Slackbastard communist anarchists getting desperate

One friggen Dave Fregon, of anarchist fame yet in hypocritical anarchist style, seems to have become quite desperate of late.

Friggen Dave set up @ndy as his author #1 on slackbastard.

Friggen Dave Fregon’s bundy fueled ADHD mindset must really be challenged.

Australian Tax OfficeJames Hutchings

> "Hutchings, James" wrote:
Is there anyone out there who knows anything about computer
programming who might be interested in helping me with this idea for 
a game? 
  The idea is a kind of simulation of the anarchist movement, where 
you set up different collectives (ARA, IWW etc) which have different
abilities -a similar kind of idea to Civilisation.

The idea would be to send it out as freeware - you could have
information and links about the different units in the'd 
be a pretty cool propaganda tool I think.

I've included more detail in the attached Word file. Please note - 
don't get offended by the descriptions of the units.  Like I said, 
they've been simplified for game purposes (to the point of parody 
perhaps).  There's no hidden agenda in the unit descriptions, you'll
notice that everyone has been simplified equally.

(NOTE: Please don't reply to this via the spanet list as I'm not on


and then there’s this..

A – I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

>From “Hutchings, James” <>
Hi folks, Someone is organising a May Day conference in Melbourne, it’s
actually on May 8th so there’s no conflict with the Brisbane conference.
Here’s some info for it that they’ve just sent me.
Anyone who can help by speaking etc, please email Jo, email is

Thanks, James Jo Mundy 49 Grandview Ave Macedon Vic 3440 Ph: (03) 54 261338
SMS: 0438075413 Email:

I am writing in regards to an
upcoming event, the ?Mayday Solidarity
Conference? to be held at St Albans VUT
Building 4 courtyard on May the 8th between
10am and 5:10pm. The aims of the
conference are as follows:

a) To introduce people to some of the central
themes and ideas in the philosophy of
anarchism; its history in revolutionary
movements and contemporary significance,
its unique abilities and strategies for
questioning, critiquing and exposing
oppressive and authoritarian individuals and
organizations, its challenge to the widely
held belief of survival of the fittest and
competition mentality, its validating, self
affirming and community building potentials,
and its practical strategies for challenging
hierarchy and creating alternatives to
capitalism and consumerism.
b) To create a safe and respectful space
where marginalised parts and individuals in
the community can speak openly of their
experiences and offer their unique opinions.
c) To provide a practical platform for
non-authoritarian individuals and
organizations to network and communicate.
d) To highlight and expose practical ways of
living without capitalism through an
on-the-day Freestore (and to this end we
encourage people to bring along all their
unwanted goods and items; i.e., zines, books,
cds, clothing, silverware, etc. for others to
take and exchange on a needs basis).
e) To build and foster community,
communication, love and solidarity in the
current climate of fear, suspicion and hatred.

And number one author of the fake @ndy Fleming, as @ndy Hutchings.


What was James Hutchings doing at his government desk job?  What inappropriate emails did he send?

ATO dog tags will reveal much email archives from Hutchings at the ATO and anarcho-webpunk Fregon:

Dave Fregon anarchistHow much ATO time has been spent building the following extra-curricula anarchist websites?

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