Postal plebiscite on deviant marriage – the Canadian experiment warns of a looming ‘stolen generation’

The lefties in Canberra know how to waste money.  The Liberal Party’s deviant seven have bullied Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to waste $122 million on some postal plebiscite across Australia on the deviant marriage question.   The deviant seven backbencher faction?

  1. Dean Smith MP
  2. Trevor Evans MP
  3. Warren Entsch MP
  4. Tim Wilson MP
  5. Trent Zimmerman MP
  6. John Alexander MP
  7. Jason Wood MP


So now there’s gunna be a useless survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to mail order Australians to ask if we want the Marriage Act corrupted to permit wedge deviance.  It’s sure as shite a slippery slope.  And the ABS can’t even do a proper census – its core job.

Traditional Christian marriage is a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, so that children may know and may be raised by their biological parents.

So what is to be the postal plebiscite question then?

  • Do you think anyone can marry anyone?
  • Do you favour a homosexual surrogacy industry boom?
  • Do you approve of sexual deviants including transvestites, pedophiles and the like have the same legal parenting rights as a natural mother and father?
  • Do you approve of kids trafficking so homosexuals can parent an innocent child?
  • Do you approve of removing the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from birth certificates?
  • Do you approve of banning ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’?
  • Do you approve of segregating normal children from schools bullied by deviant adults insisting their confused kids maintain the brainwashing?

Gay marriage‘ or ‘same sex marriage‘ or ‘LGTB marriage‘, or the misleading ‘marriage equality‘ euphemism is not about child equality. It is about accommodating the perverted desires of a few, and bugger the child consequences.

This deviant evangelism is yet another extreme leftist ideology thrusting perverted social experiments on normal society – like lesbian Roz Ward’s ‘safe schools’ agenda, open borders for Third World invasion, banning Christmas cards, advocating the roll out of mosques, carbon taxes, shutting down coal-fired power stations, legalising narcotics, globalist welfarism leading to inevitable national bankruptcy.  Leftism is a globalist neo-communist movement demanding social re-engineering, totalitarian centralized power (United Nations’ Agenda 2030), no national borders, using anarchism to get there.

Da deviant evangelists even stole the natural rainbow as their political banner – as if a rainbow has any relevance to unnatural acts?

It’s all part of the Left’s social re-engineering propaganda to try to gain normalcy and acceptance of perverted abuse of orifices.


It is not about human rights but about social and sexual deviance of a vocal few.

Elitist leftists Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull may well vote ‘yes’ but then they reckon they both know what’s best for urban Australia:

  • Mass immigration invasion 300,000 a year!
  • Global growth corridors driving high-rise sprawl and ethnic ghettos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Unaffordable housing driving entrenched unemployment and 280,000 Aussies homeless

That $122 million could go a long way to tackle Australia’s homeless epidemic.

Australians need to reflect on the Canadian experiment of deviant marriage since it was legalised on July 20, 2005.  The call it the Civil Marriage Act, but it has been anything but civil.

Sad stories are emerging of the child victims of deviant marriage, like the daughter of a gay father who died of AIDS – Dawn Stefanowicz who explains the trauma in her 2007 book ‘Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting

“Out From Under should be read by every legislator, lawyer, physician and mental health professional in a position to lobby for the best interests of children. May society heed Dawn’s courageous testimony and spare other innocents the suffering she and her siblings sustained.”

––Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., Board of Directors, American College of Pediatricians, and Chair, Committee on Sexuality, ACP, United States.

The deviant evangelists even stole traditional baby pink as their political colour

Orwellian Warning from Canada

In Canada, freedoms of speech, press, religion, and association have suffered greatly due to government pressure. The debate over deviant marriage that is taking place in the United States could not legally exist in Canada today. Because of legal restrictions on speech, if you say or write anything considered “homophobic” (including, by definition, anything questioning deviant marriage), you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government.

Why do police prosecute speech under the guise of eliminating “hate speech” when there are existing legal remedies and criminal protections against slander, defamation, threats, and assault that equally apply to all Americans? Hate-crime-like policies using the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” create unequal protections in law, whereby protected groups receive more legal protection than other groups.

Having witnessed how mob hysteria in Indiana caused the legislature to back-track on a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, many Americans are beginning to understand that some activists on the Left want to usher in state control over every institution and freedom. In this scheme, personal autonomy and freedom of expression become nothing more than pipe dreams, and children become commodified.

