Patriotic reasons why NOT to vote Scomo Liberals into Government

Scomo Liberal ‘promises’ are no different to Shorten Labor’s spend thrift fest:

  1. What Debt? Scomo:  Scomo’s financial mismanagement just like under Labor.  He ignores the ballooning national debt recession risk forecast to be $629 billion in 2019/20. Scomo’s Treasurer foreign Josh Frydenberg delivered a misleading 2019 Federal Budget.  It wasn’t a surplus, just empty promises into the Never Never, just like Labor. What true blue Australian Prime Minister woull hand over absolute Treasury control of our nation’s wealth to a foreign Zionist-aligned loyalties to Israel?;
  2. Just like Labor, Scomo Liberals are globalists favouring millionaire export profits and cheap imports from Third World countries they brand ‘free trade’.  It’s all unfair trade that like the policy-driven demise of Australian once proud manufacturing sectors – textiles,footwear, auto, food, beverage, timber and pulp, chemical, munitions, metal engineering, plastics, telecommunications – globalist Labor/Liberal globalism and sell-offs have undermined and ruined Australian business, industry and manufacturing who can’t compete with two-bit Third World inferiority.
  3. Just like Labor, Scomo Liberals are anti-Australian globalists hell-bent on driving mass immigration rates of 300,000+ ethnics year on year to feed their ideologically unsustainable economic growth ponzy scheme
  4. Just like Labor, Scomo Liberals have been hoodwinked by the extremist Climate Change cult.  Just like Labor, Scomo Liberals are subsidising renewables and driving up electricity prices to levels unaffordable to Australian households and businesses.  The leftist alarmist cult of reducing naturally occurring CO2 is crap cultism out of the globalist neo-communist United Nations.  The real aim is to destroy Western industrialisation and economic independence;
  5. Just like Labor, Scomo Liberals are preferencing Australian nationalist and pseudo-patriots political parties last, after neo-Communist Greens Labor, so go figure;
  6. Scomo Liberals are priority preferencing the ego-maniac billionnaire Clive Palmer’s party of hot-air.  This is the same traitor who snubbed Queensland Nickel’s 800+ workers and contractors (and their families), and Coolum Resort’s 600+ workers and contractors (and their families). while all the time Clive sides with Communist Chinsemininhg companies.  Scomo has no moral compass when it comes the deals he makes and abandoning ordinary Australians;
  7. Scomo Liberals have not articulated how they are proposing to back and support struggling Ordinary Australians – Australian aged pensioners, Australian carers, Australian veterans, rural Australians subjected to drought, Australians suffering mental health issues, Australian communities undermined by the ethnic ICE-addition/crime scourge, Australian families struggling to cope with intergenerational unemployment and denied vocational training.  The reason is that Scomo Liberals are capital city bound because they only care about voting numbers.  That’s where the immigrant ethics now dominate, so the needs of ordinary Australians outside the capital cities are shuffled by the Libs to the Gnats, who servce as the Libs rural elite, and only pay lip service;
  8. Scomo Liberals show they give a cap about recognising Aboriginal representation in federal politics, by scuttling respected Aboriginal leader Warrine Mundine in the NSW seat of Gilmore (Kiama) in preference to imported Barilaro’s Gnats blonde airhead, Katrina Hodginson.  This dumb blond nodding bush Gnat patsy for the Libs, turned her back on rural Australians in the seat of Cootamundra on July 31 2017..”to spend more time with her family”, which is bullshit polly speak for leveraging her polly connections to apply for lucrative multinational jobs – like John Anderson, Mark Vaile, Andrew Robb, Warren Truss and Andrew Broad.
  9. Scomo Liberals are capital city centric.  Sydney to be funded billions for an extravagant western Sydney airport dedicated to service mass immigration and cheap Third World freight imports 24/7.  It is to seed a new Chinese and Islamic colonisation across western Sydney, replete with Chinatowns, mosques and ethnic no-go zones to harbour and inculcate barbaric culture terrorism downunder;
  10. Scomo Liberals lie that they have stopped the illegals.  But Scomo has stopped the boats to fly the planes.  Third World welfare seekers under Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor continue to arrive in Australia under Scomo, not by boat but by plane.  Hundreds of thousands arrive as tourists and then simply overstay their tourist visa and claim fake asylum via hundreds of dodgy migration agents based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Hundreds of thousands more arrive annually from the Third World) as fake tertiary students pay cash to graduate and then auto-apply for residency.  Like under Labor, the Libs have allowed the scabs to steal Australian jobs, especially in the public service.  NSW Premier , Armenian Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney, knows all about this mass immigration undermining scam.
  11. Liberal Hard Right will stoop so low as to fund Nine Etertainment and Al Jazeera to do whatever it takes, electorally.

Katrina Hodginson: Cootamundra’s pearl-wearing, pristine Akubra wearing phoenix Gnat in Gilmore, because imported Barilaro’s Gnats hate Aborigines

Howard’s Hate (1939 – )