No such thing as a ‘Chinese-Australian’

Liberal Hard Right fake graffiti at West Ryde railway station May 28, 2018.

It’s part of a LibLab Brownshirt campaign across Sydney’s Chinese ethnic enclave of Bennelong to intimidate White Australians out of their ancestral family homes to make the yellow peril saturation complete.  Why?  Treacherous LibLabs appeal to property developers who secretly fund both Liberals and Labor alike and make squillions from converting Aussie homes into Chinese high rise.

Treacherous Libs just like Labor are corrupted and addicted to foreign yuan for party funding, bribing property development and for foreign votes – all to desperately hold onto or grab political power.

Canberra’s treacherous and unrelenting imposed mass immigration of Third World swarthy like the Arabs, Africans and Chinese have secured the demographic phenomenon – ‘White Flight‘.   The ethnic hordes muscle in in their numbers, buying up homes and shops, imposing no-go Chinatowns, scabbing Aussie jobs, replacing the removing Australian signage with foreign jibber, unleash their crime, hate, and fuel ICE addiction amongst our youth.

So steadily generations of traditional Australian families don’t recognise their neighbourhoods any more.  Under the intimidation thousands of Aussie have had enough to sell up from urban Australia and move bush to where their own kind cluster in fear.   It’s Canberra Apartheid inflicted upon our capital cities just like in old White South Africa, but in reverse, just like now Blackened South Africa.

Chinese are not Australian and never will be.  Chinese are Chinese, and Australian are Australians.  They have ridiculous names like Triad boss Qi Guang Guo, Yang Hengjun, Ying-Yen Wong, Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow – each contrived from ping pong balls out of a lotto barrel.

Swarthy mongrels with mixed and confused loyalties are a contaminating plague of rampant globalism hat undermines our national integrity and cultural fabric. The LibLab globalists in Canberra full-well know it.

Chinese since Mak Sai Ying stowawayed from Canton to Sydney Cove in 1818, have invaded our young White First World civilization of the great south land and undermined our culture and stolen our wealth.  White Australians were never asked if we wanted their Third World kind here.  Recurring Digger Uprisings against this yellow peril have proven that Australians don’t want the contaminating and corrupted criminals here.

They spy on us, they steal our ideas, trade in child porn, they buy up Australian businesses and sack Aussies in favour of their own.  They destroy our country.  Dodgy Third World Taiwanese container ship ‘YM Efficiency‘ loses 80 containers off the New South Wales coastline on May 31, 2018.  YM Efficiency motto – work harder, work harder, running late!

Why do we trade with the bastards. Made in China means substandard crap dumped on our shores.

Nearly narcotics in Australia come from China.  They attack us with organised Triad crime gangs, drug importation and distribution, illegal gambling, illegal prostitution, extortion, immigration malpractice, bribing politicians, money laundering, credit card fraud, phone scams, you name it.  On March 26, Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang raped a woman in Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel.

And what could be worse than copping a gob of garlic breath from noodle slurping Chinese compressed on morning peak trains?

As our capital cities are becoming fully-swarthied, smart Aussies are escaping to the country to be amongst their decent own

Chinese need to be banned from entry forthwith and those here rounded up and deported back to China.

Their ownership of Australian property, assets, commerce and wealth to be sold to Australians within two years or made null and void and forcible acquired by the Australian Public Government.

Be in no doubt that upon the natural restoration of traditional Australian under nationalists, our forefathers White Australia Policy and the defensive Immigration Restriction Act 1901 will be restored and beefed up.  It controlled immigration to Australia and excluded all non-Europeans from Australia.


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