Blue Paper – Single Legal Jurisdiction

(under draft)

  • Nationalise all criminal and civil laws into a single national legal jurisdiction
  • Nationalise Australia’s entire court system under a single legal jurisdiction
  • Nationalise Australia’s prison system, parole and remand system.


‘Australian Law Reform’

  • Auto-deport any non-Citizen convicted in Australia of an indictable offence to country of departure before first arriving in Australia
  • Deport all non-Citizens in Australian gaols to country of departure before first arriving in Australia
  • Invest in ongoing law reform across all fields of law in discussion with relevant stakeholders
  • Research the benefits of the Inquisitorial System over Australia’s current Adversarial System and facilitate ongoing public debate and changes to Australia’s legal system
  • Resource and fund Legal Aid as a national public service for means-tested access by all Australian citizens
  • Abolish plea bargaining in all criminal prosecutions
  • Abolish parole
  • National legislation to impose mandatory minimum 20 year custodial sentences for all serious crimes –  murder, manslaughter, rape, incest, paedophilia, drug trafficking, treason, arson, armed robbery, terrorism, extortion, assault causing permanent disability, home invasion, drive by shootings, people smuggling, etc.
  • Introduce national legislation to evoke the Castle Doctrine as defence of justifiable homicide
  • Engage in a series of legislative reviews with relevant stakeholders to introduce law reforms across Australia.