Wyong China Theme Park exposed as wonton greed by Mayor Doug Eaton

Australians should celebrate today!

The rout of the New South Wales ‘Central Coast’ collaborators with Chinese imperialism, is now apparent.

Evidence has finally surfaced – as we had alleged by our trenchant questioning of Mayor Eaton and his Chinese spouse – that ‘Ruby’ Eaton had shares in the Chinese company involved in setting up the Theme Park site. She was also committed to Chinese cultural action in Australia and propagandising for the regime.

Doug Eaton and Chinese Wife RubyWyong Mayor Doug Eaton and his Chinese wife Hongyi Yang’s (alias ‘Ruby’)

WYONG Shire Council supported the rezoning of land for a $500 million Chinese theme park “Chappypie” while mayor Doug Eaton’s wife, Ruby, held shares in a company owned by the project’s backers.

With a 5-4 vote in December 2014, councillors  supported the spot rezoning of 15.7 hectares of council land at Warnervale for the Chappypie Australia China Theme Park. The council sought a ‘‘gateway’’  determination from the Planning Department, after a motion from Cr Eaton.
Mrs Eaton’s financial interest in Sydney Chinese Daily Pty Ltd, owned by Australia China Theme Park Pty Ltd, did not appear on  council documents or minutes and was not disclosed at the meeting.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents show her 100,000 B-Class shares, valued at $10,000, were listed under her Chinese name, Hongyi Yang, when Chinese Daily Pty Ltd was registered as a company in March 2013. ASIC documents record the sale of the shares on April 27, 2015.

Warnervale proposed Chinese Theme ParkAn artist impression of ‘Chappypie’ corrupt cultural invasion

Wyong Council’s $500 million China theme park proposal has stumbled at the first official hurdle over rubbery job estimates, excessive height limits and over-zealous rezoning plans.

Confirmation that the NSW Department of Planning has cut the council’s grand plans for the Chappypie China theme park at Warnervale down to size comes only days after the council’s grand plans for a stand-alone university sank under the weight of public and political opposition.

Department secretary for planning services Marcus Ray has rejected council plans for a spot rezoning to change 15.7hectares of industrial land to a tourist zone with a 50-metre height limit to accommodate the theme park.

It has instead agreed to limited changes that would leave the industrial zoning unchanged if the park does not go ahead.

The department challenged the council’s job projections, criticised the use of industrial land for a tourist project, and rejected plans to rezone environmental protection land to industrial to provide a bushfire buffer for the theme park.

‘‘The planning proposal estimates a potential 1000 jobs for the site, however there is no breakdown of what those jobs are, no estimate of visitor numbers, no assessments of how employees and visitors will travel to the site and no study of parking requirements,’’ a department planning team said.

‘‘Council was unable to provide any supporting evidence from the proponent for the job numbers or how many visitors the park would be likely to cater for.’’

The department questioned whether the 1000 jobs took into account the loss of up to 300 jobs from the rezoned industrial land.

‘‘Council has not provided sufficient justification for the proposed use of industrial land for the theme park,’’ the planning team said.

Wyong Council announced the $10 million ‘‘sale’’ of council-owned land to Australia China Theme Park Pty Ltd in 2014 but was later forced to concede it had received only $100,000, and the terms of the contract allowed the company to walk away without further loss.

A council spokeswoman said Department of Planning had issued a gateway determination with a number of conditions ‘‘that affect the nature of the planning proposal and the assessment process moving forward’’.

An amended planning proposal has been sent to government agencies for comment. Additional studies were required before the plan could be publicly displayed.

Asianisation of Australia

The mayor did not respond to questions about what action he and his wife would take to discover how Mrs Eaton’s Chinese name remained on the theme park-owned company documents as a shareholder for more than two years, during significant negotiations between Australian China Theme Park Pty Ltd director Bruce Zhong and Wyong council.

Serene Accounting’s Yvonne Suen, who registered Sydney Chinese Daily Pty Ltd in March 2013, said she ‘‘got the company minutes’’ to record Hongyi Yang’s details as a shareholder.

Two months after becoming a shareholder, Mrs Eaton travelled to China with Mr Eaton and others on a ‘‘Wyong Shire Council trade, tourism and marketing delegation’’.

In his mayoral minute of the delegation, Cr Eaton included Hongyi Yang and described her as ‘‘president China Australia Friendship Association’’.
The minute did not identify Hongyi Yang as Mr Eaton’s wife.

Hongyi Yang, alias Ruby EatonHongyi Yang, alias Ruby Eaton, the mayor’s wife – fingers in the Chappypie

Sydney Chinese Daily Pty Ltd was registered three months after Wyong Shire Council agreed to sell the Warnervale land to Australia China Theme Park Pty Ltd for $10million in December 2012. The council was later forced to concede the ‘‘sale’’ was secured with $10,000, the company has so far paid only $100,000 and it can walk away from the project without further loss.

In  public statements about the Chappypie theme park, Cr Eaton has described it in expansive terms.
‘‘It is incredibly exciting to get to the stage of lodging a development application and to see the sheer scale of the project,’’ Cr Eaton said in a statement in August 2014. The developers have long been telling us that this theme park will be up there with the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in terms of tourist attractions, and I’ve got to hand it to them – it’s absolutely in that category.’’

Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton with Bruce Zhong, CEO of Australia Chinese Theme ParkHappy Chappy – no bloody wonder!

The council’s spot rezoning plans, which would have seen the Warnervale site’s zoning change from industrial to tourism, with the height limit increased from 12 metres to 50 metres, stumbled at the first official hurdle when the Department of Planning questioned the rezoning, increased heights and rubbery job estimates.

The project is billed as providing a unique Chinese experience through a series of themed precincts reflecting the key provinces of China, along with an opera theatre, exhibition centre and an operating Buddhist temple.

Chinese Cultural InvasionNot just an eyesore but a Chinese cultural invasion

Wyong MP David Harris said he would formally request the Office of Local Government launch an investigation into Wyong Shire Council, based on concerns about a range of decisions in the past two years and community complaints.

‘‘There are many decisions by this council that have concerned the community, and require answers,’’ Mr Harris said.

Cr Eaton has been a Wyong councillor since 1991.  He is a solicitor and has been a member of the NSW Parole Authority since 2012.  On Australia Day this year, he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for ‘‘service to local government and to the community of the Central Coast’’.

It is time for a full public inquiry into this whole affair.

Australia First Party was involved in the loose patriotic united front which came into being to fight the Theme Park proposal. Councillors, ex Council workers, concerned citizens, local community figures and members of a couple of political organisations – resisted.

Australia First Party held a demonstration and ‘day of action’ in Wyong last October. We also distributed leaflets over many months , were widely reported in the local press and fielded a spoiling candidate (Mr. Alex Norwick) in the State election in March. We are proud of our contribution to the struggle.

Alex Norwick for Wyong

As our supporters know, Australia First Party has played a modest role in building community opposition to the schemes – great new airports, a Chinese university, new suburbs and a huge ‘Theme Park’ that reeked of gambling interests and corrupt China dollars.

Many people, from concerned Shire Councillors, to business people and political groups, voiced opposition to the plans of Mayor Doug Eaton (who is very silent over the whole defeat).

Lambing Flat

One more push perhaps – and the China Theme Park at Warnervale will be dead. Planning authorities have been compelled to reject the current plans, but their focus is squarely on the amount of community resistance.

This story must be followed closely by local members of the party to bury the Eaton clique in Wyong Shire finally and establish the base for further political action.

The power of community action is demonstrated.

Australia First Party will continue in its united patriotic front with all resisters – until we win!