate local businesses and resources to combat the cancerous invasion of economic globalism
  • Australian producerism to reinstate the Protestant work ethic
  • Remove multinational market dominance and duopolies by introducing US-style anti-trust legislation
  • Reforms to remove parasitic social welfarism
  • Prevent globalised financial capital manipulating Australian-based industries
  • Population decentralisation and ending urban sprawl
  • Innovate a national Internet search engine and social media to prioritise Australia’s wholly own websites and interests. This is to combat foreign control, influence and financial exploitation by dominating foreign multinationals like Google and Facebook.  A logical contender would be Telstra leveraging its BigPond network to be an independent (yet government subsidised) search engine across Australia. New rules and tariffs to apply to Google and Facebook in Australia.
  • Defend against foreign trade dumping – decouple from the US Free Trade con
  • Fair pricing to secure livelihoods – end Keating’s Floating Currency exposing Australian business to exchange rate gambling
  • Nationalise minimum wage rates and workplace conditions across industries – remove union dominated enterprise bargaining
  • Introduce a single National Fuel Price for petrol and diesel, facilitated by national government acquiring onshore fuel refining and distribution
  • Abolish Keating’s Pension Privatisation (compulsory 9.25% employer super contributions), making the cost of labor more competitive for business.  Replace employer superannuation with a ‘National Pension’ (government controlled, indexed) payable to Australian citizens over age 65
  • Australian Small Business tax concessions – 20% income tax, payroll tax exempt
  • Consider tax reforms in the 2008 Henry Tax Review that favour Australian small and medium sized businesses.

Small Business Economy

  • Increased effective taxes on large corporations and multinationals to encourage re-establishment of Australian small business competition across all domestic industries and markets
  • Absolute ban on cheap foreign import dumping
  • Reintroduce higher tariffs on imports so that import pricing equates to the standard cost of Australian production factoring in Australian minimum wages.

Steady State Society

  • Recognise the wisdom of government leading a careful Steady State Society over the current Darwinian, chaotic, costly ‘boom and bust’ cycle economy
  • Place an immediate moratorium on immigration for five years, to allow public infrastructure, and the supply of housing and social services to catch up to minimum Australian-acceptable living standards and arable national carrying capacity.
  • Address domestic equity injustices by redirection national resources into improving Australian living standards for all its current population, most notably bringing the average life expectancy of Australian indigenous people up to that of Australia’s non-indigenous.
  • Moderate excessive consumption by greater dynamic controls and industry sector targeting of consumption taxing, especially that having higher environmental costs
  • Encourage greater personal saving and reduction in personal debt
  • Greater central monetary and fiscal controls on economic excesses

Supportive Precepts Linked to Evidence