Aussie Urban Cleansing as LibLab Brownshirts pit Ethnics v Aussies in fake racist campaign

Check da Engrish in this fake supremacist mock-up poster.

Clearly scribed by an ethnic student chick on a subclass 500 – probably a backdoor-immigrating Chinese spy with da SRC at nearby Macquarie Uni.

For Fly-In Asians sent by their Third World dynasty to wedge Canberra’s Aged Parent (Residence) (Subclass 804) and Parent (Migrant) (Subclass 103). NB. Canberra’s limit is just 60,000 kin per year.

The Liberal Hard Right Sydney chapter must have switched their party drugs. The Brownshirts are at it again postering up the ethnic enclave of Ryde faking White Aussie sentiment against the migrant high-rise invasion of their neighbourhood. It’s classic divide and conquer electioneering with a long history of being equally deployed by Liberal and Labor alike.

Perhaps Liberal neo-nazis Jeff Egan and Gary Clarke are reaching outside Lindsay – just like their fake Lindsay pamphlet distribution of November 21, 2007.

Same LibLab Globalist Agenda for Australia

The Liberal dirty tricks directives like Howard Crawford/Squadron IQ-88 emanate out of migrant Frank Lowy’s Westfield Tower at Level 12/100 William Street, East Sydney.  Similarly, Labor propaganda gets churned out of 377-383 Sussex Street bunker, close to Brownshirt Chinatown deploying the militant CFMEU and dial-a-crowd Antifa and Socialist Alliance.   The joint fellowship think the same, have the same policies, and report to the same globalist New World Order – neo-liberalism meets neo-communism.


The Liberals in Canberra invited the ethnic hordes to swamp and congest Sydney and Melbourne ( just like Labor).  The Liberals, like Labor, invited non-Whites, Third Worlders, and anti-Christians to be as unlike Australians as possible, then said bring your own cultures.  Canberra gave them a leg up and sidelined Ordinary Australians.  Now the next phase is to sew even more hate and resentment between Aussies and the Ethnics using Brownshirt poster boys.

Both Liberals and Labor share the same globalist policies that are undoing Australia’s economy and society.  The multinational Liberals and foreign Labor parties have become indistinguishable in their treacherous anti-Australian hate:

  • The same mass immigration policy pricing out local home ownership
  • The same rate of foreign ownership
  • The same anti-Aussie multiculturalism
  • The same privatisation of public wealth and essential services
  • The same Treasury depletion to fund UN agendas  – Third World mass migration, climate hoax, social deviance
  • The same foreign indebtedness, hurtling our nation towards bankruptcy. 

Arguably, outright Japanese invasion wouldn’t have done a better job of Aussie ethnic cleansing.


While much of the material on the posters is factually truthful and tap into the mainstream sentiment:

“All Asian businesses/employees discriminate, they only employ Asians”, “Stop Asians applying for public housing assistance. They have no right to it. It puts Aussies homeless.”

At least true Aussie nationalists can spell.

We recall in February 2017 ahead of the national election, the same poster was reported stuck to a Chinese-Australian property investor’s billboard advertisements at a construction site in Ryde and across inner Sydney’s ethnic Petersham. They were drug-induced creative and factual, but fake no less.  We consider Chinese spies infiltrating Australian universities posted these themselves, as a crude form of fueling underlying civil tensions.

Hateful Racists Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel-Magied


Some really old images here, so we can guess the fake “Aussie Nationalists” are likely diehards connected to defunct Klub Nation out of nearby Chippendale?  (We might borrow the “rooks dericious” phrase, but)


Similar neo-nazi posters have been spotted around the Canberra CBD – idle time used by visiting Westfield Tower apparatchiks.

Notably, none of the taunts target Jews, which suggests a ziopatriot involvement.  It could be a ploy to also crack down on all Aussie dissent by strengthening Section 20D of the 1989 NSW Anti-Discrimination Act and others like it in Victoria.

City of Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale has confirmed that eight posters last week have been found and were removed.  He knew where they were because why?

Ryde’s Asianisation

Ryde is within the federal electorate of Bennelong, one of Sydney’s so-called ‘global growth corridor’ which in reality translates to a swelling yellow peril electorate.  The Asian invitation has been orchestrated, modelled on an inverse of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now they’re fuelling an uprising.  At all government levels this Sydney urban area has become a political play thing for Liberal and Labor dirty tricks – think PM John Howards demise to Labor’s polly parachutist Maxine McKew and then Labor’s second attempt with polly parachutist Kristina Keneally. – kinda like anti-White Eugenics conjured up in some midnight dagger- practice BDSM session.

