What do The Greens Stand For?

So what do the feral Greens stand for?….a Zombie Australia.


  • Neo-Communism,
  • Carbon Alarmism,
  • Welfarism,
  • Progressive Bankruptcy,
  • Sexual Deviance,
  • Third World Aliens,
  • Deculturalizing White Australia,
  • Decriminalizing Narcotics,
  • Assisted-Suicide,
  • now Camel Gollies.


Greens Golly Nicky MinusGreens camel bum Nicky Minus last Tuesday night in Sydney’s Petersham – why protest when you can golly spit?


Greens Golly Attack

Last Tuesday night May 24, 2016, The Greens despatched their ferals to spit in the face of Inner West Council administrator Richard Pearson.

Hate feral protest was to be anticipated in this rather over-serviced and over-infrastructured exclusive inner West Sydney.  Hyperconvenient Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield have blossomed for the buy-in elites – the have-everything class, dominated by retired senior public servants finding too much time on their hands and so interfere. Since school they have lived on the taxpayer teat and no nothing outside Marxism.  They are otherwise known simply as ‘The Greens’.

So last Tuesday was the first merged council administration meeting called since the Liberal Baird government sacked Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield councils a week ago.

Protesting against undemocratic forced council sackings and amalgamations is one thing, but The Greens call ring in dumpster ferals at short notice.

The general public were let into the new meeting.  Once inside, then they vented their anger at the merger and new WestConnex motorway, and jeered loudly as Mr Pearson attempted to read the Welcome to Country.   Suddenly, Greens member and former UTS Arts student Nicky Minus (aged 26 going on 6), she pranced, positioned close, mouthed up a camel oyster golly and thwacked it hard, landing a direct hit on the face of Pearson.

Bush Oyster Bulls-eye!

Greens Protest Golly Girl

No Lone Wolf Golly

It happened so quickly.   It was premeditated and targeted criminal assault. The Greens had specially tendered out the hit and recruited a big radicalised feral from the local area via social media.  The screening process took place in inner west Sydney at Jamie Parker’s Balmain electoral office, up the back and out of sight.

Days went into training, which could be seen from the positioning and tilting back of the head to 45 degrees to achieve maximum parabolic trajectory, with good golly and practised tongue thwack despatch.

Greens Golly Watch:


And it happened amid disgraceful scenes whipped up by Greens and Labor politicians, egged on by NSW Greens MP Jamie Parker.

Greens Jamie Parker man boobsGreens man boobs deviant, Jamie Parker


Then came the assault by Greens hipster and nearby Dulwich Hill resident, one James McCallum, all recorded on video and now viral across the Internet. The Knitting Nannas were there.  The place got vocal.  the police riot squad had to be called to subdue the Green feral saboteurs.

Greens James McCallumGreens hipster James McCallum, wanted for assault

A dignified Mr Pearson said he would not press charges against Ms Minus for spitting.  We would have, and thrown the book at the scum.

Golly is Leftist protest modus operandi.  The Greens have serial golly form.

Greens Progress

Consider only month prior on April 9 at nearby Victoria Park in Camperdown, imported Senator Jenny Leong of The Greens staged a ‘Pro Pot Protest’ dubbed a 420 Picnic. ‘420’ (pronounced four-twenty) is New South Wales Police code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis. During the protest, feral pot smoking protesters spat at police and sniffer dogs and were detained for assault.

On April 4, 2015 at a large anti-Islam protest in Federation Square in Melbourne, violent extreme lefties rocked up with The Greens and spat at Aussie patriots and tossed horse shit at police.  The spit fest was co-ordinated by feral queen Mel Gregson.  She is of the now defunct Socialist Party who earlier this year all dummy spat and resigned.

Back on July 1, 2012 in Sydney’s Wahroonga, The Greens led on by Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann, hurled abuse and her feral ring-ins spat at members of the Shooters and Fishers Party speakers during an anti-hunting rally. At the time, Shooters and Fishers leader stated, “No one should be surprised by the actions of Greens and their supporters,” Mr Borsak said. “When it comes to violence, it’s Green-necks like these people who are the real threat to public debate and decency.”

Oh it was planned and co-ordinated alright – a jihadi golly!

It turns out that the Greens spittoon feral, Nicky Minus, is a lesbian, bondage porn magazine graphic cartoonist who spends much of her time obsessing over “sexual, violent” imagery.  Her graphics remain childish. “Content wise, I like making stuff about myself,” she admits.

Nicky Minus artist

Her perverted publications suggest drug influences and include titles like ‘Moderate Torture’, ‘Beast Friends’, ‘Jerks’, ‘Running on Cargo’, ‘Body Shames’, and ‘Sexual Shames’ to name a few.  She has a psychotic hangup about sex, acne, body image and fantasy vaginas in armpits.

