Ramadan ‘Eid-al-Fitr’ awareness campaign in Australia 2015 mate, WTF?

Across our proud land Australia, we’re in winter in the southern states, while up north in the Top End and environs we’ve got the Dry Season.

But thanks to globalist Greens-Labor, Australians have witnessed our country invaded by 400,000 muslims. They now want to culturally replace our winter and dry season with their weight watchers Ramadan.

What the?

These desert lot all reject Australians, our way of life, our culture, our Christianity.  They import their Islamism and setup away from Aussies in isolated urban ghettos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  They get minority privilege welfare from Leftist politicians who steal from Aussie taxpayers.

So they get anti-Australian mosques built.  They associate with only muslims.  They get Anti-Australian Islamic schools built, and invite hate preachers to indoctrinate their youth just as if they never left their desert Middle East.  One wonders why they didn’t all flock to The Alice in desert central Australia.

So now they try to import Islamic Ramadan to Christian/Secular Australia.  The Islamics have set up a dedicated propaganda website to have Australia go Islamic Ramadan.

What the?

Muslims invaders across Australia apparently today bid each other “Ramadan Mubarak” or “May your Ramadan be blessed”, as they begin a month of fasting and feasting over the ninth month of some foreign Islamic calendar.  If the food tastes good well eat it but, may the barbaric culture remain foreign.

Multiculturalism is ok when the ethnic cuisine tastes good, but not when the wife has to wear a head rag in public.

Gays drinking pigs blood protesting Islamic discriminationGays drinking pigs blood protesting Islamic discrimination.

This is the site:  http://www.ramadan.com.au/

It reads…

“Ramadan Awareness Campaign: Ramadan 2015”  (Islamic propaganda or what?)

Ramadan is Anti-Australian

Asalaamu Alaykum Brothers & Sisters (whatever),

It is a blessing from Allah the most great that we are able to benefit from another Ramadan.

This Ramadan we want you to focus on Connecting With Allah, improve or develop a bond with the One that Loves You, Knows You and wants the Best for You.

The only way to Connect with Allah is through; Reading the Quran, Increase your Prayers, Supplicating (Dua), Beseeching Allah with His Attributes and apply the Sunnah consistently throughout the day.

So we hope in the lead up to Ramadan you have been supplicating to Allah with the Dua the Prophet (PBUH) taught us… “O’ Allah, bless us with courage and life to see the Month of Ramadan.”

With our sincere intention in place, we owe it to ourselves to Fast the month of Ramadan for the virtues it possess; forgiveness, reward, opportunity, contentment, protection of the hell fire and revival of the soul.”

Ramadan, the month of fasting and feast, begins in Australia today

 Abdulrahman Mawar and wife Asma Yusra at their home in Lakemba. Picture: Renee NowytargerAbdulrahman Mawar and wife Asma Yusra at their home in Sydney’s Islamic-sterilised Lakemba

Where’s ya headrag and bath mat?

Arranged husband and wife Abdulrahman Mawar and Asma Yusra are happy to live in the heart of celebrations in the western Sydney suburb of Lakemba, where the large Islamic population will fast from sunrise to sunset.

“We believe that when you deprive your physical body of food, your spiritual body becomes more aware,” said Ms Yusra, who works as a Medicare Local project manager. Your soul yearns for Ramadan to come because it knows that it is the time when you can be in touch with your inner self and work on your relationship with God.”


They’re loaded up on Aussie welfare and disability pensions, so wouldn’t they?

The 27-year-old said cathartic self-examination takes place during a month defined by community and congregation.

“With extra prayers at night you get to see your family and friends in a situation that is very holy and spiritually uplifting,” she said. “It is also to connect with human­ity and those who are less fortunate.”

She will volunteer with community organisation Mission of Hope, visiting hospitals and nursing homes to spend time with those less fortunate as well as preparing food hampers for asylum-seekers, refugees and the homeless. “How can you break your fast when you know that someone else isn’t doing so well?” she said. “It is a time to let people know this is our Christmas and time for celebrating and sharing.”

Religious studies teacher Mr Mawar, 27, is a Hafiz, someone who has memorised the Koran in its entirety.

What an asset to Australia!

He uses Ramadan to reinforce that practice. “For me it is also a revision of the Koran so I will read one of the 30 parts each day over Ramadan,” he said.

The period was characterised by a collective and concerted expression of gratitude. “We can be thankful to Allah for creating us, thankful that we have friends and thankful that we have food,” he said.

At the Islamic Council of Victoria in Melbourne, Jeffcott Mosque caretaker Mensur Cosic is busy lining up the city’s most philanthropic feasts of the festival and providing complimentary Iftar, the traditional sundown meal to break the Ramadan fast.

“We are trying to feed 300 people every night,” said Mr Cosic, who will co-ordinate food donations from local businesses for the next 30 nights.

About 10,000 people were fed last year during the month. They included Muslims without family in the country to break the fast with, and homeless atheists who had heard about the free meal.

As if. Good try.

A few years ago, a 59-year-old Islamic sheikh from Egypt visiting Sydney’s Islamics for “prayer assistance” trip for Ramadan, groped two teenagers and a grandmother in James Meehan Reserve, in Dee Why.  Ahmed Abdelshafy Mohamed El-Kahly (good name) approached two teenage girls as they walked a dog on a Monday afternoon. He told them he was visiting from Egypt for a week and asked to shake their hands.

He refused to let go of one of the girl’s hands then moved his hand onto her shoulder and “swept the back of his hands across both of the victim’s breasts”, police documents state.

Two days later, he approached another 16-year-old on the concourse of Dee Why beach and grabbed her hand, kissing it several times while saying “I like you”.

The victim attempted to pull her hand away using “considerable force”. An hour later, he approached a 57-year-old woman as she pushed her four-month-old grandson in a pram on the same concourse and asked to take a photo of the boy.

The grandmother said “no” and tried to move away but El-Kahly grabbed her hands and started kissing them saying “I love you, I love you”. He then grabbed her left breast and squeezed it.

The Islamic groper pleaded guilty in North Sydney Local Court and was sentenced to an 18-month good behaviour slap on the wrist by soft cock Magistrate William Brydon, and then allowed to leave Australia back to Egypt scott free.

Ramadan PedophileAhmed Abdelshafy Mohamed El-Kahly – visiting ramadan pedo to Sydney in 2013


What the Islamic immigrant to Australia needs to seriously celebrate is a good True Blue BBQ Pork Spare Rib lunch.  Abandon ya desert barbarism and get with Aussie culture.

Aussie BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

He can then wash it all down with an ice cold VB.

VB Ramadan

Noth’in better mate!

Then for afters, munch on a fresh home-made Lamington.

Australian Lamingtons

Welcome to Australian citizenship mate!