Blue Paper – Decent Work Charter


Australians have surrendered decent hard-fought workplace rights under both Labor and Liberals, and the Greens just don’t care.

Australia First Party believes that Australians deserve re-establishment of Australian worker values and fair workplaces hard-fought by generations under our traditional union movement.   Australia First Party supports the nationalisation and simplification of workplace legislation and at the same time making the cost of employing Australian citizens lower for Australian employers.

It goes back to respecting Australian traditional values, and at the same time respecting contemporary Australian citizen’s preferential opportunity to work over foreigners, and enabling Australian employers to get a better deal competing with foreign corporates and multi-nationals.

Decent Work Charter

  • Retain Fair Work Australia but overhaul its charter and management – national workplace mediator – why change the name and business cards, just weed out Labor’s deadwood
  • Union membership remains voluntary – weed out the official corruption and criminalise slush funds
  • Uphold Australian democratic values in respecting freedoms of association
  • Scrap all enterprise agreements, since these are making Australia uncompetitive and killing local industry and careers with them – like Ford and Holden
  • Nationalise all workplace legislation including awards and Workcover – scrap all state/territory involvement
  • No Australian Workplace Agreements or contracts where one employer – consistent with Tax Office recognition of PAYG personal services income tax law
  • Employers employing 50 or more employees (including subsidiaries and part owned businesses) to be eligible for company tax incentive if Nationally Recognised Training is provided and so long as certifications obtained
  • Facilitate flexible workplaces – part-time, leave entitlements, return to work conditions
  • Crack down on worker discrimination on the basis of sex, age, parental status, availability for overtime
  • Casual employment rate (no leave entitlements) to increase by 50% to compensate insecurity and loss of entitlements, and to discourage the trend in workforce casualisation
  • Mandate double time rates for work on Sundays and Public Holidays across all Australian workplaces – the day of rest is a deep Australian Christian tradition.
  • Mandate time and a half penalty rates for all on Saturdays – but scrap double time on Saturdays – while Sunday is not negotiable on penalty rates, Saturday is.
  • Set minimum rates of pay by job category from lowest unskilled worker to supervisory management; and make this uniform across all workplaces and industries. Middle management and senior management are to remain the only contracting prerogative of Australian organisations – private sector  or public sector.
  • Set ordinary working week to 35 hours, with subsequent hours paid at time and a half
  • Set maximum working hours per 7 day continual week with any one employer to 45 hours
  • Scrap tax penalties on second and third jobs – if a worker wants to work beyond 45 hours don’t penalise the worker, but don’t let the same employer demand it
  • Scrap 457 visas and establish stricter conditions for any employer in Australia employing non Australian citizens
  • Review and nationalise Workcover and address deficiencies in standards, OH&S legislation, and workers compensation
  • Outlaw employer deeds of employment and workplace contracts – replacing with minimum new standard Employment Engagement – specifying the respective roles, duties, rights and obligations of employers and employees for any working engagement in Australia
  • New employer accreditation training for all employers and their management and human resources staff to raise the standard of employer knowledge, behaviour in Australia.
  • Managers of workers required to have accredited certification in people management skills

Australia First for Australians