NINE’s (nee Fairfax) press agent for the local neo-nazis, Nick McKenzie, has reported that a well-known Melbourne neo-nazi, Danny Newman, has gone off to join the Ukraine army to fight the Russian forces.

This is Danny’s second attempt to join up and this time around, he may make it. For our part, we prefer Danny is captured soon enough and can sit the war out in a prisoner-of-war camp. Rather than a Russian bullet, Danny might do better with a rough education about what this war is all about.

So, why has an Aussie neo-nazi decided to join other neo-nazis from a few European countries to be a defender of NATO in Ukraine, to act as a NATO-Nazi?


The Ukraine neo-nazis have had a bizarre self-assessment of their place in politics. They were most well known as Right Sector and the Azov Battalion, but there were others when they participated in the US-organized putsch of 2014. After that, they became enforcers of the westernizing liberal government of Ukraine. Using Third Reich style emblems and with similar references, the neo-nazis argued that they were fighting Jewish and Muscovite imperialism, for an ethnically pure Ukraine, were opposed to Russian language rights in the country and regarded present Russia as a continuation of the Soviet system. Indeed, these Ukrainian neo-nazis do not consider themselves related to the Russians and use negative German Nazi ideas about the Russians as propaganda.

That the Ukraine neo-nazis were funded throughout by a Jewish billionaire [Igor Kolomoiskyi] and now follow a Jewish president, has never seemed to bother them. And ditto with their allegiance to NATO after the Russian invasion last year. It may be that they consider all this just a means to an end, but there is a limit to ‘stupid’ in politics and as they are killed off and otherwise marginalised, even idiots realise in the end, that they are mere ‘useful idiots’ (to pinch Lenin’s phrase). Their degree of fanaticism may impress European and Aussie neo-nazis as they also line up with NATO for the big war on the Russians. This gives the Azov-ists the belief they are now some sort of international movement. Or are they just a satellite force doing a job?


Whether Yanks, Aussies or someone else, it really comes back to the Second World War. The Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, and the Russian Federation as its successor state, is now the centre of a delusional grievance, a deep psychological desire to reverse the verdict of the war. The Ukraine neo-nazis become their would-be allies in a historical square-up against the ‘sub-humans’ in Moscow. Given the supposed strength of the Ukraine neo-nazis, there is for some a place to train, to fantasise, to build networks for the future. And for those sitting at home—which in this case are most of Danny Newman’s friends—there is the hype of pseudo participation in a new Operation Barbarossa, this time the ‘Barbarossa of Globalist Capital’, but a war to dismember Russia nonetheless.

What is ignored is the reality on the ground. The Ukraine government is not one of their dreams but they must be subordinate to it. The neo-nazi volunteers will die for it and the cheerleaders here and elsewhere extol the idea of politically supporting it. So, they back Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak and the rest of them as they arm Ukraine.

We have heard that the Aussie neo-nazi supporters of Ukraine consider Australian nationalists who oppose our country’s involvement in the war as “race traitors” (their words). Is it a matter of time before they think of us as Russian agents and seek out some sort of retribution here?


It’s a very hard thing for neo-nazis, who pretend they are the ultimate in serving the white race, to understand that Adolf Hitler didn’t share their view. In fact, if past experiences are any indication, the reaction of most neo-nazis to the truth is a type of cognitive crisis, a refusal to confront the truth. Why? Because Hitler considered an entire section of the white race ‘inferior’ to another. By that we mean he reasoned (sic) the Slavs an inferior race to the Germano-Nordics. As for the Ukrainians, he was rather crude, to say the least. It is proper that Hitler be taken at his word for whatever he said—and not be falsely ‘interpreted’. We have decided to put it down for the convenience of the local Azov-ists, Hitler’s own words. As recorded in his Table Talk, Hitler said:

“We’ll take the southern part of Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively German colony. There’ll be no harm in pushing out the population that’s there now. The German colonists will be the soldier-peasant.”

July 1941

So, Ukrainians and Russians in south Ukraine and Crimea were to be ‘cleansed’?

“The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need for a master. The German peasant is moved by a liking for progress. He thinks of his children. The Ukrainian peasant has no notion of duty. It was we who, in 1918, created the Baltic countries and Ukraine. But nowadays we have no interest in maintaining the Baltic States, any more than in creating an independent Ukraine. We must likewise prevent them from returning to Christianity. That would be a grave fault, for it would be giving them a form of organisation . . . I am not a partisan, either, of a university in Kyiv. It’s better not to teach them to read. They won’t love us for tormenting them with schools. Even giving them a locomotive to drive would be a mistake. And what stupidity it would be on our part to proceed to a distribution of land! In spite of that, we’ll see to it that the natives live better than they’ve lived hitherto. We’ll find amongst them the human material that’s indispensable for tilling the soil.”

