Addiction media JUNKEE teams up with lefties GetUp n Work, Union Thugs Inc. and da Anarcho-Greenies

Millennial music marketing channel JUNKEE has revealed itself as another leftist front dishing out anti-Australian globalist propaganda.

Its so-called ‘pop culture’ is in fact a collaboration between George Soros’s funded left activist lobby group GetUp n Work, da Anarcho-Greenies , various overdosed and defunct commo outfits like Socialist Alliance/Alternative/Party hard, and mega unionism like the ACTUCFMEU-MUA and their uni recruiting branch – the National Union of Student thugs and various dumpster-feed hangers-on.

JUNKEE’s music hub is just a front to lure its targeted voter demographic, naive university students, especially the hordes of foreign ones in Australia on false pretenses and shit scared of being caught by Immigration.

What started out as Sound Alliance, a copycat of a UK-based stage performance engineering firm of the same name, Junkee Media is just a website which admits is a smart online lobby outfit to sway young minds to globalism, typically using satire.

It networks with student unions across Australian university campuses (via Uni JUNKEE) and relies on selected advertising from organisations such as Apple and QANTAS Gay Class, which are keen to promote their products to this demographic.

Cocaine is it!..again…finally!

The leftist propaganda peddled on its website is not limited to:

  • Supporting Greens-Labor policy
  • Supporting people smuggling and returning the boats
  • Having no immigration minister and no borders
  • Legalising marijuana and narcotics
  • Allowing recreational drugs at music festivals
  • Banning sniffer dogs at music festivals, to make sure
  • Euthanasia, if the drugs don’t kill you
  • Feminazi quotas like 50% Hannah Gadsbys on every company board
  • Promoting orifice diversity under rainbow flags, golliwog adoption and teen voting and marriage
  • Denigrating all Australian White males as sexist racists
  • Banning non-Vegan food, Barbie (and Ken – cos he’s not a fat black Hannah Gadsby)
  • Abolishing Australia Day on 26th January
  • Warping history to accuse ANZACs of genocide in the classroom
  • Copying the ABC/SBS in blind hate of anything Trump
  • Excusing Sudanese gang riots and home invasions
  • Dumpster bingeing
  • Trade union globalist agendas, especially the do-gooding karma of employing foreign scabs
  • Pure welfarism – free everything!


“Uni Students, we know what you need to think, else we’ll hatefully Barry Spur witch hunt you into oblivion and suicide.”

Three Junkee Monkees: Tim Duggan, Neil Ackland and Tony Faure