300 Wantirna pensioners to be forcibly evicted by a greedy Chinese developer and Knox council doesn’t care

In a year’s time, a close community of three hundred Australian aged pensioners will be forcibly evicted from a Melbourne residential cabin park by new owners – greedy, hateful Chinese.

And this is Australia?

For years this low-cost residential park, scarce as hen’s teeth in Melbourne, has provided 300 senior citizens with affordable independent living. 

It doesn’t get more basic than this.  Modest independent living at Wantirna Park – scarce as hens’ teeth in migrant-saturated Melbourne


But in 2016, the previous land owner decided to sell up to a Chinese developer pocketing $30 million.  So where’s the instant millionaire now;luxuriating on some foreign cruise living it up like he won lotto?

It’s greedy profit reaped on the backs of his long-term loyal tenant customers – all of whom now face forced eviction by the new Chinese developer, with nowhere to go.  The previous owner has abandoned them to the street.  How despicably unAustralian!  That is indeed if the previous owner was Australian in the first place.  Some say the previous owner lives in Melbourne’s exclusive Jewish suburb of Balaclava.


Comment by Joy Taylor on our Facebook page is right,

“This is a story that should never happen…and politicians are scratching their heads in confusion over the disenchantment of the people?

This is wrong and Australia First Party is supporting these three hundred vulnerable Ordinary Australians against the China development.  Our members shall be taking action on the ground highlighting this issue and the Party calls upon fellow patriotic Australians to mobilize in defence of these people, their homes and their livelihoods.

Our members will be seen at street level in coming weeks.  Look out Chinese developer!  Look out local council!  Look out dingbat Dan Andrews!

Australia First Party is a registered political party for Australians who recognise that the Australian People are different to other nationalities/ethnic groups of the world in appearance, language, history and way of life.  Of equal importance, we believe that the Australian Government’s only duty is to ensure the future and best possible life for this Australian People.

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Larry Dec 12, 2016
“So we can house refugees but are happy to put out of their homes poor Australians so that foreign developers can make a buck!!! What a loyal united bunch we are in Australia.  United we stand divided we fall.”

 Wantirna Park Caravan Park

Wantirna Park Caravan Park (or ‘Wantirna Park’ as the residents call it) is located at 203 Mountain Highway in Wantirna, 24kms east of the Melbourne CBD.  It opened in 1988, four years after the Hoyts drive-in next door closed down.

1984 when the Wantirna Hoyts Drive-in next door closed down.  Wantirna cabin park was later sited bottom left of the picture where the old orchard used to be.

Although the cabin park provides some powered caravan sites for travellers, it has predominantly provided permanent residential cabin sites for mobile homes, park cabins and caravans of 300 Ordinary Australians.  Most are retirees struggling to live in Melbourne on Canberra’s meagre fortnightly pension, currently $800 a fortnight.

Wantirna Park survives as a rare example of private affordable independent living for aged pensioners and features vital facilities such as heated amenities, coin laundry, camp kitchen, disabled facilities, as well as an undercover BBQ, playground, pool, tennis court and Wifi.

Nothing flash



Typical basic floor plan


It is situated conveniently close to Westfield Knox Shopping Centre, bulk-billing doctors and as the website promotes “public transport located at the front of the park makes travelling around Melbourne a breeze.”

But that’s exactly why the Chinese bought it, stupid!

Why didn’t they buy the bigger disused Drive-in land next door?

Wantirna disused Drive-in net door used as a trash and treasure market.

Apparently Spring Street wants it for yet another tollway to service all the immigrant sprawl out to Healesville.


Some of the residents own their cabin homes and some have been there since the cabin park first opened over thirty years ago.  Each of the privately-owned cabins typically cost about $50,000 each, but each site rental must be paid out of the residents’ pensions.

Many residents have called Wantirna Park home for decades forming a close-knit supportive community.


New Chinese owner illegally raises rents 50%

The site rates were affordable at $124 a week.  That is until the greedy Chinaman took over.  Within a month of taking ownership he hatefully hiked all the rates up, some by more than 50%.

