Patriotic Australians worried about your future? Vote 1 Australia First Party

The major parties are all lost in extremist evangelism about fake climate change, all threatening to ruin Australia to seek their holy grail of zero CO2 emissions – that is, banning exhaling.

Instead, the Australia First Party offers hope and common sense solutions for a secure Australian future.

  1. An immediate moratorium on immigration, end all refugee programmes, sustainability is not more migrant highrise, sprawl and congestion;
  2. Pay down Australia’s debt, no new taxes, no tax cuts, crack down on multinational tax avoidance in the billions;
  3. Limit Australian taxpayer welfare to only Australians (Medicare, Social Security, Austudy, First Home Buyers Grants);
  4. Reclaim Australia from foreign ownership of Australian resources, property and wealth, nationalise these where in the national interest;
  5. Cancel all foreign work/student visas, train up and employ Australians instead – reinvigorate TAFE vocational training and apprenticeships;
  6. Nationalise Australia’s energy with high tech coal-fired power stations to make electricity affordable again and to save our industries;
  7. Nationalise Australia’s national parks system and restore the national heritage lottery to save Australia’s cultural and environmental identity;
  8. Protectionism not globalism.  End foreign aid beyond our immediate Oceania neighbours.  Subsidise Australian industries instead;
  9. Nationalise the nation’s tollways back to being freeways – taxpayers have already funded them.  No double taxing!;
  10. Drain Canberra’s wasteful anti-Australian elitism, redirect the billions in taxpayer funding to needy Australians especially in rural areas;
  11. Strengthen and protect the traditional family – end the ICE epidemic, fund mental health, deviance out of schools, fix the family courts;
  12. Abolish multiculturalism, deport foreign criminals and restore Australian monocultural cohesion pre-Whitlam;
  13. Outlaw Islam in Australia – sharia law, teachings, face coverings, FGM, halal, decommission all mosques, ban entry of muslims;
  14. Establish a Sovereign Wealth Fund to protect Australia’s economy, society and citizens in times of disaster, recession and need.
  15. No carbon tax ever, no renewable subsidies, no electric cars.  Climate evangelists can take their activism to polluting China and India.

Needy Australians come first


The Australia First Party, its candidates, members and supporters exist to serve Australians foremost and no-one else.  Australia First Party is the only registered nationalist political party in Australia.

We have four candidates in this coming 2019 national election:

  1. Jim Saleam for Lindsay, NSW  (Western Sydney’s Penrith Valley)
  2. Susan Jakobi for Lalor, VIC  (Westen Melbourne’s Werribee Plains)
  3. Peter Schuback in Longman, QLD  (Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Region)
  4. Michael Chehoff for Swan, WA  (South Perth).


Outside these seats, Australia First Party’s electoral policy is to respectively preference the sitting member last.