Globalist Coalition exposed: Unions-Ethnics-Welfarists-Multinationals all hatefully campaigning for a ‘Big Australia’

The scourge of Kevin ’07 evil Ruddism has resurrected its ugly Big Australia mantra and its a scary anti-Australian 7-headed hydra.

Big business has joined forces with the unions (ACTU) in an unprecedented ‘National Compact on Permanent Migration‘ to back a Big Australia, calling on the federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration at 190,000 year on year (minimum).  It’s to hell with the social consequences – the erosion of our way of life!

They’re all in the globalist bed together:

  1. Da Migration Council of Australia (the instigator)
  2. The Australian Industry Group
  3. Australian Council of Trade Unions
  4. Australian Council of Social Service
  5. Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia
  6. Settlement Council of Australia
  7. Welcome to Australia.


It’s a coalition of peak unions, employer groups and the ethnic lobby will release a united policy document today warning of the economic and social consequences of dropping the annual migration rate.  But it ain’t historic.  It’s the globalists all in bed together.

Aren’t Australian trade unions supposed to represent the rights of Australian workers?

Yet da ACTU is siding with more foreign scab labour, and ironically tomorrow is Karl Marx’s 200th birthday.   Marxism was all about defending the rights of the worker and the class struggle between the working class and the industrial capitalist elite.  But the Left-Wing unions are in bed with the capitalist elite – the Right Wingers. What a joke. No wonder the union movement in Australia has become irrelevant to Australian workers.  The unions have long abandoned them.  The unions only exist these days as a grooming staging post for future Labor apparatchiks to get parachuted into safe Labor seats every bi-election.

United Voice for whom? Perpetual foreign scab labour!


Former Business Council of Australia head and current Migration Council of Australia board member Tony Shepherd said:

“I welcome this compact and congratulate the signatories,” Mr Shepherd said. “Immigration is the cornerstone of our incredible post-war development. It remains vital to our prosperity and security given our ageing and small population.”

“It’s all about me, me, me.”

Ya gotta wonder. Shepherd goes from the Business Council straight to the Migration Council.

FACT CHECK:  It’s a scam compact for cheap foreign scab labour from the two-bit Third World to structurally displace Aussie workers and so erode decent salaries with casualisation.  It cements the end of workplace training, as employers will be able to source skills from overseas and pay less because Third Worlders are so desperate to get into Australia.

“Future prosperity” for whom?  Certainly not Ordinary Australia workers.

It’s anti-Australian propaganda to perpetuate imposed mass immigration is treachery personified:  ethnics invite more ethnics, Third Worlders invite more Third Worlders, Negros invite more negros, faggots invite more faggots.  It’s all birds of a feather prejudice against ordinary White Australians.

Rationale?  Vested interests hate perceived ‘opulent’ First World hosts.

Globalists of da Left, Right and Centre have today initiated a nationwide newspaper campaign representing Big Business, Unions Bosses and Ethnics to impose the ‘Big Australia’ model upon disempowered Ordinary Australians and our way of life

We’ve had a gutful of these invasive powerful self-interests.  We implore patriotic Australians to fight back.

A newspaper report describes it as an “unprecedented compact to back a Big Australia, calling on the Federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration amid calls for the rate to be cut.”

A document issued by this “historic national compact brings together civil society, business and our union movement in shared tripartite commitment to migration as part of Australia’s future,” will serve as a programme to mobilize support for the plan.

These powerful forces “affirm that Australia’s permanent migration program is essential to Australian society and our economy and do not support any reduction to the scheme.”

It is obvious why that the ALP’s tools in the workers’ movement, the ACTU and United Voice, would sign a National Compact on Permanent Migration with the peak employer body, the Australian Industry Group. It is simple: all see immigration as part of their collective power in Australia. They represent those agencies for the marginalisation process of Australians, of small Australian business, of Australian innovative enterprise in the city and on the land and of Australian labour. They represent none of the true productive Australian people. And with their support from the new ethnic lobbies they represent the intruders linked to the outside. An Australia dominated from the outside by globalist economic forces in which certain traitors profit – that is the goal!

Dr. Jim Saleam, president of Australia First Party said today:

This new (globalist) alliance challenges Australia to its cultural core.   As Australia’s nationalist party, Australia First Party holds fast our three-tier method to overcome:

  1. Electoral participation
  2. Community and street level activism
  3. Ideological growth and cultural defence

Irrespective of various perspectives postured, today’s threat to Australia by united globalists of their threat of “Permanent Mass Immigration Impost” – a million every 4 years! – is clearly paramount to the immediate defence of Australian sovereignty.  We implore Australian nationalists to recognise and appreciate the seriousness of this united globalist threat to Australia’s future and so to unite.

Although the odds are not with the Australian people’s cause at this time, it is the struggle which is decisive. Australia First Party will not let its side down.

Selected Comments

David:  “Dear Fat-Cat Businesspeople, Labor-tamed Unionists, Migration Industry Profiteers and Multiculturalism Obsessives:
Please let Australia’s elected officials and thereby the Australian taxpayer/voter decide who comes to our country, how many, and what the future plan should be going forward. It IS called representative democracy for a reason.
Your carefully balanced vested interests – which may or may not be in line with Australia’s cultural, quality of life/cost of living/wage growth, national identity and national security interests – are duly noted.
The Australian people”


Tony:  “We don’t need any immigration. Our economy,social structure and infrastructure needs a period on zero immigration to allow for catch up and reduction of social dilution. Business wants cheap labour, unions want more members and the immigrants want endless welfare.”

Ernest:  “What a load of crap, the first people to whinge is this present Government as well as socialist Labor recently Australia’s HEALTH minister Hunt is whinging about the costs of Medicare, they are so stupid, and do this for the last two elections? Then whinge about WELFARE & HEALTH, when Governments cannot look after Australians, please correct me if I have this all wrong? If anyone has to go into a surgery you will find it just about full of immigrants? On top of all this, Australia has energy costs, & water, Perth’s cost is the same as Japan, France, or New York? Australia manufactures just about nothing, yet dopey politicians come out with all these outrageous statements they treat the electorate like a lot of dills, then whinge about the unemployment?”

Paul: “Talk about a marriage made in hell.  Just goes to show that when two ideologically disparate groups find a coinciding interest, the ideological baggage is ditched in favour of said interest.
Much of the rhetoric from the pro-immigration lobby is bait and switch. Mainly in the sense that we are constantly reminded that immigration is, and always has been, good for us. Great.
Trouble is that’s not what this is about. Those of us opposed to the current settings aren’t arguing against immigration per se. Rather the point is that no one can explain why we require an immigration rate 2-4 times greater per capita than countries such as the US, Great Britain and France. (Wonder if Mal asked Mr Macron about this between photo ops).
Constantly framing the debate in terms of economic growth (mainly benefiting a privileged few along with the immigrants themselves) doesn’t cut it either. And raising xenophobia is pathetic.   Unless the major parties are prepared to respond to voices other than big business and big unions (ie their donors), many of us will vote for minor parties who will hopefully make their lives a misery in the senate.”

Kevin:  “Beware the smiling Communist who wishes to side with you.”

Remember that the Liberals, Gnats, Labor and Greens are all globalist political parties.  They all sign up for mass immigration, trade liberalisation, and global agendas like climate change to undermine Australian wealth and independence.

Australia First Party is the only registered nationalist political party in Australia.  As Australian nationalist we put Australians first, immigrants last.  Our policy is to end immigration and curb the influence of globalist enemies undermining Australia – Liberals, Labor, Greens, Gnationals, Chinese, Zionists, Third World welfare leeches, you name it.

In Australia, Australians come first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, etc..