Public assets belong to the Public; their privatisation is Public theft

In an Australian town when a councillor is voted in, that person is entrusted for a short time with public authority to represent and deliver on the wishes of the town community.  But in no way does that authority extend to selling off the town’s assets like the town hall or community land.

The town’s assets are not for sale by politicians.  Politicians are always public servants by their own choice and by virtue of the public entrusting them through the vote.  This applies equally to State Governments voted in for a short time to run the State.  But voting is for their public service, not for their public sell off.

Across Australia, no public servant can be elected dictator with power to sell off the farm!

Yet in New South Wales (NSW), both Liberal-National and Labor parties of recent times have won the vote only to arrogantly defy public oppostion by unilaterally selling off State public assets.  Labor and Liberal-Nationals are no different in their privatisation policies.  They are effectively a single LibLab Party.

The LibLabs have arguing factions, but when voted in, LibLabs sell public assets either way.  LibLabs are arrogant, irrelevant, corrosive and belong to the 20th Century. LibLabs side with greedy corporates to exploit Australian workers and side with foreigners to take away Australian jobs.  To ordinary Australians, LibLabs are a political vacuum – most are lost looking for alternatives.

NSW LibLabs since Bob Carr’s rein went on a privatisation spree selling off public electricity assets to private corporations and selling off critical State motorways to tollway companies.  Now NSW motorists pay taxes to Macquarie Street and tolls to the likes of corporate Transurban Group.   LibLabs have sold off the TAB, the State Bank, the Government Insurance Office (GIO), prisons and State Lotteries, without any public mandate!

At national level, Labor’s token Foreign Investment Review Board are allowing vast areas of Australia’s prime agricultural land to be sold off to foreign ownership.  If you are a foreigner with $5 million of more, Gillard’s Labor Government lays out the red carpet!

LibLabs are hell bent on selling of public health assets to private operators who run the service at bare cost so that shareholder wealth is maximised.  Bugger the patients!

NSW Labor before it was rightly thrown from office by NSW voters continued to sell off public lands and facilitated this by dodgy re-zoning of public infrastructure for easy sale.

Under the LibLabs, no public infrastructure assets are safe – Sydney Water, State Rail, Sydney Buses, Sydney Ferries, Corrective Services, Energy Australia, State Schools, TAFEs, State Hospitals,  Motorways, even State Superannuation.

LibLab policy is that if it has value flog it to the private sector for cash.  It is LibLab desperate asset porn strategy.  NSW Liberal Premier Greiner instigated the public asset flogging addiction decades ago, and O’Farrell, on election, just let him loose on carving up the rest of the State’s public infrastructure.

Public assets have been built up over generations. They are part of the accumulated collective wealth of the people of NSW. The final say on disposing of those assets should be in the hands of State Parliament, not O’Farrell’s cabinet of choice.  Australia’s national Socialist Alliance would attest to this.

The previous NSW Labor Government hived off $5.3 billion in 2010 by selling public electricity assets to Origin Energy, AGL Energy and TRUenergy.  They had no democratic right!   So now the public of New South Wales are condemned to uncontrolled escalating electricity costs, while the Labor politicians enjoy the benefits of the public assets for a lifetime living off inflated pensions, unavailable to the rest of us.

NSW Liberal Premier O’Farrell today tried to flog off the remainder of NSW’s public power assets for $3 billion so it can fuel its Party’s wishlists.  Subject to the whim of the NSW Upper House, he will probably get his king’s way.  But O’Farrell was not voted in as State King!  He was voted in as a democratic State Premier!

By voting LibLab you are voting to sell Australia’s public assets.  You are voting for privatising public assets – those which our parents, grandparents and ancestors paid a lifetime of taxes for.  Respect the heritage of Australian rights. Voting LibLab only guarantees ordinary Australians the burden of ongoing unaffordable rising prices for basic household bills – power, heating, water.   Voting LibLab will inevitably see you dealing on the phone about your bills to a foreigner who couldn’t care less.  Once the LibLab ratbags sell off what’s left of Australia’s public infrastructure to offshore foreign interests to the likes of China, Australians will be at the price mercy of foreigners.  Weren’t all the wars Australians have fought and died in supposed to keep our nation free from tyranny? 


Vote Australia First, because then AUSTRALIANS come first!

Because Australian assets are guaranteed to stay in Australian public ownership!

Because Australian public assets are NOT FOR BLOODY SALE, never were and never will be!