Chinese Imperialism in full swing in Sydney and Melbourne

Chinks like Simon Zhou (Ryde council), Paul Han (Parramatta council), Jeanette Wang (Ashfield council) and Nancy Liu (Hurstville council) — are all close to Chinese national and property developer Huang Xiangmo, and have belonged to one of three lobby groups he runs in Sydney to advance Beijing’s interests. Three of the candidates have won places on Sydney councils, and another who served previously was defeated.

Two of the candidates who won council positions this month, Mr Zhou and Mr Han, were NSW Labor Senate candidates in last year’s federal election. Both were given tryouts, endorsed by Shanghai Sam Dastyari and NSW Labor general secretary Kaila Murnain, on the state party’s Senate ticket in unwinnable spots. They have now shifted attention to local government, with Mr Han winning a place on Parramatta Council in Sydney’s west for Labor, and Mr Zhou winning a place on Ryde Council as an independent.

Mr Han worked full-time as a staffer for Shanghai Sam in his Parramatta office. He has also served as head of “government and public relations” for Mr Haung’s Australia Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, which funded Shanghai’s spy trips to China.

Despite running as an independent in Ryde, Mr Zhou is already figuring as a key player because he is expected to have the casting vote on Tuesday that could return Labor’s Jerome Laxale as mayor and give Labor a controlling majority.

Mr Zhou has served as a high-profile vice-president of Mr Huang’s Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China. Until July this year, he was also paid as a part-time Chinese community liaison official for NSW Labor’s head office. Mr Zhou resigned from his paid ALP role in July after it was revealed he was linked to co-ordinating $145,000 in donations to the party from five gold trading companies also involved in a legal dispute over $20 million in unpaid taxes.

The third candidate with links to Mr Huang is Jeanette Wang, a vice-president of his ACPPRC group and former Labor councillor in Ashfield. Nancy Liu, a former deputy mayor of Hurstville in Sydney’s south, is a member of Mr Huang’s ACPPRC. Although a Liberal member, she has won a spot on the new Georges River Council as an independent.

“Softly softly infiltrate…get into government, put politicians and past politicians on the payroll, donate to political parties, steer academia, play on the greed of landholders and business operators. Couple the soft incursions with compliant governments that appear to be asleep at the wheel, and the end result is that one morning Australians wake up to find that they have lost their country and their freedom.” 

Comment by Tony, Sep 23, 2017.


Both Sydney and Melbourne have been swamped by migrants. Many suburbs have become ethnic enclaves such that urban Aussie spotting is facing the same demise as the Northern White Rhino – extinct from non-White persecution.

A pertinent genuine poster of the Patriotic Youth League of 2005

In Bennelong, the demographic sands are shifting.  NSW Liberals have rezoned traditional Aussie suburbs like Ryde and Epping and Canberran Liberals have imposed mass immigration.  Under Rudd-Gillard Greens-Labor, multicultist policy discriminated against Aussies in favour of Boat People invasion rights.

Labor Mayor of Ryde Jerome Laxale (a parachuted safe seat foreigner) wants all the remaining Aussies out of Ryde and Bennelong because they don’t donate enough political bribe like the Chinese do.  Laxale has links to the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘soft power’ imperialism.  A third of Bennelong is now yellow.  The lure continues to be education and the flood of Chinese demand has made housing unaffordable to young Ordinary Australians of the area. 

Laxale reckons “Ryde is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Australia. We are proud of our multiculturalism.”  Jerome luvs his Chinese, especially his weekly wonton soup.

Meanwhile, the multinational Liberals in Macquarie Street are rezoning the suburbs for Hong Kong high-rise landscape. 

Figures compiled by Ryde council reckons under the Berejiklian High-Rise Code, the number of housing sites in the council area that could be developed for medium-density housing will increase from 4082 to an estimated 14,465 and that more than 60% Ryde could be transformed into high-rise, leading to more than 40,000 new dwellings and 80,000 additional residents.

“Real estate agents are already licking their lips and are offering homes directly to developers. As of 6 July, blocks of flats will be able to be built in our quietest streets adding more and more residents to our already congested roads and over-crowded schools.”

The Aussies are selling up and migrating rural, and the ethnics are muscling in.

Liberal and Labor globalism is embarking on a divide and conquer anti-Aussie campaign to wedge out Aussies across Sydney and Melbourne to make way for 190,000 ethnic economic growth every year.  (Actually the 190,000 statistic is fake news out of Point Piper Palace.  In 2017, Canberra’s net migration was 245,000.  Rudd’s Big Australia peaked it at 315,000 in 2008.)

Local word is that Laxale is co-ordinating the divide and conquer poster campaign.  It’s a tried and tested Labor electioneering tactic.