Children are not commodities that can be justifiably severed from their natural parentage and traded between unrelated adults. Children in deviant households will often deny their grief and pretend they don’t miss a biological parent, feeling pressured to speak positively due to the politics surrounding deviant households. However, when children lose either of their biological parents because of death, divorce, adoption, or artificial reproductive technology, they experience a painful void. It is the same for us when our gay parent brings his or her deviant partner(s) into our lives.

Their partner(s) can never replace our missing biological parent.

The birth of a ‘stolen generation

The State as Ultimate Arbiter of Parenthood

Over and over, we are told that “permitting same-sex couples access to the designation of marriage will not deprive anyone of any rights.” That is a lie.

When deviant marriage was legalised in Canada in 2005, parenting was immediately redefined. Canada’s gay marriage law, Bill C-38, included a provision to erase the term “natural parent” and replace it across the board with gender-neutral “legal parent” in federal law. Now all children only have “legal parents,” as defined by the state. By legally erasing biological parenthood in this way, the state ignores children’s foremost right: their immutable, intrinsic yearning to know and be raised by their own biological parents.

Mothers and fathers bring unique and complementary gifts to their children. Contrary to the logic of deviant marriage, the gender of parents matters for the healthy development of children. We know, for example, that the majority of incarcerated men did not have their fathers in the home. Fathers by their nature secure identity, instill direction, provide discipline, boundaries, and risk-taking adventures, and set lifelong examples for children. But fathers cannot nurture children in the womb or give birth to and breast-feed babies. Mothers nurture children in unique and beneficial ways that cannot be duplicated by fathers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that men and women are anatomically, biologically, physiologically, psychologically, hormonally, and neurologically different from each other. These unique differences provide lifelong benefits to children that cannot be duplicated by same-gender “legal” parents acting out different gender roles or attempting to substitute for the missing male or female role model in the home.
In effect, deviant marriage not only deprives children of their own rights to natural parentage, it gives the state the power to override the autonomy of biological parents, which means parental rights are usurped by the government.

Hate Tribunals Are Coming

Australia already has the Human Rights Commission which only vilifies Ordinary Australians.  No White Ordinary Australian has yet brought a successful case against a migrant or member of a minority social group.

In Canada, it is considered discriminatory to say that marriage is between a man and a woman or that every child should know and be raised by his or her biological married parents. It is not just politically incorrect in Canada to say so; you can be saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, fined, and forced to take sensitivity training.

Anyone who is offended by something you have said or written can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals. In Canada, these organizations police speech, penalizing citizens for any expression deemed in opposition to particular sexual behaviors or protected groups identified under “sexual orientation.” It takes only one complaint against a person to be brought before the tribunal, costing the defendant tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The commissions have the power to enter private residences and remove all items pertinent to their investigations, checking for hate speech.


A more apt for deviant evangelists – the apothisexual flag

The plaintiff making the complaint has his legal fees completely paid for by the government. Not so the defendant. Even if the defendant is found innocent, he cannot recover his legal costs. If he is found guilty, he must pay fines to the person(s) who brought forth the complaint.

If your beliefs, values, and political opinions are different from the state’s, you risk losing your professional license, job, or business, and even your children.

Look no further than the Lev Tahor Sect, an Orthodox Jewish sect. Many members, who had been involved in a bitter custody battle with child protection services, began leaving Chatham, Ontario, for Guatemala in March 2014, to escape prosecution for their religious faith, which conflicted with the Province’s guidelines for religious education. Of the two hundred sect members, only half a dozen families remain in Chatham.

Parents can expect state interference when it comes to moral values, parenting, and education—and not just in school. The state has access into your home to supervise you as the parent, to judge your suitability. And if the state doesn’t like what you are teaching your children, the state will attempt to remove them from your home.

Teachers cannot make comments in their social networks, write letters to editors, publicly debate, or vote according to their own conscience on their own time. They can be disciplined or lose any chance of tenure. They can be required at a bureaucrat’s whim to take re-education classes or sensitivity training, or be fired for thinking politically incorrect thoughts.

When deviant marriage was legalised in Canada in 2005, gender-neutral language became legally mandated. Newspeak proclaims that it is discriminatory to assume a human being is male or female, or heterosexual.  So, to be inclusive, special non-gender-specific language is being used in media, government, workplaces, and especially schools to avoid appearing ignorant, homophobic, or discriminatory.

A special curriculum is being used in many schools to teach students how to use proper gender-neutral language. Unbeknownst to many parents, use of gender terms to describe husband and wife, father and mother, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and “he” and “she” is being steadily eradicated in Canadian schools.

Deviant sect propaganda seeking normalcy