LibLabs ignore ordinary Australians

So when is Australia’s society to be blessed with moral wealth? The promise of ‘economic growth’ is like Lasseter’s gold? Who benefits from ‘getting ahead’?

Are we experiencing the undoing of the recently aspired goal of the Triple Bottom Line to a withdrawal back to human primitive desperate survival instinct of ‘self’?

Liberal/Labor (aka ‘Lib/Lab’) is one ideology with a growth fettish.  It is all about spinning to perpetuate the self of those privileged, oblivious to most Australians right to a fair share and a safety net. LibLab are equally morally deprived to leave charities to pick up the can; to be sure they are seen to be seen casting a few coins to these charities before the cameras.

The Liberal faction panders to corporate vested interests.  The Labor faction panders to foreigners.  Meantime, ordinary Australians are taken for granted and treated as mugs by both factions.

Boom and bust economic cycles are after hundreds of years still out of control. Business is allowed to cast its workers quickly to the scrap heap with no moral duty of care. Banks are allowed to set their own rules.

Economic dogma has delivered a chronic social plague just to enrich a few corporates. This is corporate aristocracy. Those that are not its victim like our aristocratic gated community we call ‘Government’ peddle its ideal ignoring growing shameful social costs and deprivations.

Celebrating the Top 500 Rich List by BRW Magazine every year is a snub to those that got them there.

Australia has fulfilled a class culture reminiscent of industrial England that it originally sought to distance itself from.

LibLab governments have failed Australians and continue to do so.