Retiree Keith Smart (66) said his rent increase – from $118 to $170 a week – was “just ridiculous” so he wrote to Consumer Affairs asking for an investigation, but the government did nothing.

Resident Trevor Russell (60) (below) who is on a disability pension, says 90% of people living there permanently are elderly, or on a disability or old-age pension.  Mr Russell is a former bus driver, who stopped work 10 years ago due to anxiety and depression, and has lived in the park for seven years.  He has been on the public housing waiting list for seven years.  He was shocked to get a letter from Wantirna Park Estate, the new Chinese owners of the park, which said his weekly rent of $124 would increase by $64 – 52 per cent – from November 14, 2016.

Resident Trevor Russell back in September 2016.


Peter Gray, from the grassroots-formed Wantirna Residents Action Group, has lived at Wantirna caravan park for 27 years. Peter says the developer was quick to raise rents as soon as he bought the caravan park and “hasn’t shown any compassion”.  “We realise he’s doing everything legally, but the [Residential] Tenancies Act doesn’t protect us at the moment,” he said.

The Chinese try to justify the illegal increase by claiming its rates were “well below market rates”, so the increase was in line with other parks.  That is a con.  The Chinese paid the $30 million on credit with the Bank of China, and so the rate increase is to fund their new mortgage.  The Chinese developer will only be in the black once the yuan flows in from corrupt Chinese officials buying off the plan.

In 2013, there were reports of up to 100 desperate people on a waiting list to move into the cabin park.  Now it is set to close.

 The Chinese Developer ‘LongRiver’

The imported Chinese corporate developer come real estate agent, Andrew Yu with Jay Wei, both born in China.  They run ‘LongRiver Investment Properties Pty Ltd‘, which is being allowed to raze Wantirna Park to the ground – all the cabin homes, slashing the pensioner-planted gardens – all so that another batch of Chinese can move in to some congested concrete condominium.

The Greedy Chinese Tormentor, Andrew Yu

This is uncontrolled foreign investment rubber stamped by Canberra that is facilitating unrelenting Chinese Imperialist invasion of our country – all our property wealth from residential to commercial to agricultural to industrial to resources.  Australians are becoming serfs to the Chinese landlord.

Resident Trevor Russell, started dry-retching, then crying, when he got a letter with the news this month.  He said once residents found out who bought the park, they knew that they “were stuffed”.

“I had a neighbour come down in tears, then I started crying,” Mr Russell said. “People are so upset.”

Mr Russell is unsure of his future but said it would be too expensive to relocate his van and annex. He called on Longriver to compensate residents amid fears people will be left homeless.

Greedy new owner Andrew Yu has been ruthlessly quick to hike up all the rents excessively as soon as he took control, simply to convey a message of takeover, control and domination – typical Chinese State tyranny.  The excessive rate is illegal, but we’re talking Chinese don’t forget. Rules for some?

Yu has already lodged redevelopment plans with the local Knox City Council.  It involved bulldozing the entire site to squeeze in 294 dog box flats to maximise profit.  For all we know, the Chinese construction materials and Chinese invading tenants are already in transit – Chinese used to dog box flats.

Chinese incoming – 294 dog box flats!


And this below is Yu’s proposed artist’s impression for his Wantirna Chinese Condominium.  We call it ‘Yu’s Suicide Watch Estate‘.


Source:   http://longriver.com.au/themes/longriver/assets/img/WANTIRNA-3-min.jpg


Joan Dec 15, 2016

This is so typical of Chinese investors.  They are just buying up everything in sight and developing with high density housing, without a thought for anything but their own profits.

We find out that the park at 203 Mountain Highway, is mortgaged to the Bank of China and is owned by Longriver, Andrew Yu’s front company. Longriver itself is a two-bit shelf company addressed at a tiny office room at Suite 4, Level 2 190 Queen Street Melbourne – barely more than a post box.

What a Chinese fly-by-night scam!

David Dec 12, 2016:

“Why are foreigners continually allowed to buy Aussie land?  Lease only!”

