Tasmania’s ‘Cambria Green’ plans for a mega hospice for retiring Chinese to fly-in, shoot swans and die

Certain Tasmanian politicians must be greedy or desperate or both.  True Australians would be wise to consider voting for Australians First.

There’s valuable farmland and a wetland north of Swansea on Tasmania’s rural east coast at Dolphin Sands, and the mayor of local Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, Michael Kent, has bullied to get both re-zoned politically to facilitate Chinese money and for thousands of geriatric Chinese to fly in direct to shoot the swans and die.

An Australian colonial homestead on the nearby Meredith River, ‘Cambria Homestead‘, along with its pastoral 3000+ hectares in March 2015 was snapped up by a Chinese syndicate controlled by multi-millionaire Ronald Hu (his Anglicised name) from Hong Kong.

But it’s not for the serenity.  Dolphin Sands postcard-ready natural beauty is up for a Chinese invasion – a mega tourism and residential development exclusively for Chinese nationals.

That’s Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay in the background and Moulton Lagoon Ramsar bird wetland nearby – all concept earmarked to become a Chinese-exclusive playground

Many Chinese million-billionaires are keen property investors and developers, and the Chinese Communist Party out of Peking are directing and backing them to pursue the Xi Dynasty’s global ‘One-Belt One Road‘ imperialist ambitions.

Chinese imperialism has already invaded New Zealand, South Pacific island nations, mainland Australia by stealth.  Now Tasmania is on the yellow geo-cultural radar.


Chinese post-Mao capitalists securing property imperialism downunder

Hu has immigrated to Melbourne to plot and secure his Chinese cultural beachhead around Swansea.  Cleverly, Hu named his capitalist development front from Melbourne, the ‘Cambria Green Agriculture and Tourism Management’ so as to disguise the Chinese ownership and make out like it’s all about investing in Tasmanian agriculture and tourism.

Both state and local levels of government in Tasmania have taken the lure hook, line and sinker, as well as Fairfax Media’s Hobart daily tabloid newspaper The Mercury.

It’s the globalist “Jobs and Growth” shallow mantra and it’s all quite deceptive, naïve, and wealth sacrifice for short-term cash motive.

It’s another Australian betrayal of selling the farm to Chinese plague ‘celestials‘ of yore – Aussie Diggers used to rightly drive them out of town.

Another Chinese beachhead:  This time at Tasmania’s 1830’s Cambria Estate outside Swansea

Mr Hu has just lodged a mega development proposal for his Chinese-only retirement resort for Cambria estate to the local Glamorgan Spring Bay Council on Tasmania’s rural east coast.  The development proposes a 120 room luxury Cambria Sky Hotel, 70 villas and 240 units, Chinese tourist hotel, an 80-unit health retreat, wedding, function and conference facilities, an 18 and 9-hole golf courses, 80 Chinese visitor apartments, a palliative care hospice and an airport for Chinese to fly in one way direct.

It is only for Chinese nationals.

So Tasmanian heritage 1830s Cambria Homestead is set to be gutted and converted into a Chinese palliative cultural resort with more play things you could poke a stick at.

Frankly, the pioneer family of George Meredith (1777-1856) a barrister of Cambria (in Wales) who settled in Van Diemans Land with his family in 1821 and built the estate, would be disgustingly horrified.

Try doing this in China!

No, not for this lot.

More like for this lot.


Where Hu comes from, Shanghai has one of the oldest populations in the country with 4.8 million, or 33% of the total population, aged over 60, and the capitalist class are all cashed up.  This is what the communist government built for them.

Hu says “That is not the way I want to die. I want to die in a beautiful place.

Mr Hu said the proposed facility would be open to people with a terminal illness who wanted to see something beautiful before they die – swans.

Image result for chinese sacred bird phoenix transparent

Hu has commissioned one Irene Duckett of Irene Inc Planning & Urban Design in North Hobart to spin doctor a 117-page Masterplan 2018  dubbed the Amendment to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Interim Planning Scheme.  It is submitted on behalf of the Chinese.

Irene Duckett’s Chinese Invasion of Swansea Masterplan 2018 Part 1

Irene Duckett’s Chinese Invasion of Swansea Masterplan 2018 Part 2

Irene Duckett’s Chinese Invasion of Swansea Masterplan 2018 Part 3

Irene Duckett’s Chinese Invasion of Swansea Masterplan 2018 Part 4

Irene Duckett’s Chinese Invasion of Swansea Masterplan 2018 Part 5

Being an urban planner, Duckett spruiks Hu’s long wish list to create a Chinese only indulgent retirement city in the middle of Tasmania’s rural east coast.

“Chinese have diversity rights”

This is Duckett’s documented wish list, and locals are not impressed.

  • Chinese-only accommodation – capacity 10,000+ with various accommodation options – residential hotel, serviced apartments, bed and breakfast, hostel, residential aged care home, respite centre, and retirement village,  boarding house, communal residence, holiday cabins, camping and caravan park, palliative hospice
  • Chinese vegetable farm
  • Vineyard and Winery
  • Orchards
  • White chrysanthemum garden and florist
  • Carp fish farm
  • Asian Honey Bee apiary
  • Piggery
  • Horse Stud
  • Abattoir
  • Cattle Cows and Dairy
  • Silviculture and sawmill
  • Ofo Mountain bike trails

  • Fitness centre, gymnasium, bowling alley
  • Firing range, hunting lodge, ordnance strongroom, waterfowl hides and boat hire
  • Golf course and driving range
  • Swimming pool
  • Race course
  • Sports ground
  • Motel
  • Health retreat
  • A Chinese town including a supermarket, department store, restaurants and cafes (Chinese), pharmacy, medical centre, dentist, art gallery, hairdresser, Asian market, primary produce sales, dry cleaner, video shop, adult sex product shop, amusement parlour, beauty salon, betting agency (next to race track), cafe, restaurant and take-aways (Asian of course), community meeting and entertainment venue (FIFO Chinese relatives), church, religious and cultural activities hall (probably Falun gong), cinema, civic centre, function centre, library, museum, public art gallery, theatre, art gallery – all Chinese, plus an ambulance station, fire station and police station.
  • Various administrative facilities.

