Anarchists will always be unmasked in Melbourne

Saturday September 16, 2017 and some ring-in zionist in Melbourne with a big ego calling himself Avi Yemeni led wayward ziopatriots in a street fight against masked anarchists.

Whatever. Nothing to do with Australia.

United Nationalists Australia watched on, describing Yemeni’s performance at the microphone as rambling, self-conscious if not Leb.

The odd Australian flag waving on the streets flushed out John Safran‘s feral anarchists and wannabe Black Blockers in their silly masks.

Police were not having a bar of it and the masks came off.

One beaver mohawk (24) got demasked for da cameras and social media infamy.

While his cougar dyke (27) thwapped gollies at police and media.

So feral got da slammer as well.

Dumpster nazi scum! With pepper spray, anarchists will always be unmasked in Melbourne, and cop front page in The Age and Facebooked.