Avoid Tax! Julie Bishop has just gifted $320 million to Negros to study in place of Aussies

It’s more Canberran treachery – plunderous larceny.   Liberal self-construed aristocratic Julie Bishop yet again has been caught defrauding Australian taxpayers of millions.

This time she’s secretly gifted $320 million (not her own money) to corrupted African politicians at the behest of the United Nations so they may obtain fake degrees in Australian universities.

Since 2011, Australia has provided more than 4,800 Australia Awards to applicants from 51 African countries.  Meanwhile in Australia, our cash-starved universities invite foreign full-fee paying students to queue jump into courses ahead of Aussies, despite having much lower entry scores and pidgin Engrish at best.

Bishop’s misappropriated millions include funding the Negro politicians multiple return flights, plush accommodation, texts, laptop and software, personal tuition, English language classes, living away from home allowances, credit card accounts for whatever, term break flights, travel insurance, Medicare access, the aristocratic package!

Unmarried elite singles luxuriating on Australian taxpayers’ expense

African Welfarism is Culturally Systemic

There is an aged-old capitalist proverb ‘Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime‘.  Well of course it’s simplistic, leaving a simpleton audience spellbound and all googly-eyed.

But in reality, it relies on the proverbial man actually wanting to fish in the first place.  When it comes to Third World culture over generations having been operantly conditioned into dependency upon First World colonial masters, that if one’s used to being given fish, what is the incentive to try fishing, even if given a rod, bait and shown where the fish swim?

Across the African continent, each country has been a First World colony or similarly occupied at one time.  Since 1945, the ideological New World Order of the United Nations has proclaimed that “freely expressed self-determination is an unalienable right”.  So the African colonies got transitioned to various legal independencies – from Ghana in 1957 to Eritrea in 1993.  Yet the economic dependency just shifted from their colonial masters to a paternalistic UN collective, commanding First World wealth redistribution.

With the 194 member United Nations comprising 151 Third World countries (some 78%), the Third World directs the First World to keep supplying them fish.  Cash, food, everything flows as First World perpetual charity via the UN Human Rights Council, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Food Programme, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund and various other UN-mandated foreign aid by First World nations like Australia.

They call it humanitarian assistance.  No-one is taught to fish.  No one wants to anyway.  And the result since 1945?  The African population has quadrupled, the humanitarian assistance has quadrupled.


And the poor over-breeding and so starving Africans have been conditioned to expect free fish since 1945.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien barked in March 2017:

“The world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, the United Nations says, issuing a plea for help to avoid “a catastrophe”…more than 20 million people faced the threat of starvation and famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.”

It’s just neo-communist welfarism doing no-one any good.

Best to send condoms, not fish

United Nations still Waiting for Godot

Deny a Third Worlder his free fish, and the UN will despatch his village to your border. Teach a Third Worlder to fish, and he will just breed more, and so insist on more free fish‘.

The UN up-sells Third World nations (like pretty much all of Africa) as ‘developing economies’.   That’s since 1945, over seventy years ago,or two generations ago.  What’s changed with all the charity billions poured in by the First World over the decades?   So much for self-determination.  More like African malaise.

Irish playright Samuel Beckett was on to it in back in 1949 when he scribed his tragicomedy ‘Waiting for Godot’.  Godot never comes.

In the United nations context, developing economies will always be developing and dependent on First World charity.  The ruling elite morphed from nation-state colonial masters to the New World Order masters.  Third World Africa has been kept tribal, passive and ignorant, while the ‘rules based’ New World Order of multinationals plunder its natural resources – diamonds, sugar, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, booty, petroleum and cocoa beans, timber and tropical fruits.

Kenya is a typical case in point.   The former British colony has reverted to Third World tribal status.  Big man President Uhuru Kenyatta overseas systemic poverty, tribalism and corruption and is more than happy to receive UN charity, while spending big on arms to prop his cronies up and massacre his rivals.

So much for the United Nations 2014 Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Platform and ‘Vision 2030’ for Kenya.

Why should Kenya’s civil service lethargic work ethic be motivated to making a fresh start?

In the lead up to the 2017 Kenya election, President Kenyatta promised that Kenyans deserved better from their government, and vowed that his government would live up to the high standards deserving of Kenyans.

General elections were held August 8 2017, and guess who was re-elected with 54% of the vote?  Within no time mega corruption made a huge comeback, lethargy returned to government, people and livestock began dying in a famine again.

So now its Vision 2063 – another vehicle to accumulate perks and riches, under the guise of delivering Kenyans prosperity and justice.

It’s not just Kenya or the 25 most corrupt countries in Africa.  All 54 countries on the Third World continue are afflicted by the UN-lead African malaise.

Neo-Missionary Zeal Feel-Good Taxpayer Charity by Canberra

Turncoat and Bishop haven’t seen Beckett’s play.  Their missionary zeal is blind and complete.  In 2017 they both gifted $6 billion in other people’s money (aka Australian taxpayers) to the starving millions with asking.

In May 2017, Julie Bishop as Australia’s Foreign Minister, announced an additional $19.3 million in humanitarian breeding assistance to the starving hordes in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.

“This new funding will bring our contribution towards the international response to conflict, drought and famine in Africa to approximately $68 million since July 2016.” she gleefully said.

Her motivation, Her Excellency Julie Bishop at the various UN gala events providing her with a lime light to showcase her latest fashion wardrobe wearing Rachel Gilbert, Giorgio Armani and Christian Louboutin.

So Aussies, Avoid Tax!

It’s yet another justification why concerned working Australians would be wise to transact in cash only business, avoid recording their full income, and so avoid tax.  Smart Kerry Packer was always a wake up to treacherous Canberra.

Paying tax only encourages these aristocrats to bleat:  “Australia is a wealthy country and we can afford it.


Ask Senior Australians forcibly evicted from their Wantirna Park caravan homes last January by another imported Chinese millionaire, with local Knox Council’s treacherous collusion


It’s just like Good Debt Scomo is budgeting national debt to a record $700 billion and beyond!

Enough is enough!

Petition to behead Canberra’s Cabinet aristocrats:  https://www.change.org/start-a-petition

  • Keep it short and to the point, focus on the solution, communicate urgency.

DYI kit:

Australians vote time and time again for the Liberal-Gnats or Greens-Labor.

It just sends a message of surrendering more and more Australian wealth and our sovereignty to anti-Australian globalist agendas – billions to the breeding incoming Third World, to greedy multinationals like Adani, to UN climate alarmists in New York, for subsidies to Chinese solar panels and wind turbines.

Yet another reason why Australia should wisely withdraw from the United Nations and the UN’s Agenda 21 – commanding the First World to gift White taxpayer welfare to da breeding Third World leeches.

Of course its takes a non muzzled independent senator, Fraser Anning to represent Australians in Parliament:

“It’s disgraceful, given the dire situation that afflicts many of our own citizens, that millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent in this way, our own citizens should take priority.  However, if we are going to be spending this money on Africans, we should be using it to compensate and bring the white farmers who have had their land stolen by the South African government here”.

Mr Anning also pointed to the Commonwealth Games scandal, involving the absconding of up to 13 negros on sporting visas from the Gold Coast athlete’s village, as another example of why the educational aid program should be scaled back.  Peter Beatie please explain.

“Give us your cash you privileged Whitey”


Australians are best to void paying tax and maintain a serious secret home safe.