Another corrupt LibLab MP Daryl Maguire confirms he’s a self-interested blood sucking tick bribed by Chinese developers

Dodgy influential Chinese developers have been exposed bribing Australian politicians again.  The Liberal Party’s seat warming member for Wagga Wagga, Daryl Maguire, has admitted that he is wonton corrupt and has long been wonton corrupt.

Ordinary rural Australians of the Riverina have entrusted this Liberal Party puppet, a local shopkeeper, to represent their interests in Sydney-centric government since 1999.  Has he?  Or has he been representing his own self-interests?

Chinese developer kickbacks to obliging LibLab MPs

Globalist politics of the Liberal-Gnats and Greens-Labour alike indulge in multinational corruption as business as usueal and pardon it as ‘free trade’, economic growth through mass immigration, engagement with China.  Maguire in his 1999 inaugural speech to the NSW Parliament heralded that Wagga Wagga was set to be “the rural gateway to the world”.

That’s what he did for the next 20 years.

Da wonton lure of the middle kingdom

Liberal globalist Maguire last week admitted to the NSW corruption watchdog, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) about his corrupt links to Chinese property developer, Hong Kong-based property giant Country Garden.

Maguire told the ICAC public inquiry ‘Operation Dasha‘ that he had pursued former Canterbury City Council councillor Michael Hawatt, a fellow Liberal, on behalf of Chinese “friends” with “mega money”.  His Chinese friends being at China based property developer ‘Country Garden’ based in the Chinese middle kingdom of Guangdong.   Recall in 2016 NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird unilaterally forcibly amalgamated Canterbury City Council with adjoining Arab Islamic Bankstown to create the first Islamic caliphate in Australia.

A ‘Chinese Garden’ impost on historic Lambing Flat, site of the famous Digger Uprising of 1861, and it’s a bad taste eyesore!


Maguire was trying to help them get established in Australia – as many as 30 development-approved properties.  But Maguire only admitted that because he got caught.

Cut-throat Yang Guoqiang, Cantonese billionaire gangster and autocrat of his ‘Country Garden’ corporate empire

Chinese Country Garden has been greedy in Australia’s residential house-and-land market, last year spending a record-breaking $400 million to acquire a 363-hectare site in Melbourne’s west, and many other Australian investment properties.  The Property Council of Australia calls it “bullish”.  We call it greedy and wrong.  And this is Yang Guoqiang’s property development project manager Kai Shang (below).

“We take hard rine”

ICAC is investigating claims of improper conduct at the former Canterbury City Council, particularly the actions of two councillors, Liberal Michael Hawatt and Labor Pierre Azzi – LibLabs colluding in Chinese property developer corruption.   ICAC on July 13 2018 revealed its secret investigative video tapes from May 2016 exposing Maguire’s bribing of Hawatt and others abusing their political influence to exploit property deals in Sydney’s ethnic Canterbury for Chinese developer Country Garden.

Liberal Party Islamic Recruiting agent for Lakemba, Michael Hawatt


Hawatt is a trusted Liberal mole in Sydney’s Arab ethnic immigrant enclave since 2006, fronting as then Canterbury City councilor from 1995, then board member with Multicultural Aged Care Inc.from 2006.

Hawatt was headhunted and recruited by the Liberal Hard Right because of his established local influence in Sydney’s ethnic islamic hotspot of Lakemba as a technical accountant-come-mortgage-broker.  Hawatt wormed his way up to being president of ethnic local soccer club Lakemba SEC in Australia’s unofficial Muslim capital for the Liberal Party and became a powerful general manager, known as “The King of Canterbury”.

He continues to be the go to intelligence operative for a number of Liberal election campaigns in this Islamic enclave at all Federal, State and Local elections. Hawatt’s islamic connections have made him rich so expanding his business to include foreign trade to and from the Arab World.

Ethnic Pierre Azzi

Read About the ICAC Inquiry

Before the damning tapes were played, Maguire had told the ICAC corruption inquiry that he’d never done any business with Hawatt and couldn’t recall much from their “occasional” meetings. But the inquiry soon heard him telling Hawatt he had a client with “mega money” who would be interested in a Canterbury site approved for a massive high-rise of 300 Third World rat-swinging flats.

Maguire had approached Hawatt about what “margin” he could get reap by using his political influence to muscle through a “quick sale” with state DA approval worth $50 odd million.  Maguire’s MP calculated his political muscle rate should be 3% of $50 million, which translates to a $1,500,000 kickback.

Maguire had earlier told ICAC that he was best mates with Hawatt since about 2008, when Hawatt ran as the Liberal candidate for the islamo-centric seat of Lakemba.

ICAC has labelled Maguire an agent for Chinese Country Garden and Maguire has conceded that he has had “certainly sought to assist” them in purchasing sites in Australia and was “great friends” with the company’s Chinese managing director Guotao Hu, a Cantonese.