But wait there’s more…

  • An airport
  • Heliport
  • Bus terminal
  • Town council depot (Mandarin speaking only)
  • Mail centre
  • Railway station (train and track presumed)
  • Road and rail freight terminal plus freight distribution centre
  • Uber taxi depot – Mandarin-speaking drivers only
  • Theme park, visitors centre, wildlife park and zoo.

How about tai chi lawns, a hunting lodge, brothel, mega Chinese cemetery (attracting tens of thousands of Chinese descendants every year to Swansea) crematorium, a tannery, a Chinese secret military base, Huawei Technologies listening post, hourly cheap Chinese white buses to Port Arthur and Salamanca Markets?

Tasmanians need to check the Chinese invasion of Sydney to see what looms for them in Swansea

It’s all very Disney-esk but with a Chinese cultural predilection.  Think 2017 and the Chinese proposed ‘Edu-City’ for some 80,000 Chinese immigrants plus another 50,000 Chinese students (aka backdoor immigrants) to invade and convert Werribee pasture outside Melbourne.  See artist impression below.

Artist misleading impression

Or think 2016 and the Chinese proposed $500 million ‘Chappypie China Time‘ theme park for rural Warnervale on the New South Wales Central Coast.  It had the backing of local Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton.  Of course it did.  His wife is Chinese.

Artist misleading impression

Or think 2013 and the Chinese proposed $400 million ‘Chinese Trade Centre‘ outside Wagga Wagga.  Local Mayor of Wagga Wagga Council was all in favour, because he stood to personally profit from it.

The Chinese conjure up nutter schemes every year somewhere for Australia. Such are culturally foreign invaders being Trojan Horsed by council traitors within, who are fixated on lining their own pockets to the demise of our nation’s sovereignty.

Already in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, multinational property have been gleefully reaping squillions from converting prime real estate to high rise for Asian immigrants, particularly Chinese.  Associate Professor Jie Chen says rich Chinese choosing to settle in Australia generally have great connections back in China.

So the Chinese capitalists and the treacherous and greedy self-interested traitor class have started eyeing Tasmania.  Local desperate Glamorgan Spring Bay Council is in on the action, last month rezoning the significant vegetable growing farmland of the region into housing set for invited hordes of incoming palliative Chinese.

It’s greedy Mayor Michael Kent and his acolytes want a bit of the Chinese immigrant action.

As Supermarket King AM, I always bought cheap Chinese to profit off Tasmanian locals

They are fixated on the flow of yuan to ramp up Tasmania’s sleepy East Coast. Palliative Chinese Immigration is the latest gold rush.  Lend lease, Chinese owned Aveo Group, Ramsay Health Care and Macquarie Capital are eyeing the sector.  So why can’t Swansea?

Kent said the proposed development would “do wonders” for the area. “We need to get the younger people back but we’ve got to be able to supply jobs.”

As long as they are Chinese and speak Mandarin he forgets to mention.

For Mayor Michael Kent and his Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, it’s the promise of yuan riches.  Chinese millionaire capitalists like Hu are tapping into the millions of Mao’s cultural revolution retirees who have ironically made their capitalist fortune and now want to escape Xi’s totalitarian China.

From aged 60 Chinese men can retire (women at age 55). Instead of seeing out their days in Shanghai’s cultural revolution high-rise, they can do their tai chi in peaceful idyllic Tassie.  There they can play golf, grow bok choy, languish on Canberra’s Aged Parent visa (subclass 804) and otherwise shoot swans on the adjacent Swan River and nearby Moulton Lagoon just a short stroll away. Swansea has it’s name for a reason; it’s on picturesque Great Oyster Bay and there are heaps of swans.

Sichuan swan


Hu is onto it.  So he’s throwing a massive $100 million development into it.

Tasmania’s Tourism Industry Council Luke Martin reckons the Chinese influx will boost regional tourism,

“Our number-one goal now is to make sure Tasmanian regional tourism grows at the same rate as the cities, and the only way we’re going to do that is to attract investment to regional Tasmania.”

That translates to bugger the ancestral Tasmanians, new crisp Chinese yuan matters more (for da polly bank account).

Tasmania’s current globalist Hodgman Liberal Government disguises it as ‘environmental tourism’.  Hu’s urban invasion is being trumped as “a major boost for the local visitor economy.”  But it’s simply mass immigration and now Tasmania is to be swallowed by Greater Melbourne’s mass immigration sprawl.

And Swansea locals and Tasmanians generally don’t want it.  No-one asked them.  Sophie Underwood, convenor of the local Freycinet Action Network, says:

“Is this the kind of Tasmania we want?  There’s a sense of tranquillity, it isn’t the intention to destroy any of those qualities.”

Swansea, Bicheno, Freycinet, Port Arthur, Salamanca, Bruny Island, Tasman Peninsula – you have been warned


The current DA approval process is a 42-day consultation process with the community before it goes to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for approval. If successful, a development application will then be submitted.

Tasmanian Planning Commission Chairman Greg Alomes, former Kingborough Council GM

“Trust me, I was appointed by Paul Lennon in 2008.”


Swansea tourism potential – a mega Chinese cemetery for fly-in relatives from China