Warnervale China Theme Park: New Allegations Demand ICAC Inquiry

[by Dr. Jim Saleam and Lorraine Sharp].


Australia First Party has received an item of anonymous correspondence which makes new allegations against the China Theme Park being secretly planned for Warnervale on the NSW Central Coast.

The party has published in the past to expose this Theme Park as a construction of the Chinese state and its local collaborators.

Read: https://australiafirstparty.net/wyongs-mayor-eaton-v-australia-first-the-truth-about-the-funny-front-men-of-the-china-theme-park/

The new material is disturbing. We publish it as follows:

“Name: iknowthestory
Email: 789abcd987@gmail.com

Time: February 5, 2015 at 5:38 pm

IP Address: (from Cronulla using Telstra BigPond, but proxy could be anywhere)



Something is wrong in your above article. The DOB of the YA Zhang Zhong, the CEO of the Chinese Theme Park, should be 26/09/1953 rather than 26/09/1963. Just wondering where did you get that information?

Yes, the directors of the Chinese Theme Park were born overseas, though they may be Australian citizens but that is not the point. A large number of Australian citizens were born overseas.

One thing you don’t know is that Ya Zhang Zhong got his Australian permanent residency in 1993 through sham marriage. He made two instalments to that woman. If you can be authorized to check his financial history you can find a trace of such record.

Zhong has certain connection to Chinese government. His brother, currently retired, was a department head of China Liao Ning province. Zhong and his company don’t have any money. The motive of the project is money laundry and help some corrupted Chinese officials migrate to Australia.”

 Bruce ZhongBruce Zhong


The questions that arise from this email are:

1. What is the true birth date of the Park CEO Mr. Zhong?  And if it is ten years earlier than the official ASIC documents, then why was it wrongly recorded?  What would he be concealing?

2. How did Mr. Zhong get Australian residency? Was it through a marriage and was this a sham marriage?

3. Where does the money that Mr. Zhong pledges towards the Theme Park actually come from?

4. Are there any Chinese officials connected with Mr. Zhong or his brother who have applied to migrate to Australia?

5. What security tests are in force by Australian authorities to check the sources of Mr. Zhong’s money? If money laundering is involved, for whom is this offence being organized?

In June 2013, Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton‘s initiated a Wyong Shire 9-day ratepayer-funded visit to Shanghai and beyond, where economic investment opportunities for a $500 million Chinese Cultural Village Theme Park at Warnervale.

Wyong's China Syndrome Amanda Li (Australian China Theme Park Pty Ltd), Alice Cawte (Australian Consul-General Shanghai), Mayor Doug Eaton, Mrs Ruby Eaton, Bruce Zhong (ACTP), Cr Greg Best at the Shanghai conference.


There are similar-fact historical parallels that run all over the Warnervale project. These parallels involve outrageous Chinese economic-political activity in Australia.

We recall that in the (still unresolved) Fitzgibbon Affair, a Chinese businesswoman (Helen Liu) and an investor (Humphrey or Harry Xu) had each contracted false marriages to enter Australia; gained access to senior Australian politicians and businessmen.

The latter reappeared in Wagga Wagga in 2012-13 as Humphrey Xu and was the high powered mover in the Trade Centre Affair.

The Wagga and Central Coast matters involve crawling city councils and financial and other irregularities in the companies involved. Although the hand of the Chinese state was all over the Wagga Wagga Centre, as it is in the Warnervale project, there is also a question over the players which suggests that corruption may also be a feature.

The linkage between the Theme Park and the Barangaroo Casino puts the matter of money laundering right on the agenda – and corrupt Chinese officials have secreted billions into Australia, locking it up in property, likely washing this money through James Packer’s gambling empire.


Liberal Party connections to Barangaroo smell

We said previously:

“We have received great support from the beginning from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government,  Bruce Zhong noted. “They twice sent a delegation to visit Wyong and the land”. In fact the Chinese Tourism Bureau will be setting up an office at the China Theme Park.”

Of course. Yet we suspect there is far more than the state involved.

Whatever we may feel about the Chinese state, President Xi has moved against the intertwined networks of bureaucrats and crooks who have shifted capital offshore to places like Australia. We just cannot say what is what and who is who. This trend presents the curiosity that Australian politicians and business elites take the money both of the Chinese state and its corrupt officials. What happens when the Chinese state demands back its money?

There must be an open inquiry into the Warnervale China Theme Park to determine whether the funds are dirty and to weigh what involvement Australians in the Wyong Council and business community have in this matter.

We are well aware that Mayor Eaton has been linked to Liberal Party corruption through his extensive connections although no formal investigation has been held. It is time to do so. He has persistently touted the virtues of the Theme Park and dropped the clangour that Chinese gamblers would visit the Park from Barangaroo Casino. Rumours persist that his Chinese spouse is linked to the China Theme Park. The whole matter runs round in circles.

Mike Baird, Premier of New South Wales, has cried aloud that he wants to run a clean government despite having a myriad of his parliamentarians and party officials hailed up before the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) admitting a host of sins.

Baird once worked for the giant mercantile bank HSBC, (the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) and the biggest money-laundering bank on Earth, so reasonably he would know what corruption is.

Mike Baird meets Chinese Communist Party dictator Xi JinpingMike Baird has close ties with the Chinese Communist Party

Is there any commitment anywhere to fighting the corruption bred by the billions of dollars flowing out of China? The ordinary people demand that there be action!

For our part we believe that some earnest person has contacted us to blow the whistle. We ask; is the information true?

Australia First Party calls upon the people of Wyong Shire to resist the China Theme Park proposal until it is dead. Let a united front of concerned Australians do the job.