Maguire with Guotao Hu, before yum cha at Marigold Citymark in Sydney’s nearby Chinatown

In another recording, Maguire said he had asked the local government minister’s office to put forward Hawatt on the new Canterbury-Bankstown advisory council.  According to evidence presented to ICAC by Sydney developer Charbel Demian (a Greek-Lebanese agent for da Chinese developers), Maguire in fact held multiple meetings with Guotao Hu (over pork special fried rice) while facilitating the interests of potential Chinese investors.   Contact between the developer, Charbel Demian (‘Shanghai Charlie’) of Demian Developments Pty Ltd in ethnic Parramatta, and Maguire was organised by former Canterbury Liberal councillor Michael Hawatt.

Daryl Maguire (left) with Charbel Demian, (second from left with back to camera), an unknown male referred to as Ron (white shirt) and Michael Hawatt (right, back to camera) at an asian café in Sydney   (Photo by ICAC operative)


Charbel Demian fessed up to the ICAC corruption inquiry that he went on to have multiple wonton, yum cha and special fried rice luncheons with Hawatt and Maguire.  Demian provided a list of potential development sites to Hawatt, who in turn passed them on to Maguire. The list included thousands of potential dwellings in Sydney ethnic growth suburbs such as Canterbury, Parramatta, Camellia and Waitara.

ICAC tape of Hawatt text to Charbel Demian in May 2016:

“Just got a call from an MP friend of mine (Maguire) who is well-connected in China (think Yang Guoqiang).  He has a mega rich company (Country Garden) who are seriously looking to buy 30 DA sites…. I told him about your sites including Canterbury Road. I said 160 plus per site. He (Maguire) is keen to talk about this and any other site you want to sell. They are keen, ready and cashed up.  


“If he’s going to give you 1.5%, that’s not enough.  1.5 % isn’t enough divided by two if you know what I’m talking about.  3% commission is much better.  My client is mega big, OK! (Yang Guoqiang). He’s got mega money and wants two or three DA approved projects right now, today!”

How corrupt property development works with politicians…

Gotcha Greedy Leb!


The ICAC has heard that the former Canterbury council was fully corrupted by dodgy high-rise development approvals.  In 2014, Liberal councillor Michael Hawatt with Labor councillor Pierre Azzi bullied and blackmailed the council general manager, Jim Montague, to recruit their preferred mate Spiro Stavis (image below) to be director of city planning.   Montague was told by the corrupt LibLab councillors “fix this up, appoint Mr Stavis or you can go“.  So Montague appointed Stavis admitting “I’ve been able to resolve the situation by giving the councillors what they wanted“.  He said to staff at another meeting: “Whatever these guys want you give them.

Blind eyed Spiro can push any DA through

This way Charbel Demian got all the high-rise he wanted in Canterbury for his Chinese mates Guotao Hu and kingpin Yang Guoqiang up in the middle kingdom.  As much Chinese ugliness as you can poke a stick at.


Wait for the Chinese laundry covering the balconies!


Canterbury’s residential amenity used to look like this – mainly federation housing, until the Chinese bribes rolled in

We warned you about these traitors to da Chinese

Back in February 2017, Australia First Party on our national website cautioned voters in the NSW Riverina about Daryl Maguire’s smelly corrupt dealings with Chinese developers bribing their way into Australia.  We pledged our role to pot-hole China’s One Belt One Road scheme in Australia and to thwart the selfish agenda of such Riverina traitors.

Wagga Wagga: the ‘buttered’ cat is out of the bag !

In 2014, Gnats MP for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson, co-opted Maguire to signing a major Chinese export deal for export agribusiness Currabubula Station to provide beef exports via Jimmy Liu’s United World Enterprises in Kingsgrove Sydney over to Shanghai Haiquan Group and invited old Chinese to live and die in a proposed purpose built aged-care nursing home outside Tamworth.


Back in 2016, we exposed corrupt Liberal Daryl Maguire with Liberal shonks Wagga Mayor Greg Conkey and Wagga Council General Manager Alan Eldridge.  They were then all landing buttered side up over their fast-tracked Chinese G8way International planned Trade Centre outside Wagga.

Curious too, that LibLab Barry O’Farrell, Steve Bracks, Andrew Robb and Nick Cleary were involved in Chinese real estate deals and the development of eight China Cities, disguised as a fast train project between Sydney and Melbourne. The Property Council of Australia previously warned the federal government not to make foreign investment the “boogie man” because it has the effect of increasing housing supply for locals.

We cautioned about the Lib-Lab-Chinese developer rorting scam years ago.  We warned voters that Daryl Maguire must not be the fall guy for the entire Landed Gentry gang, those ‘good ‘ole boys’ in the cloisters who intend to hold onto ill-gotten gains.

The Riverina has become a corrupted cesspit of Chinese imperialist activity.