It’s tapping into the growing grassroots revolt by Ordinary Australians copping the Lib-Lab urban re-zoning, re-coding, re-planning and corrupt approvals of urban housing property to multinational real estate agents and developer elites.  In Sydney, Berejiklian’s Armenia housing code permit blocks as narrow as 12 metres for a duplex, compared to existing council rules requiring frontages to be at least 15 to 20 metres.

The Chinese High-Rise Corruption Racket

Australia’s states, territories and local councils take their orders, funding and migrant quotas from Canberra.

Ryde and Bennelong more broadly are party of a high-rise corruption racket.  The property agents, developers, builders and banks fund the pollies, the pollies perpetuate the foreign demand, foreign demand pushes up property prices and demand for more high-rise. So the property agents, developers, builders and banks get wealthier and wealthier at the expense of Ordinary Australians.   Neo-capitalism?

  • Estate agents Sodichan, Black Diamondz, McGrath, Di Jones, LJ Hooker, Ray White, Tracy Yap (Anglicised of course)
  • High-Rise Developers Harry Triguboff’s Meriton, Mirvac, Lend Lease, Stockland, Metricon
  • Banks like Hong Kong’s HSBC, Bank of China
  • Fairfax’s Domain magazine – the only publication staving Fairfax from bankruptcy

Bargain shipping container for swing-a-rat Asian

What congestion?  What parking?  What public transport? What schools? What hospitals?  Third World here we come!

As Sydney and Melbourne grow by over 100,000 ethnics per year, many Australian people are fleeing like refugees to regional Australia. Some have made the move because of declining lifestyle quality or employment prospects.  Creeping cost of living rises is a Canberran redistribution programme to erode the Australian of way of life and alter the demographics.

Canberra’s globalist Agenda 21 continues to invite in hordes of ethnics to driven up house pricing and so force millions of Ordinary Aussie families out of the urban housing market.   This is deliberately skewing the demographics away from the ancestral White Australian and our European culture of the great cities of Sydney and Melbourne. It crushes too the environmental quality of the cities. It is ethnic cleansing by ‘lawful’ means.

The concentration of immigration upon the two big cities and even Brisbane too links the economies to these centres absolutely to globalism.  In this way ethnic cleansing is linked to the enmeshment of the economy in the globalist project and we may rightly speak of re-colonisation.

Peak organisations representing Big Business, union bosses and certain community and ethnic bodies, have united to impose the ‘Big Australia’ model upon the country.

A newspaper report describes it as an “unprecedented compact to back Big Australia, calling on the Federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration amid calls for the rate to be cut.”

A document issued by this “historic national compact brings together civil society, business and our union movement in shared tripartite commitment to migration as part of Australia’s future,” will serve as a programme to mobilize support for the plan.

These powerful forces “affirm that Australia’s permanent migration program is essential to Australian society and our economy and do not support any reduction to the scheme.”

It is obvious why that foreign Labor’s tools in the workers movement, the ACTU and United Voice, would sign a National Compact on Permanent Migration with the peak employer body, the Australian Industry Group.

It is simple: all see immigration as part of their collective power in Australia. They represent those agencies for the marginalisation process of Australians, of small Australian business, of Australian innovative enterprise in the city and on the land and of Australian labour. They represent none of the true productive Australian people. And with their support from the new ethnic lobbies they represent the intruders linked to the outside. An Australia dominated from the outside by globalist economic forces in which certain traitors profit – that is the goal!

In between the lines of a mainstream media report, comes the truth. High density housing? For whom? For people yet to arrive in Australia?!

Let us be crude, rude and unrefined. Unlike Dick Smith and the Sustainable Population people, with whose general facts we agree, the question is – who are the immigrants?   If they cleanse the Australians and European migrants from various areas, what does that mean?

It is time to tell it plain!

Civil Dissent Must Be Mobilized

Dr. Jim Saleam, president of Australia First Party observes:

“This new alliance shows us that a nationalist party operating to what we call the Three-Tier Method – electoral participation, community and street level activism, ideological growth and cultural defence – is an urgent requirement. That means initially that the true nationalists, separated as we may be in a few organisations, must now seek and find ways to unite while continuing all our efforts. It means that these nationalists must also work where possible with other organisations to advance the Australian people’s cause. This united response is the order of the day.”

Although the odds are not with the Australian people’s cause at this time, it is the struggle which is decisive. Australia First Party will not let its side down.

The immigration question for nationalists is not just a question of ‘numbers’ whether that point is raised by certain Liberals (Abbott and so forth), or by the Sustainable Population advocates, or by Liberal satellite parties like Cory’s Tories or Liberty Alliance, or even by Pauline Hanson. It is a matter of who those immigrants brought to Australia are and how they relate to globalism an in particular, Chinese imperialism.

Ethnic cleansing is now a fact in Australia whether the supporters of high immigration say it or not. Indeed, we would be surprised if they did. It is time for the truth to be told.