Truck owner-drivers arrive in Canberra to defend their family livelihoods

Owner driver protest outside Parliament in Canberra 2016


Hundreds of Australian truck owner-drivers have started thundering into the nation’s capital Canberra today from across Australia to tell politicians in no uncertain terms that the TWU’s duplicitous ‘safe’ pay rates are dishonest, bankrupting, and must go, along with the bloody bureaucrats in the union movement’s sham Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.

Australians have a proud history of unseating arrogant politicians when bad laws are made and when pollies betray Australian values.   That’s why Bronwyn Bishop last night was relegated to history.  That’s why the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal heads can roll the same way as Bronwyn Bishop’s.  Tony Sheldon and his self-interested henchmen can lead themselves to the same gallows.

Arrogant Politicians GallowsArrogant Politicians Gallows

Quite rightly, 40,000 Australian truck owner-drivers are furious about a decision by the sham Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal to mandatorily charge minimum transport rates to put them out of business.  The corrupt political body was another scheme and scam set up between Labor’s socialist PM Julia Gillard in 2012 with two-faced Billy Shorten and his Transport Workers Union hacks.

Last week, PM Malcolm Turnbull pledged to both scrap the tribunal and freeze the pay rate decision.  But he did it kicking and bloody screaming.  On 10 April, PM Turnbull declared that he has a plan to save owner drivers.  He says he’s going to delay the Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration Tribunal order until after the election then repeal the law and the Tribunal.

He is out of touch and has no bloody idea. There is a revenue crisis facing 40,000 small business owner-drivers and their families right now.   Australian owner-drivers started losing their work some months ago. Companies say they won’t give them work because the Tribunal order might come in and the companies won’t take the risk. If he delays the order, owner-drivers will still not get work and will go broke because companies won’t take the risk. People are falling into bankruptcy NOW.

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No one can trust the sly fox to deliver on his word.  Is the fox back yet from his yum cha in China?

Malcolm Turnbull partying in ChinaHere he is, the aristocrat in China for “Australia Week” – flogging our homes, farms, unis, and letting them dump cheap chinese steel!


That’s why Canberra today and tomorrow will be a very noisy place to the cacophony of truck horns and exhaust brakes barking in democratic anger.

The RSRT Payments Calculator is equivalent to another dictatorial miners gold license imposed on ordinary struggling Diggers in the 1850s.  Back then, greedy taxes and rate hikes led to the Eureka Rebellion of 1854.  The diggers recognised tyranny when they saw it.  It is arrogant government imposing unfair tax burdens on Ordinary independent Australian owner drivers.  It’s no bloody different.

RSRT Payments Calculator another Miners LicenceThe TWU’s mandatory ‘Safe Rates’ scam in 2016 is no different in effect to the Miners Licence scam unfairly imposed on Diggers at Ballaarat 160 odd years ago.


It appears the government has enough crossbench support in the Senate to scrap the tribunal without Labor’s support.  Independent senator Glenn Lazarus, who supports abolishing the sham tribunal, is to address the rally and expects to see ‘massive amounts’ of trucks in the capital.

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) will run another protest in Canberra on Monday to coincide with the recall of parliament.

Truck drivers will be on the lawns of parliament house on Monday morning and are expecting addresses from MPs and senators, before the legislation is introduced to abolish the sham tribunal

Truckies will camp at Canberra’s Exhibition Park tonight, with the ATA promising catering will be available for attendees.

Time to fly the Eureka Flag in democratic defiance!  This is exactly the time that the flag was designed for – Owner Drivers Rights!.
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Australia First Party supports the protests by Australian owner-drivers.