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Dr. Kristy Campion Fibs Again – Her (Non-Existent) ‘Far Right’ Is About To Use The Virus As Propaganda

Dr. Kristy Campion at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga is fibbing again about a non-existent “Far-Right” in Australia. She claims that this Far-Right is now actively working to take political advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. And she’s being backed up in her assertions by “Andy Fleming” a so-called “researcher” of the Far Right, but who is really the notorious anarchist leader Rob Sparrow (aka Slackbastard).

Now SBS has pitched in to help, by spinning far and wide their lurid tales of “Far Right” plots to use fear of the coronavirus to spread hate – and more hate and more hate. In the chaos of hate, it is said this Far Right could acquire political influence.

Who Are The Enemies of The Australian Working Class?

by Dr. Jim Saleam and others We know that this article will be closely read – by certain would-be bash-boys from a corrupt fraction of Australia’s largest trade union, the Construction, Forestry Mining And Engineering Union (CFMEU), by @ndy Hutchings,…

Slackbastard communist anarchists getting desperate

One friggen Dave Fregon, of anarchist fame yet in hypocritical anarchist style, seems to have become quite desperate of late. Friggen Dave set up @ndy as his author #1 on slackbastard.  http://slackbastard.anarchobase.com/?author=1 Friggen Dave Fregon’s bundy fueled ADHD mindset must…