Kevin Dec 12, 2016:

“It is about time the Australian Govt looked into foreign ownership here we have another example of coming in through the back door.Unless this ruthless development and others are  stopped we will see all our suburbs becoming Chinese owned enclaves so much for multiculturalism.We are gradually being bought out by stealth and into the future our lives will be governed by those who have the wealth.  Wake up, it’s not too late to stop it.”

Liza Dec 12, 2016:

“..who needs a war when you can take over by stealth, right?  Just buy up their country with government printed money.”


 Pending Eviction of 300 Australian Seniors

The Chinaman told the residents they have to be out by January 2018 or else.  But they don’t want to move.

How has it come to this in Australia?

Chinese purchasers had no interest whatsoever in the caravan park, or its natural outlook which enhances the local area.  They just want to exploit the land for building and profit, speculating on 294 dog box flats, no doubt for selling to their own countryman now swarming into Australia.

Long term Aussie residents are being forced out of the cabin park and now faced the full onslaught of Chinese demographic and economic imperialism.  Stiff luck to Aussie residents who are to be booted out to make way!

But what is the government doing to help?  Nothing. Nothing at local council level, state level or federal level.  Being ‘private’ one would think the bloody government would be supportive and embracing saving considerable funds from otherwise having to provide public housing.

The residents are not legally entitled to compensation, but the law should be changed so they were.  There is no legal basis for compensation, but there certainly is an ethical one.

Housing for the Aged Action Group’s Aoife Cooke has said:

“You have very low-income people who as well as having to move house and becoming homeless, there are huge costs involved in this situation, such as relocation costs, moving costs, disposing of units if that’s relevant to their situation.”

Resident, Judy Adam, moved to Wantirna Park with her husband Ron.  Ms Adam is Ron’s full-time carer, and the nearby medical facilities means she has some support to help him with Alzheimer’s disease. She said their house in the caravan park was probably worth $125,000, but now it was worth nothing.

“I am sure, I am determined, that things will work out. Maybe we’ll lose things, but things will work out,” she says. Her neighbours at the caravan park were angry and distressed that they had been told to move, with some refusing to leave their homes.

“It is depressing, I don’t allow myself to become depressed, but I have seen depression all about,” she said.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said before she moved into the park she had been homeless and living in her car.

She had no idea what she would do after the park closed, she said.

Peter Fry (below) who suffers from emphysema, is amongst the vulnerable set for eviction.

Vietnam Veteran David Yole (68) and his wife Helene (77) have lived in a unit at the park for 25 years and stand to lose up to $80,000 when the park closes and have to leave their two-bedroom unit behind.  Mr Yole said it would cost up to $30,000 to move it, yet they have nowhere to take it.

“I don’t know what we are going to do,” Mr Yole said. “When we discuss it my wife ends up in tears.  “We’re all appealing to him to man up and do the right thing,” Mr Yole said. “I know legally he doesn’t have to (compensate us) , but morally … this is our home.”

The Wantirna Park community held a meeting to discuss their dilemma on Saturday February 18, 2017.

Eviction is serious


Larry Jan 21, 2017:
“Socialist Alliance and other lefties who are supposed to represent the downtrodden and workers and battler care nothing when it is old Aussies. Not one iota of interest from them. No demonstrations zero interest. Progress in Multicultural Australia? Where our old and battler are forgotten and tossed out by foreign owners.”


Jodie Jan 21, 2017:
“Image the public outcry if this was a park full of refugees being evicted. Where’s the outcry for our own citizens?”


Michele Dec 12, 2016
“Chinese developer are making AUSTRALIANS homeless. Despicable.”


Karen Dec 12, 2016:

“How many cities have been raped by Chinese developers and how do they look afterwards? Time to build a wall around Australia and get the Chinese to build it.”

Knox City Council disinterested

Knox City Council has wiped its hand of any involvement and simply doesn’t care.  It thinks of itself as a city, and Chinese condominiums suit that growth vision, which will boost council rates.

Steve Dickson, Knox City Town Planner is a soft-cock developer’s toy boy of the rubber stamping kind.  On his books the caravan park is listed in Knox Council’s housing strategy as a “strategic” site.  Tricky Dickie Chinese strategic?  Why?

