Australia First nominates for Parramatta Council: Vic Waterson to lead ticket

Australia First Party has a ticket in the Parramatta Council election on September 9. Our ticket of three in Dundas Ward is led by Victor Waterson.

Mr Vic Waterson

This Ward covers the Greater Sydney suburbs of Dundas, Ermington, Telopea, Oatlands, North Parramatta and parts of Rydalmere. The ward is bounded by Victoria Road to the south, Church Street to the west, and Pennant Hills Road to the north-west. The north-eastern boundary runs through Dundas Valley.

We expect 10,000 leaflets to be available on the weekend. A poster should appear next week.

All volunteers for this campaign should contact the office.

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Our full programme for Parramatta City will be published very soon.

The party will concentrate on the takeover of Parramatta City by foreign property and business investors and overseas students.

Draft electoral material says:

“Together We Will

  • Reject our Parramatta City becoming a ‘global growth corridor’ full of foreign students and great towers, a largely Chinese town which will over-run our heritage. This corridor splits off Parramatta from the rest of Sydney along with a central city and Penrith as sub cities serving Australian globalisers and their Chinese masters. Frightening madness!

  • Rid ourselves of the road tolls. They are not a done deal. Tolls are part of the foreign takeover of Sydney set up to expedite travel between the corridor cities. We pay. It is time to organize community resistance and avoid this supertax.

  • End the United Nations’ Agenda 2030’ which guarantees you pay the rising electricity prices. What gibberish is that? Well, the folks in the towers in Parramatta are given ‘credits’ and can ‘pollute’, but folks in the suburban streets, pay the penalty.

  • Fight for affordable housing for working families and more public housing for OUR disadvantaged.”