China-flu Brings Mass Unemployment & Divides Australia

Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, the contingencies the Morrison government have taken to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 so far have seemed a bit like a phoney war. That was until today with images of tens of thousands of Australians queuing up outside of Centrelink offices, many for the first time in their lives.

These are the collateral damage created by the emergency measures, which includes shutting down pubs, clubs, gyms and restaurants indefinitely.

This move, hitting Australians hard, should bite overseas students and others working illegally even harder; so, every cloud has a silver lining. Special arrangements for newly unemployed have been made with a promise of fast-tracked payments which were to be higher than the rate currently on offer to former Newstart recipients (now called JobSeeker payments). Although, the previously unemployed will receive an added bonus of $550:00 a fortnight for six months on top of the one-off $750 stimulus payment.

Small business is also covered in the rescue package, coming with a range of payments, exemptions, and concessions. All this while the ASX sheds billions and keeps plummeting like a potholer down a bottomless pit.

The Centrelink at Darlo in NSW gets a better class of dole bludger

In a confusing signal, parents are being urged to keep their children home from school, but schools will remain open. Beaches were closed in NSW after the young and stupid flocked to Bondi Beach and other swimming spots against both health warnings and common sense.

We are yet to see what draconian measures the government will take, such as locking down suburbs and having soldiers in hazmat suits patrolling the streets ready to shoot any infected zombie that tries slithering out of their home.

The Andrews’ government in Victoria, which is aching to get the pandemic over with so that they can resume trade with China and unleash a whole new contagion, have already set up a special force of 500 officers to check on self-isolaters. Other states will likely introduce similar responses, with some wanting exemptions, depending on how badly new regulations will affect them.

As is typical with a market economy, the elites are more concerned with the economic impact of the pandemic than the human toll. After all, it’s always in the best interests of society to swat off a few flies and free up some oxygen. This concern with the financial toll is perhaps why it took the government so long to change the travel restrictions from people entering from China, South Korea and Iran, to a blanket ban on non-citizens and residents etc.

Wilder yet, the states are closing their borders! Queensland today joined South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia in shutting themselves off from the rest of the country. We are literally a country divided. Anyone entering from interstate will have to ‘self-isolate’ (shouldn’t that just be ‘isolate’?) for 14 days. For most interstate travellers, their journey only lasts about that long anyway, so what would be the point, eh?

In fact, the message to the Australian community is to self-isolate as much as possible but keep spending money. Obviously, they won’t be spending their Centrelink handouts at the pub, a restaurant (unless it’s takeaway) or the gym. This should be of great irritation to poker machine addicts because, let’s face it, who can afford to drink at a pub these days anyway? Alcohol tax killed the Aussie pub long ago and only problem gamblers are keeping them afloat.

And, while we’re about it, this sudden crash in fortunes from Australia’s selective prosperity will be an experience that the ‘snobs-in-jobs’ has had coming for a long time. Those wankers who’ve ‘always worked and never taken a handout’ are about to find out what life is like for all those ‘dole-bludgers’ that they’ve made a sport of kicking about for so long. In fact, the very term will have little resonance from now on.

Another feature of this crisis is that it’s driving xenophobia quite satisfactorily. The typical Aussie battler is becoming loud about the Chinese and is sounding increasingly nationalistic. Moreover, among the Morrison government’s strategies to deal with the pandemic crisis is to nationalise certain companies to keep them from going under.

So, we’ve got airports closing, community welfare, nationalisation of companies — we may well be on the way to a nationalist renewal!

Then again, we might just be tripping into a bigger police state than we’re already living in. We learned from 9/11 that freedoms confiscated are never returned; powers granted to the government-held onto at all costs. This is half the reason why that bald a******e Mike Burgess, head of ASIO, has been mouthing off about the ‘threat’ of ‘right-wing’ groups. It’s pure justification to increase his own budget and maintain the government’s level of control. Frankly, the department should be split in half, with most of the ‘spies’ being sent to hospitals to clean bedpans.

It is hard to see around the corner into the future to try and guess what life is about to become like for the next six months. What happens when the government handouts dry up, and the stimulus has failed to reinvigorate the economy?

But, more importantly, as dunny paper disappears from the shelves despite chatty media reports about panic buying slowing, what will happen when food shortages become normal? Will Australians maintain their dignity in adversity like the solid Aussies of the war years, or will they react like chimps at a zoo? We can be sure that the majority of non-white migrants will. They’ve been at the forefront of hoarding bog wrap, food, and pushing ahead at supermarket queues.

Again, we use the phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ because what we are living through, as hard as it might be, is the death of globalisation. The globalists have lost with the reality check of the worst pandemic in a long year.

From now on, the Soros dream of smashing borders is over, and into the bargain German chancellor, Angela Merkel has caught the coronavirus which is poetic justice if ever there was.

Never forget, this is the China Flu. It was born and bred in China, and its spread was made possible by a lying, deceitful communist regime who are quietly pleased with its impact globally. Right now, they’re trying to create a myth around America having clandestinely manufactured the virus and planted it in China. This is while they build a narrative around having taken the lead in controlling the spread of their own manky germ.

Meanwhile, they have reacted with hurt and anger at travel bans imposed on them. The Chinese feel they should be free to spread this ‘American-made’ virus anywhere in the world they please. They have already blasted restrictions on Chinese travellers as ‘racist’ and have wagged their finger at the west. They are masters at breaking the glass in front of everybody then angrily denying it was them who broke it.

Nevertheless, let us be prepared to seize the day, fellow nationalists. The system is collapsing, somewhat dramatically, and the time to act may come sooner than any of us thought.

A nation on Centrelink