Sep 17 1941

So, Ukrainians were not to be educated and were to be reduced to a type of forced farm labour?

“It’s inconceivable that a higher people should painfully exist on a soil too narrow for it, whilst amorphous masses, which contribute nothing to civilisation, occupy infinite tracts of a soil that is one of the richest in the world. We painfully wrest a few metres from the sea, and we torment ourselves cultivating marshes—and in Ukraine, an inexhaustibly fertile soil, with a thickness, in places, often metres of humus, lies waiting for us. We must create conditions for our people that favour its multiplication, and we must at the same time build a dike against the Russian flood.”

Sep 23 1941

So, the Ukrainians were a lower people on a rich land that had to be given to a higher people?

“On the 22nd of June, a door opened before us, and we didn’t know what was behind it. Here we were faced with beings who are complete strangers to us. Everything that resembles civilisation, the Bolsheviks have suppressed it, and I have no feelings about the idea of wiping out Kyiv, Moscow or St. Petersburg.”

Night of 17th-18th Oct 1941

So, Hitler would destroy Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine?

“Nobody will ever snatch the East from us! We have a quasi-monopoly of potash. We shall soon supply the wheat for all Europe, the coal, the steel, the wood. To exploit Ukraine properly – that new Indian Empire – I need only peace in the West. The frontier police will be enough to ensure us the quiet conditions necessary for the exploitation of the conquered territories. I attach no importance to a formal, juridical end to the war on the Eastern Front.”

26th-27th Oct 1941

So, Hitler suggests that Ukraine is to be exploited for its Produce, but in a state of continued turmoil and ruled by some paramilitary force?

“In two thousand years’ time, when they study the origins of the inhabitants of Ukraine, they’ll claim that we emerged from the marshlands. They’re incapable of seeing that originally there was nobody in the marshlands and that it was we who drove the aboriginals into the Pripet marshes in order to install ourselves instead of them in the richer lands.”

5th Nov 1941

So, it was a war of conquests and dispossession, with nothing to do with anti-communism, certainly nothing to do with ‘saving the white race’?

 “National Socialism is a purely German phenomenon, and we never intended to revolutionise the world. It was enough for us to be given a free hand in Russia and to be offered a few colonies. And the English could still be leading their comfortable little existence.”

20th Feb 1942

So, National Socialism was not any world creed, let alone a ‘white man’s ideology’, but something German only and its “free hand” in Russia (and Ukraine) meant what we have just heard—colonisation, cleansing.

“To teach the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Kirghiz to read and write will eventually be to our own disadvantage; education will give the more intelligent among them an opportunity to study history, to acquire a historical sense and hence to develop political ideas which cannot but be harmful to our interests.”

April 1942

So, a clever policy to shut off the opposition?

“In setting up the educational system, the same principles apply to both Eastern territories and any other colonies. We do not want any of this enlightenment nonsense propagated by an advanced guard of parsons! What is the use of talking about progress to people like that? Jodl is quite right when he says that notices in the Ukrainian language ‘Beware of the Trains’ are superfluous; what on earth does it matter if one or two more locals get run over by the trains?”

July 1942

So, we witness the charity of this master race, something one German administrator who rebelled against the policy called the “airs” of “louts”.

One wonders indeed what the neo-nazis would make of all this wisdom from Adolf Hitler? It isn’t congruent with their ‘white nationalism’ or their supposed sympathy for Ukraine. But then, do they really care? The fact is, that a type of white nationalism was married to German National Socialism at a cultic level a long while ago and the blend is such that the neo-nazis consider it to be an ideological truth and not a fraud. It is just too hard to work it out, so it is easier to live in cognitive dissonance than in the light of truth.


Australian nationalists would urge neutrality upon our country in the Russo-Ukraine war. However, that does not mean we cannot see certain truths:

  1. The war is about the extension of globalist capitalism and its ‘values’ into Ukraine.
  2. The Ukraine government is a weapon of NATO and it seeks to weaken Russia such that finally, it can be overthrown and the globalist system becomes totally dominant in Europe from the Atlantic to the Chinese border. Russia fights against that proposition, which does not make Russia ‘good’, it simply means that NATO has a tough job ahead of it and may even expire in the attempt.
  3. The war is bleeding the NATO countries, opposition to the war is building in Europe and a situation is slowly developing which could lead to political changes and opportunities for true nationalists.
  4. The war should end in a compromise of peace and the neutralisation of Ukraine and the restoration of some positive relationship with Russia. At least, nationalists of proper sentiment would argue that course. But if before then the globalist system totters, then the loss of life on both sides may have been worth it.

As for the so-called ‘National Socialists’ whom Nick McKenzie advertises (albeit for his own agenda), there is an opportunity for some to realise that being a useful idiot has few rewards. That may lead to a cognitive reappraisal. But we won’t hold our breath for the majority.

Expect more madness as the year rolls on.