Pacific Islander thugs roam Western Sydney

Yet another ethnic group is committing a crime wave across Western Sydney.

Not only are Sydneysiders having to put up with crime perpetuated by the Labor’s influx of Arabs and “Those of Middle Eastern Appearance” as well as the likes of Asians, but African and Pacific Islander gangs have invaded our streets as well.

Last night three men of Pacific Islander appearance went on a rampage across Western Sydney robbing four service stations at Bonnyrigg Heights, Cabramatta and Prairiewood between 12am and 3am.   They were armed with a gun, a knife and metal bars.

Two of the gang used a metal bar to smash their way through the window of a BP petrol station on Cowpasture Rd, Bonnyrigg Heights about 12am. They botched the first job at the petrol station on the corner of Cowpasture Rd and Green Valley Rd, Green Valley about 11.50am, before robbing the Shell petrol station on the Cumberland Highway at Cabramatta.

The three men then robbed the United Petrol Station on Smithfield Road at Wakeley before moving onto number four at Smithfield Rd, Prairiewood,

But the said described coconuts are not very bright.  CCTV from all four service stations has identified the three as being the same offenders.

Fairfield and Cabramatta Police are investigating the three linked robberies and for wayward coconuts – all described as being of Pacific Islander/Maori appearance all wearing hoodies and trackie dacks – typical attire.

Perhaps hoodies should not be sold to Pacific Islanders in the same way that spray paint is not allowed to be sold to teenagers.  Why do we let the scum in the country in the first place.  Send ’em back to New Zealand.  Deport the lot out of our gaols and send the bill to the countries from which the scum come.

Back in March 2014, the St Marys service station was robbed by a large coconut.  He was also captured on CCTV.

He may be the same as that who robbed a Glossop St service station in St Mary’s (Western Sydney) at about 2pm on Saturday, January 18.   He threatened an attendant with the weapon, before fleeing with cash.  He is described as being of Pacific Islander/Maori appearance, about 180cm tall, with short dark curly hair and a large build.