Knox City Council Mayor Darren Pearce told park residents that he initially did not want to attend their consultative meeting..

“because I am not in the business of giving false hope to vulnerable people…I understand that their lives have been turned upside down, but as a council we are very limited in the powers we have.”

Knox Mayor Pearce said: “The impending closure of the Wantirna Caravan Park and the impact this will have on residents, is a source of concern for, though not a responsibility of, Council.”

Trust this political wheeler and dealer as far as one could spit?

Pearce says to flick them to UnitingCare Harrison the homeless charity, or The Salvos, or just Lifeline.

‘Affordable Housing’ all rhetoric

Government talk of affordable housing is empty populism. Labor, Liberal , Nationals, Greens – they all insist on Rudd’s Big Australia economci dogma, caring scrap all for the social poverty inflicted upon Ordinary Australians. Canberra’s blind insistence of 200,000 new migrants year on year is the elephant in the room driving up urban residential prices and rents because the ethnics want to live in the cities with their other ethnics.

Solution to housing affordability?

  • End immigration, then roll out measures that reverse it
  • Tax migrants buying homes to extend that they don’t
  • Ban and unravel foreign ownership of residential fullstop
  • Tax foreigners owning property in Australia.

Canberra’s unquestioned ‘populate or perish‘ dogma since the 1940s has inflicted millions of migrants on Melbourne’s suburbia from everywhere and anywhere. Politicians like Bob Hawke have become millionaires out of the policy.   The migrant sprawl has long since engulfed Melbourne’s eastern suburbs into a metropolis.  No longer is this large site in Wantirna regarded as being on the outer fringes of Melbourne.  Sprawl is now going vertical in high rise and the Chinese are back with a vengeance.

We thought we’d sent anti-Australian invaders a clear message back in the 1850’s like in Buckland Valley.

That three hundred  Aussie born and bred pensioners, who have worked and paid taxes to the Australian government all their lives, are now condemned to forced eviction bothers neither local government or councillors, Labor’s Dan Andrew’s state government, nor Malcolm Turnbull’s federal Labor-lite government.  What is the merchant banking Turncoat focusing on currently?  Not Ordinary Australians, but foreign policy.

Why is Australia First Party the only political party fighting for theses Ordinary Australians?   We all need to prevent their displacement caused by the spread of Chinese Imperialism and uncontrolled foreign investment. Where are the other parties and so called patriot parties on these issues? Nowhere to be seen as usual because they have no interest in placing Aussies first just their pockets!

This is all while Canberra’s mass migration and multiculturalism agendas continue unabated and with the Victorian Government set to reap the land taxes and Knox council set to reap massively increased rates from the 294 new flats.

No-one at any level of government in Australia cares less.

Larry Dec 12, 2016:

“This area is being bought up by Chinese developers from one end to the other and they are building these apartments that are then marketed directly to people in china and the look and demographics of suburbs like Bayswater, Knox, Scoresby, Wantirna are changing over night.  Kiss goodbye to your trees and semi rural location as all that will overnight be gone and in your shops which soon will all be owned by these people YOU will be the stranger in the suburb you have lived in for 20, 30 or 50 years.  If you think this is not true then take a trip to Balwyn, Doncaster, Burwood, Nunawading, Blackburn, Mitcham that have become ethic enclaves in the blink of an eye.”


Andrew Dec 15, 2016:

“The Australian government is a joke how can non Australian residents buy up everything without any thoughts of our future generations.”

Australia First says Stand Up For Aussies — No Exceptions!

And, no dispossession of Caravan Park residents.

Our petition is addressed to Knox councillors, Bayswater state Liberal MP Heidi Victoria and Deakin federal Liberal MP Michael Sukkar.

It calls for “political representatives to refrain from any redevelopment permits”; for legislation to be introduced to compulsory acquire the park for public housing; and to stop “foreign money buying out our Australia”.

The caravan residents will be evicted in January 2018 even if police have to be moved in.  Until then, residents should know that their Chinese tormenter Andrew Yu’s two-bit LongRiver Property Investments address is: Suite 4, Level 2 190 Queen Street Melbourne.