South West Sydney an enclave of ethnic violence

Classic Australian working class rock band Cold Chisel used to play in Cabramatta at the Stardust Hotel, but you have to go back to 1979.  Cabramatta used to be the heart of working class Australians, just like most of South West Sydney.

Since Gough Whitlam’s 1972 multiculturalism manifesto, South West Sydney has allowed to become Australia’s largest ethnic enclave.  The Vietnamese were encouraged by Labor and Liberal governments to take over and dominate Cabramatta and Fairfield.  They even named the Liverpool Leisure Centre after Whitlam.

Other suburbs of South West Sydney like Campsie, Punchbowl, Bankstown, Granville, Campbelltown and Macquarie Fields have experienced overwhelming demographic influx as the world’s immigrants have descended upon and swamped the area.   The ‘melting pot’ theory of multiculturalism has not only displaced traditional Australians, but the concentration of ethnicity has been so economically short-sighted that dysfunctional social enclaves have been created.  Most have no interest in assimilating into the broader Australian community, but in continuing their foreign cultures, languages and ways.  Many reject Australian values.

Any wonder, many traditional Australian working class families having generations in South West Sydney have fled to the Central Coast, North Coast and to Queensland.

Worse is the recent decades of ethnic violence dominating South West Sydney.  Arab wars have come to South West Sydney and the factions and ethnic feuds with them.  Under-funding of Australian Customs has seen an escalation of hand guns coming into Port Botany.  Murders, bashings, drug crimes, sexual assault, armed robberies, break ins, home invasions, drive by shootings now characterise South West Sydney from Campsie to Campbelltown.  Ethnic bikie gangs rule.  The police can’t cope.  Ethnic violence is out of control there.  Who’d want to live there now?

Two immigrant feuding Arab families have been accused by Sydney’s courts of gangland shootings in the streets of Milperra.   In 2009, Canberra truck driver Bob Knight was sitting in his TNT truck when a stray bullet killed him during a gunfight between two rival families in the KFC Milperra car park, in South West Sydney. Knight was an innocent bystander who was simply doing his job, driving past that location, who was struck by a bullet at that time.  A grandfather, he has left behind an immediate family and an extended family.

Arabs Mahmoud Mariam, Adel Elkobali and an unnamed teenager of South West Sydney are members of the Arab ethnic gangs responsible for Knight’s killing.  These ethnic criminals need to be auto-deported.  Why should Australian taxpayers fund such foreign criminals in Australia gaols?  Send ’em back to whence they came!

LibLab uncontrolled ethnic immigration since Whitlam has seen South West Sydney and its concentrated ethnic enclaves deteriorate into becoming the heart of Australia’s ethnic violence.  It is Australia’s Beirut.

Thanks Gough for your ethnic enclave disintegration of South West Sydney.