Blue Paper – Dual Vocational Curriculum

This Blue Paper is a draft prescriptive standard for Australianness, arising out of multiple challenges to Australian values by foreign influences, by anti-Australian sentiment and by our governments kowtowing to unethical and backward cultures that are undermining Australian traditional values.  This is a feeder document toward nationalist policy and subsequent draft proposed law, inviting input and debate by Australians.

Blue Paper

Nationalist Initiatives

  • Decentralisation of education providing freedom of curricula choice by Australian parents, students, schools, colleges, institutes and universities
  • Prohibition of cult education providers that prescribe fanaticism, non-Australian values notably Islamism, Mormonism, Scientology, Pentecostalism, Evangelicalism, Sacrificial Regligions like Voodooism, Third World religions, death cults or hate cults.
  • Dual Vocational Curriculum innovates educational flexibility by advocating that Australian school leavers pursue a dual choice of trade and university vocational training.  This broadminded approach to career direction at ages 18-19 recognises and respects that neither trade or academic path is ideal, but that skilling oneself in both sets up a student for greater resilience and financial independence early.
  • This posits a nationalist policy to reinvigorate Australia’s youth sense of worth, independence, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness in the wake of systemic employment rejection, slave wage rates and foreign scab labour.  Such unAustralian denial of the fair go for decent work opportunities and denial of affordable housing of Australia’s youth has been treacherously created by Canberran embracing of globalisation, greedy multinationals and their banks, UN Agenda 21, Third World free trade, open slather borders and mass immigration.
  • Trades are in high demand across Australia from construction to hospitality to mining and agriculture.  It is appropriate that local Aussie school leavers get priority for work over foreign Third World scab labourers who only arrive to exploit Canberran loopholes in Australia’s backdoor immigration agency racket.
  • No Australian school graduate should have to tolerate slavery at Maccas dictated be a foreign multinational. Better that an Australia school leaver learns a trade and with it how to run a small business, then later choose an academic path should they so want.

Supportive Precepts Linked to Evidence