Merrylands police station reported as Islamic terror target – 2 months later NSW Police get around to doing a raid

The day following the Islamic terrorist murder outside NSW Police Headquarters in Parramatta on October 2, Arthur Phillip High School Islamic student was arrested for posting a threatening video on Facebook targeting police at nearby Merrylands local police station.

The Islamic teen was shown arrested in Parramatta and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione had addressed the media explaining that the Facebook caption had read “Bahahja f*** you motherf***er Yallah merryland police station is next hope they all burn in hell.”  A friend responded, “then Campsie”.

Islamic threat to Merrylands police station

That was two months ago!

Arther Phillip High School Islamic student threatens police

At the time, the student told the ABC that police had taken offence to him videoing them on his mobile phone.

Back on October 7, NSW Police raided Islamic Talal Alameddine’s Merryland’s house and charged him with supplying the gun 15-year-old Farhad Jabar used to kill Curtis Cheng outside the police headquarters in Parramatta last month.

Then they released him without charge later that day.  He was then re-arrested a week later and charged with possessing a firearm and breaching a firearms prohibition order – being an Islamist he was not allowed to own a firearm.

Talal Alameddine arrested

Islamic associate Raban Alou, (18) was arrested for supplying the firearm that schoolboy killer Farhad Jabar used to shoot police accountant Curtis Cheng in the back of the head.  Alou has been charged with aiding, abetting, counselling and procuring the commission of a terrorist act.

Raban Alou terror suspect

Almost two months later, around breakfast time this morning NSW Police’s Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad raided two known Islamic properties in Merrylands to follow up this threat to attack Merrylands police station. One house was of Talal Alameddine on Lockwood Street and the second was that of Osman Haouchar in nearby Blackwood Road.

Islamic terriorist house identifiable from palm tree

Haouchar is a known Islamic who has returned from a stint in Turkey and Syria.

Better late than never.  Glad we have NSW Police ‘intelligence’ to protect Sydney in the lead up to Christmas, not.

Again, police said “nothing of interest was located” during the searches, and no charges have been laid, again.

Commissioner Scipione has stressed there was no ongoing threat to the surrounding community.  “My message to the people of NSW is they are safe, there is no threat that we are dealing with that at this stage we haven’t resolved here.”

Crap.  Commissioner Scipione is responsible for the command strategy dealing with the Lindt Cafe Siege who ordered the police snipers not to shoot the terrorist Man Haron Monis. Two innocents Tory Johnson and Katrina Dawson died sixteen hours after the siege began.