Blue Paper – First World Ethical Code

This Blue Paper is a draft prescriptive standard for Australianness, arising out of multiple challenges to Australian values by foreign influences, by anti-Australian sentiment and by our governments kowtowing to unethical and backward cultures that are undermining Australian traditional values.  This is a feeder document toward nationalist policy and subsequent draft proposed law, inviting input and debate by Australians.

Blue Paper

Nationalist Initiatives

  • First World Ethical Code
  • Outlaw and Dissolve Islam and Mosques
  • Prosecute and Outlaw Evil Cults
  • National Code of Conduct
  • Pecuniary Interests by Politicians
  • Political Donations and Campaign Marketing Reform
  • Eliminate Parliamentary Discretionary Expense Entitlements
  • Parliamentary Pensions Reform
  • Crackdown on Addiction Industries Profiteering
  • Crackdown on Corporate Exploitation
  • Corporate Aristocratic Accountability
  • Crackdown on Monopoly Power and Cartels
  • Australian Media and Social Media Code of Conduct
  • Overhaul Australian Consumer Rights
  • Electoral Promise breaches to auto-nullify election and trigger political party deregistration

Supportive Precepts Linked to Evidence