Chinese Bing Ree insipid race contamination

Foreign SBS TV propaganda currently shows Chinese owned globalist retailer Bing Lee advertising mixed races in bed fornicating..during family viewing time!

Yenda Lee:  “Along with my son Lionel and a wonderful team of dedicated Chinese, we continue to run Bing Lee as a Chinese family business.”

..avoiding tax out of exclusive Seaforth for years.  We only employ fellow Chinese: “birds of feather..and all that.

According to the Australian Tax Office website, in 2016 Bing Lee earned $325 million yet declared tax payable income of just half a million, so paid less than 1% tax.


In the prior year, Bing Lee earned $325 million, yet declared taxable income of just $2 million, and so paid less than 1% tax, again according to the Australian Tax Office website.


Yet Australia’s company income tax rate is supposed to be 28.5%.  What a joke.

Turncoat’s trumpeted company tax cut lure is a furphy – big companies don’t pay 28% tax, nor his future fantasy of 25%.  Try on average less than 10%.  Check the ATO’s Corporate Tax Transparency.

No wonder the Lee’s are rolling in it.

Wanna see da Ching mansion!



Ordinary Australians are best to be paid in cash and follow suit.