From a ‘Friendship Gate’ in Narrandera, to the Very Fast Train project (with its eight giant cities), to the likely purchase of Narrandera airport to facilitate exports (now under lease arrangements) to the cherry industry takeover in Young and the revitalised rail freight line to carry China exports and much more, Riverina is being reduced to a colonised province.

Maguire represents in our estimation the personification of the traitor class.  Maguire was entrusted as a Justice of the Peace and NSW Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Counter Terrorism, Corrections and Veterans, and the Centenary of ANZAC.

Trust Maguire with counter terrorism?

Maguire partakes in Chinese Propaganda about Tibet annexation

Maguire told ICAC he was first approached by Chinese property developer Country Garden for help with “opportunities” at an event held by a Chinese charitable organisation, adding, “Whenever you went to a function there were always conversations.”  He cited to ICAC the example of the Eyes on China programme, which was run by the Australia Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC).

The ACPPRC has been embroiled in the debate over Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia and is believed to be a United Front body. Maguire was an advisor to the ACPPRC, and as chairman of the NSW Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship Group, appeared to become a link to the NSW Parliament for United Front, a powerful Chinese Communist Party organisation that oversees minority religions and tries to harness support among overseas Chinese.

On May 30, 2013, Maguire hosted a press conference inside NSW Parliament for a visiting United Front Work Department official, Wang Pijun, to promote a propaganda exhibition of paintings about Tibet.  Wang was the director of the United Front information centre from 2009 to 2017.

Wang was responsible for briefing foreign military attaches in Beijing on the March 2008 riots in Lhasa, which he blamed on the Dalai Lama, according to Xinhua.  Wang later masterminded a 100-episode television series about Tibet directed at foreigners, that was screened at the 2013 exhibition. He told China Tibet Online, of which he was a director, that foreigners had deep-rooted prejudice on the Tibet issue.

Maguire launched the Beauty of Tibet exhibition a day later at Darling Harbour, a fortnight before the Dalai Lama was due to hold an event at Darling Harbour. The Chinese exhibition upset Tibetan exiles living in Australia.  Maguire’s support for the exhibition was covered by media outlets in China, after he gave an interview to People’s Daily saying “I believe the paintings and photos will surely help Australians to have a quick understanding of Tibetan culture.”

Lin Jun, the chairman of the All China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and a prominent figure in China’s push to harness the ethnic Chinese diaspora, also travelled to Australia to speak at the 2013 exhibition opening and urged Australians to see the “real Tibet” not the “hearsay Tibet”.  In 2013, Maguire travelled to Qinghai, a Tibetan area in China, as part of the Eyes on China programme, Chinese funded of course.

Chinese Dream for downtown Wagga

How’s this quoted extract from Daryl Maguire’s inaugural speech to the NSW Legislative Assembly in Sydney, June 23, 1999:

“I come to this place as a very humble servant of the people who is committed to representation in a most productive and positive manner. I come to this place from very humble beginnings and, some may say, against all odds – the son of a stockman/drover who could be described as a true outback Australian; the son of a man, widowed at a very early age, who could barely write his name but who ensured that my sister and I received an education no matter how far the distance or how difficult the troubles he faced to get us to and keep us at school. We would travel 100 miles, rain, hail or shine, on dirt and muddy roads, a situation that still faces many rural children. Dad faced many hurdles in his life, but he always did his best for us. He taught us values: to be honest, have respect, work hard and be tenacious – to never give up! He taught us that your word is your bond and you must earn people’s trust.”

…The McClures, Seimers, Trennerys, McPhersons and Robertsons have always stood beside me. I am a product of their care and genuine interest for the kid from the bush. In closing, there is much more that can be said. But there is certainly much more work to be done for the electorate. My door will always be open to all people of the electorate, no matter what their status in life, social background or political persuasion. I am your messenger in this place – energetic, focused and determined. I have been taught to be honest, have respect, work hard, be tenacious, and never give up. I have been taught that one’s word is one’s bond and that I must earn people’s trust. It is with these ideals that I come to this place. Those are the ideals I will apply.”

Yeah, yeah.

Spoils of Office

Daryl Maguire is just part of the business-as-usual property corruption of the Lib-Lab landed gentry gangs – those ‘good ‘ole boys’ in the cloisters who intend to hold onto ill-gotten gains.

Dazza has been riding tigers with his gentry mates and it has been addictive. He has grassed and we have no doubt he is now under close police protection.  Since 1999 Dazza the buttered cat has landed on his feet. Twenty years hence his treachery has caught up with him.

Even if traitor Maguire resigns, for the next nine months he’s set to receive his taxpayer $165,000 yearly backbencher’s salary and then $80,000 taxpayer superannuation annuity annually for the rest of his life.

The role of Australia First Party in continuing the fight will be pivotal to damaging the interests of Riverina traitors. It will become another veritable pot-hole for the One Belt One Road scheme of China.