Scott Morrison to now crack down on Labor’s illegals bludging on welfare

Now that Scott Morrison as Australian Immigration Minister has stopped the illegal boats from boosting Labor’s ethnic voter base, the Liberals are sending him in to crack down on the illegals already here and on welfare.

Illegal Economic Migrants in AustraliaIllegally Brown in Australia


All the incoming Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, needs do is hold a steady course and maintain the rigor set by Morrison in immigration and border security.  Our border protection services know how to handle all the scenarios thrown at it by the likes of people smugglers and their supporters – Sarah Hanson Young, David Manne, Julian Burnside and Ian Rintoul.  Although, Detention Centre breeding is flagged as a new loophole manipulated by the illegal advocates.

So today, Morrison has been promoted to the Social Services ministry to sort out the rorting of welfare particularly by immigrants.   Hundreds of thousands of them are bludging on Centrelink, Medicare and Disability Pensions, sapping Australia’s national wealth.

Meanwhile, ordinary Australians are missing out.

Illegals on Welfare Pension

Immigrants, particularly illegals and asylum seekers, continue to arrive in Australia by plane, then overstay their tourist or student visas, arrange fake marriages and breed so that they can stay in Australia and get taxpayer-funded handouts.

The national social services portfolio costs Australian taxpayers $130 billion year on year, thanks to Labor.

Omar Halaby on Disability PensionMuslim Rioter in Hyde Park, Omar Halaby
while on the Disability Pension


Morrison’s Social Services portfolio places him at the helm of one of the largest areas of government expenditure.  He has a job and a half ahead of him.   If you think he has come under fire from the Leftists Greens over boat illegals, once Morrison starts denying the welfare rorters their fortnightly cheque they will come out of their miserable holes – the Brothers for Low Life, Lebs, ferals, squatters and anarchists.

Team Australia is set to identify the non-team players, who Abbott considers are not “having a go”.  The buzz phrase for 2015 is “mutual obligation”.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has praised his outgoing immigration minister Scott Morrison as a master of difficult policy and administration, who stopped the boats.  As part of an expanded social services portfolio, Abbott has said of Morrison, “We need good judgment in these areas and that is exactly what you will get from Scott Morrison.”

Morrison is ready to take charge of cracking down on welfare cheats.   He had sought the Defence gig, but if Morrison saves the Liberals’ budget repair effort, then after the next election that gig shall be his just reward.

Morrison will need support.

Foreign Labor will likely keep its Senate attack dog Doug Cameron in shadow Human Services, as well as Jenny Macklin in Families and Disability, Claire Moore (in Carers), Shayne Neumann (Aborigines and Aging), Jan McLucas (Mental Health) and less obviously Michelle Rowland in pro-multiculturalism (aka ethnic rights).  All these shadow portfolios will counter Morrison’s clean up mission.

One wouldn’t be surprised to see Foreign Greens Sarah Hanson Young sideways shift to Social Services as well.  Milne has already today hinted a welfare counter offensive, defending “safety net” rights.


Khaled Sharrouf on Disability PensionJihadist Khaled Sharrouf lived on the Disability Pension in Sydney’s southwest.