Peter FitzSimons joins Leftie fray attacking non-Lefties right to fly Eureka Flag

We are more than pleased to report that Fairfax’s red bandana boy, Peter FitzSimons, has been enrolled to join the fray against our supportive flying of the Eureka Flag on our ballot papers.  We are Aussie nationalists after all!

But writing today in the Fairfax Press, FitzSimons in his hackneyed tone penned more Leftie indignant propaganda.

Peter Fitzsimons wants Eureka to be Aussie flag


Red Bandana Man:

“A eureka moment, I note, having been interviewed by Radio National that the “Australia First Party” wants to use the Eureka flag as its logo, as it best represents our ideals. Great!

I must presume, on that reckoning, the party stands for what Eureka stands for: justice, liberty, multiculturalism and the most basic tenets of liberal democracy. And let’s not forget a good whack of republicanism!

On the issue of race and immigration, one of the heroes of the piece, the Italian Raffaello Carboni was clear, standing on the stump before the mighty fluttering flag, and calling on “all my fellow-diggers, irrespective of nationality, religion, and colour, to salute the Southern Cross as the refuge of all the oppressed from all countries on earth”.

If that is what Australia First stands for, then, maybe. But if it stands for the standard racist sludge, then it is an abomination that they seek to use the mighty Eureka flag to advance their cause.”


Really?  Must have been the prostate anesthetic wearing off.  Fairfax must be promoting his old book, where quite deluded, Red Bandana Man attempts a history re-write, hijacking Eureka for bizarre Marxism and Multiculturalism.  ‘Multiculturalism‘?  As if that existed in 1854!

What a friggen invading cane toad! Where’s me nine iron?  FitzSimons’ red bandana and black shirt attire is a juvenile revulooshunry banner of his pent-up anarcho-thuggery.  Bit old for that balding Fitzy, a wannabe Steven Seagal and so where’s his Che Guevara revulooshunry t-shirt?

Grow up.  Isn’t prostate enough of a warning?

The romantic delusional prose of Italian scribe Carboni is emotive fiction by a biased and is contradicted by Australia’s Henry Lawson who wrote in 1887 of a future function of the Eureka Flag:- as a symbol of an Australian resistance to takeover from (mainly) Asia:


“See how the toadies of Austral throw dust o’er her —
Fling out the flag of the Southern Cross!
We who are holding her honour in trust for her —blow-in
Fling out the flag of the Southern Cross!
See how the yellow-men next to her lust for her,
Sooner or later to battle we must for her —
Fling out the flag of the Southern Cross. “


“Shall we in fear of the Dragon or Bruin* now
Keep back the flag of the Southern Cross?
Better to die on a field of red ruin now,
Under the flag of the Southern Cross.
Let us stand out like the gallant Eureka men —
Give not our country the sorrow to seek her men —
Fling out the flag of the Southern Cross!”
And multiculti?? In 1889 in ‘Eureka: A Fragment’, Lawson wrote:
“I hear the broken English from the mouth at least of one
From every state and nation that is known beneath the sun
The homely tongue of Scotland and the brogue of Ireland blend
With the dialects of England, from Berwick to Land’s End;
And to the busy concourse here the West has sent a part,
The land of gulches that has been immortalised by Harte;
The land where long from mining-camps the blue smoke upward curled;
The land that gave that “Partner” true and “Mliss” unto the world;
The men from all the nations in the New World and the Old,
All side by side, like brethren here, are delving after gold;…”


It is clear from Lawson’s writings in general (and we will direct you to them another day!) that Lawson was envisioning Australia as a new European nation – hence the nations of the “Old” and “New” “Worlds” were European nations.

The culture war over the Eureka Flag is well and truly joined. FitzSimons’s novel about the Eureka Stockade criticised nationalists who used the Flag.  His agenda is clear. And our agenda is clear.

Red Bandana Man could have written in his book on Eureka, “The Eureka flag represents democratic freedom, independent nationalism and White resistance against Asian immigration – three things that define Australia now.”  [NB: ‘Asia’ officially extends from Bali to Istanbul – all non-Whites, many Third World and many are muzzies.]

Like all contests – they are decided in struggle. And we struggle in nationalist mateship, until victory!

Eureka Flying Rights of All True AustraliansFlying the Eureka in the Eureka Spirit is a national right of all True Blue Australians


If anyone like the red bandana man doesn’t like the new Australia $5 note, they are more than welcome to mail one to Australia First Party.  Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Recall when tricky PM Johnny Howard tried to ban the flying of the Eureka Flag in 2007.   Red Bandana Man seems intent on repeating history.

John Howard tried to ban flying Eureka FlagEureka Spirit of Rebellion

Any Australian has right to fly and use the Eureka Flag to perpetuate its legacy of defiance and spirit of freedom and independence from tyranny.


“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

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