Blue Paper – Smart Integrated Transport

National Taxis

Taxi service standards, customer affordability, participant equity and industry viability across Australia in all states and territories have been ignored by Liberal and Labor alike for time immemorial.

The standards of the very public taxi service, the training, the criteria, the wages, the service delivery of taxi drivers across Australia are woeful.

The Greens couldn’t care less.  Under patron for illegals, Sarah flood-gate Young, the Greens will be only happy that taxi driving in Australian capital cities has been swamped by two-bit foreigners replacing decent Australians.

Spot the Aussie has become rife in our urban taxi industry is rife.  It’s so bloody wrong!

Australia First Party has had enough and demands a complete overhaul to taxi standards to properly reflect Australian standards and to restore the quality of Australia’s public transport and tourism industry.

We consider that Kevin Rudd’s notions of nationalising public services holds fair merit.  We consider such nationalising should extend to taxi services on a consistent basis, so long as it doesn’t involve Kevin or the Labor Party.

Australia First proposes nationalising taxi services across Australia.