Her work:

Nicky Minus shameShe has also rumoured to have a bestiality fascination with camels.  They call it ‘experimenting’.  One image she has produced, the title of which is too graphic to print, shows men and women in an orgy (see below).

As a member of The Greens, who joined when she was at the University of Technology Sydney doing good drugs, she has since been considered for a Greens nomination.

Vote Greens in the Senate

Minus-a-Brain‘ reveals her mucky comics have led some to call her the “queen of seed” and that a printer once refused to print her work because it was too obscene…

Greens PolicyNicky Minus Cartoons Nicky Minus:  “Attract minion men with three times as much vagina stench

(Sample extract from one of Golly Girl’s comics published by The Lifted Brow)

She’s definitely Greens Senate material.

They call it ‘experimental nonfiction’, which is what the Greens are all about.  Experimental social re-engineering – what happens if we turn off the lights nationally and teach sodomy in primary schools?  Lifted Brow’s editor and ‘submission manager’, Ellena Savage, has tweeted: “..we stand one-hundred-and-fifty-bajillion percent beside and behind Nicky Minus..nicky minus is a national treasure”.  (Try National Golly!)

Ellena Savage, editor of The Lifted BrowEllena Savage, more Greens deviance

Not surprisingly, The Lifted Brow is a dodgy Leftist student front for deviants, intended to shock readers.  It is based in Leftie heaven holed up at RMIT university in Melbourne, and has links to Indie Media run by anarchists.

Not surprisingly, The Lifted Brow lives of the taxpayer teat, funded by the following:

The Lifted Brow

The Greens Golly Girl has since been charged with offensive conduct by police.  The maximum penalty for offensive behaviour in NSW is three months’ imprisonment.  Minus will face Newtown Local Court on June 16.   Gollies anyone?  She’ll be donning a bag over her head at the ready.

So out of the gutter into the trash limelight, Greens Golly Girl is now on the permanent public record and soon with a criminal record.  Strangely, since her Green Golly attack went viral (green phlegm is a sign of respiratory infection), she appears to have deleted her social media accounts on Wednesday and has not responded to the media for comment.

Nicky Minus camel devianceWe hear the hairy ranga is into weird Bactrian sex


And Greens MP for nearby Newtown, Jenny Leong (not her real chinese name), cheered the chaos, posting on Facebook:

Amazing effort — the campaign for local democracy and to stop Westconnex will continue.”

Jenny Leong inbred with a tomatoJenny (real Ching name ‘Pinyin’) Leong, a chinese inbred with tomatoes?


Local Government Minister Paul Toole described the “Greens-led” protests as “nothing short of repulsive and disgusting”.

The Greens since Milne and Brown were put out to tree hugging pasture in Tassie, have under Leftist leader Richard Di Natale, not just steering the party extreme left, but embracing da feral element, da deviants, da violent anarchists, da black bloc thugs and da disaffected youth gangs into their red star revulooshunry modus operandi.

The Australian Greens demographic

They all carry little red books for bondage and horse shit to throw at police.

The Greens are venturing beyond chaining and locking to machinery on to vandalism, criminal damage and assault.

Greens are losing voters as their extreme treacherous agenda is exposed.

Cosmos guru Bob Brown did proclaim that “The future will either be green or not at all.”  But he also promised, “I’m a very great non-violent character. I would never resort to violence to change anything.”

But now Di Natali’s Sicilian mafiosi methods have kicked in.  Bugger the noble Tassie idealism; Di Natale is a born again zealot in a hurry for power and his New Greens are now Extreme Neo-Communists and deploy new Orwellian tactics – control and intimidation.


Think Zombies

Vote 1 The Greens

Greens are not concerned with the consequences of their ideologies, policies, laws – adverse or unintended.  They have an imagined unquestionable Carbon Social Justice Global Emperor with New Clothes and they evangelise he must be the truth, the light and the way.

The Greens have become a loony and dangerous cult.  Through stealth the Left-wing academics and teachers unions have taken over the national curriculum.  Instead of focusing on teaching literacy and numeracy, the 699 page Australian Curriculum stresses concepts such as “creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action” and “how to promote awareness about how people can reduce their impact on the environment”.

The Greens’ policies would have catastrophic, unintended consequences for this country, perverting Australia’s culture, trying to re-write history to teach shame on White Australians for First World colonialisation.  Yet in Green dogma, sustainability has more to do with a drastic reduction in the earth’s population, redistribution of wealth and the winding back of industrialisation.

Once Were Greens are now Extreme Leftists.

Greens for CanberraVote us into Parliament, and we will unleash the zombies

The Greens Golly Girl has gone into hiding, probably up a tree.

The Australian Greens Golly

And dreaming about camels and deviance.

Nicky Minus