Cronulla Riots Truth – Lebs rioted, locals defended, Labor lied and ASIO turned a blind eye to violent Leb gangs

What is the truth of Cronulla 2005?  It was a lack of social trust in police to stop Leb violence.

Leftist media, police and Lib/Lab politics are keen to hide this truth.

Australians have been deliberately misled by Leftist Labor and their acolytes.

Police are employed as sheep and so barred free speech and truth to Ordinary Australians who as taxpayers pay for police and immigration border control Australians no longer trust.

Police are failing Australians against violent ethnic gangs.  This is the single reason for the 2005 Cronulla Civil Uprising.





Police at the Goulburn Academy have been instructed to avoid all crime ethnic.

This is why Cronulla erupted.